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Virtual Conference Program

Scientific and Technical Virtual Program

The AHFE 2021 Conference will be held as Virtual Conference, July 25-29, 2021 Click here for more information.

Access to the virtual conference program will be available to registered participants through the AHFE submission system (AHFE CMS)  

The scientific program and technical sessions, subject to change! Half-Day tutorials at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, covering the entire spectrum of the conference. Tutorial will be offered on Sunday, July 25 and Monday, July 26, 2021. Technical Sessions will be held on Tuesday, July 27, Wednesday, July 28, and Thursday, July 29, 2021. Registered participants are encouraged to register and attend tutorials and all five conference days.

Opening Session and Keynote Address: Monday 17:00-19:00 , July 26, 2021. 
Conference Reception and Banquet: Monday 19:00, July 26, 2021.

AHFE 2021 Keynote Address:

Title:  "Human Systems Integration: The Flexibility Challenge

Speaker: Dr. Guy Andre Boy, France

Abstract: Human System Integration (HSI) is about orchestrating technology, organization and people in a flexible way. Flexible sociotechnical systems, called “FlexTech,” are based on anticipation, preparation, creativity and experience. These systems contrast with those stemming from technology-centered engineering that produces objects and machines with the immensely codified and rigid practices we know today. Most of the time, technologies are designed and developed for normal situations, leaving users to manage abnormal and emergency situations themselves, sometimes under unforeseen, extreme and/or dangerous conditions. Putting humans at the center of the design of flexible sociotechnical systems means imagining possible futures, modeling them, simulating them and leading them down the right paths. This keynote is for the designers, who seek to better understand the roles of humans and organizations developing complex life-critical systems. It is also for those who train future human-centered designers who will have to take into account the well-being, safety, sustainability and efficiency of the actors of future sociotechnical systems. The aim of the flexibility challenge is to put the artificial at the service of the natural, and not the other way around.

Dr. Guy Boy is FlexTech Chair Institute Professor at Paris Saclay University (CentraleSupélec) and ESTIA Institute of Technology, France. He has worked for 40 years in the field of human-centered design (HCD) of complex systems, discovering repeatedly that automation leads to rigidity, especially when things go wrong. It is high time we had a new paradigm where flexibility is a major asset in human-system integration. HCD is seen here as the combination of practices and technologies for the future.

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Detailed Technical Program
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Detailed Technical Program

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AHFE 2021 Preliminary Program

July 25-29, 2021

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

8:00-10:00 (EST) Technical Sessions

Track Room
SESSION 1 Health Care Strategies and Design during COVID-19 Era DCPP AHFE 1

Co-Chairs: Doris Janssen and Jorge Guadalupe-Lanas, Germany/Ecuador 

DAY 1 Factors related to walking behavior of the elderly residents in urban residential green space during COVID-19
  Yidan Cao, Chunrong Liu, Xiaomin Tang, China

Tue, July 27 The impact of COVID-19 impact on students' economic life
  Jorge Guadalupe-Lanas, Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Hugo Arias-Flores, Ecuador

 8:00-10:00 (EST) An experiment of mobile application design course based on crises experiences in COVID-19 pandemic
  Zhen Qin, Jing Cui, China

WIBCE – A Web application helping people to reflect their infection risk and psychological well-being and act accordingly during the COVID-19 pandemic
  Doris Janssen, Katharina Lingelbach, Sabrina Gado, Philipp Maurer, Daniela Piechnik, Martin Eichler, Dennis Knopf, Leopold Hentschel, Markus Schuler, Daniel Sernatinger, Matthias Peissner, Germany

Green design of community public space in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic
  Hanyu Xu, China

Application of aromatherapy in public space in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
  Shixin Ni, Wuzhong Zhou, China

Analysis of influencing factors of online performance’s consumption experience during the epidemic of Corona Virus disease 2019
  Seina Tasaki, Japan

SESSION 2 How to Address Complexity in the Emerging Platform Society HSSE AHFE 2

Co-Chairs:  James C. Spohrer and Clara Bassano, USA/Italy

Exploring new digital age challenges
  Sergio Barile, Clara Bassano, Paolo Piciocchi, Marialuisa Saviano, Jim Spohrer, Italy

DAY 1 Ecosystems transformation for social change: How to challenge emergency through emergence
  Francesco Polese, Orlando Troisi, Mara Grimaldi, Italy

Tue, July 27 The role of technological platforms in co-creating symbiotic relationships between firms and society
   Pierpaolo Testa, Luigi Cantone, Giuseppe Fabio Cantone, Jay Kandampully, Italy

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Reducing industry complexity with international standards: Current efforts for services, e-Commerce, artificial intelligence
  Stephen Kwan, Jim Spohrer, USA

  Digital transformation in the era of Covid-19
  Marco Tregua, Cristina Mele, Tiziana Russo-Spena, Marialuisa Marzullo, Adriana Carotenuto, Italy

  Management of smart city in lens of viable system approach
   Leonard Walletzký, Luca Carrubbo, Frantiska Romanovska, Czech Republic


SESSION 3 Communication Between Human and Machine APD AHFE 3

Co-Chairs:  Shuichi Fukuda and Kazutaka Ueda, Japan

DAY 1 Movement-mediated communication between human and machine
  Shuichi Fukuda, Japan

Tue, July 27 Neural dynamics involved in creative thinking in engineering design
  Fukashi Mikami, Kazutaka Ueda, Koji Koizumi, Masayuki Nakao, Japan

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Examinations of color emotions for average faces
  Keiichi Muramatsu, Yoshimasa Tawatsuji, Kazunori Kaede, Keiichi Watanuki, Japan

Research on trust oriented interface design method of logistics robots in the post epidemic era
  Yutian Lei, Zhengyu Tan, Weihong Su, China

Effect of aesthetic appeal on large scale brain networks
  Kazutaka Ueda, Japan

SESSION 4 Cross-Cultural Decision Making I CCDM AHFE 4

Co-Chairs:  Noriko Okabe and Toshihisa Doi, Japan

DAY 1 Understanding the value ranking of Chinese middle class
  Wenhua Li, Jiaying Huang, China

Tue, July 27 Mechanism of improving performance by expressing human service employees' positive emotion
  Noriko Okabe, Japan

 8:00-10:00 (EST) The concept, development, evolution and practice of poverty alleviation design
  Jie Zhou, Wei Ding, Yuyao He, Yiran Zhang, Yisha Wang, Xinyi Yu, China

Towards better working conditions for visually impaired: A pilot study on occupational risk assessment for visually impaired massage workers in China
  Linghong Li, China

Examining the cultural differences of users’ characteristics between the United States and Japan related to user interface design
  Toshihisa Doi, Atsuo Murata, Japan

A comparison on the development mode of traditional and emerging cultural innovation: A case study of electronic sports-league of legends
  Huang Xinyao, Wei Ding, China

Weakness of real estate collateral valuation policy in changed financial world
  Jukka Rantala, Atte Rantanen, Maria Yllikäinen, Timo Holopainen, Finland

Micro loans to over-indebtedness, causes and consequences, perspective on youth spending
  Jukka Rantala, Maria Yllikäinen, Henri Untinen, Timo Holopainen, Finland

SESSION 5 Digital Human Modelling and Applied Optimization I DHMAO AHFE 5

Co-Chairs:  Lorenzo Vianello and Sofia Scataglini, France/Belgium

DAY 1 Data-driven personas: Expanding DHM for a holistic approach
  Ari Kolbeinsson, Jessica Lindblom, Erik Brolin, Sweden

Tue, July 27 The relationship between the position of bicycle saddle and human comfort based on Jack
  Yu Yalan, Liu Litao, China

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Improving ergonomics at work with personalized multi-objective optimization of human movements
  Waldez Azevedo Gomes, Junior, Pauline Maurice, Eloïse Dalin, Jean-Baptiste Mouret, Serena Ivaldi, France

Probabilistic estimation of postures during human-robot collaboration: an ergonomics perspective
  Lorenzo Vianello, Serena Ivaldi, Alexis Aubry, Jean-Baptiste Mouret, France

SESSION 6 User Research and Product Design I ED AHFE 6

Co-Chairs:   Xiang Liu and Francisco Rebelo, China/Portugal

DAY 1 The stability of headphones
  Ruyang Yu, Cao Yuan, Li Xinyi, Wang Haining, Renke He, China

Tue, July 27 Green sustainable design of Chinese agricultural products
  Xiang Liu, Renke He, Tie Ji, China

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Visual analysis of sustainable product service system design based on bibliometrics
  Yongkang Chen, JieXuan Wang, Meng Gao, Renke He, China

Application status and prospects of implicit interaction in the field of smart care for the elderly
  Yali Ling, Mengfei Liu, Ren-ke He China

Experience of positive emotion caused by smell in driverless automobile technology
  Yunshuang Zheng, Yanan Chang, Huiyuan Han, China

Design of jewelry deriving from Luodian lantern with topological property constrained: Example of Rabbit Lamp of Chinese Zodiac
  Junxuan Li, RongRong Fu, China

The method of product design based on extension semantics of national pattern primitives
  Zhen Qin, Tie Ji, Yonghong Liu, China

SESSION 7 Design Strategy, Design Method - Interdisciplinary Methods of Research and Design for Experience Design

Co-Chairs:  Liang Fuxi and Tiantian Li, China ED AHFE 7
DAY 1 What kind of quality do users prefer? A study of automobile interior quality based on loudness theory
  Liang Fuxi, Danhua Zhao, Fangzhou Gu, China

Tue, July 27 Mood board tool on high-level semantics visual representation to favor creative design
  Tiantian Li, Danhua Zhao, China

 8:00-10:00 (EST) The trend of artificial intelligence aided industrial design
  Hao Xin, Danhua Zhao, China

Design of kitchen appliances for aging population based on healthy diet
  Mengyao Wang, Canqun He, Meilin Chen, Yun Wang, China

A conceptual framework of future home smart kitchen system with multiple experience modes
  Zhongliang Yang, Xinyu Zhang, Xingyu Liu, Jialu Tang, Hui Cao, China

From present to future: Developing personas combining scenario thinking and LDA model
  Jingshu Jiang, Zhengyu Tan, China

SESSION 8 Usability and User Experience Applications I UUE AHFE 8

Co-Chairs: Junghyun Ahn and Michelle Burger, South Korea/South Africa

DAY 1 Acceptance of occupational exoskeletons: Social and psychological factors
  Emese Papp, Jens Krzywinski, Christian Woelfel, Germany

Tue, July 27 Inner city development for kids in South Africa: A Jewell City mixed use precinct case study approach
  Charles Pfungwa Malaila, Michelle Burger, Andries (Hennie) van Heerden, Gregory Chawynski, South Africa

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Interactive automatic refrigerator door for emotional satisfaction
  Dokshin Lim, Junghyun Ahn, South Korea

Personalized video recommendation integrating user portrait and collaborative filtering
  Shuangni Cheng, Miao Liu , Wan Jing Cao, China

Development and evaluation of a technical information sharing system for international remote medical education
  Shunta Tomimatsu, Kuriko Kudo, Shuji Shimizu, Shintaro Ueda, Tomohiko Moriyama, Yasuyuki Hirai, Japan

Touch screen application in flight deck for civil aircraft
 Jiangping Chu, Lei Wu, Jian Xu, China

A co-design approach for a smart cooking appliance. The application of a domain specific language
  Matteo Zallio, Paula Kelly, Barry Cryan, Damon Berry, UK


Chair:  Jan Bavendiek, Germany

DAY 1 Behavioral indicators affecting driving performance in human machine interface assessments with simulation
  Yukun Xie, Tianyang Yue, Preben Hansen, Fang You, China

Tue, July 27 An expert informed approach to assess challenges in automotive HMI-development and their implications on development processes
  Jan Bavendiek, Teresa Koch, Christopher Brockmeier, Lutz Eckstein, Germany

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Developing transferable route choice models using driving simulator experiments
  Chaojie Wang, Zhu Qing, Einat Tenenboim, Srinivas Peeta, USA

Evaluating head down display locations for in-vehicle touchscreen display
  Saumil Patel, Yueqing Li, USA

SESSION 10 Ergonomics in Building and Architecture I SUPI AHFE 10

Co-Chairs: Jerzy Charytonowicz and Alicja Maciejko, Poland 

DAY 1 The synthesis of the arts and its influence on modern theatre architecture
  Pawel Amalowicz, Poland

Tue, July 27 The multitude of adaptive reuse solutions in sustainable revitalization of historic post-military complexes
  Marta Rudnicka-Bogusz, Poland

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Meaning of senses in the perception and shaping of architecture
  Katarzyna Słuchocka, Poland

Interior design and decorations of a house No 83 in Kemer in Turkey
  Alicja Maciejko, Jerzy Charytonowicz, Poland

Possibilities for utilizing wooden structures for creating contemporary architectural forms in the context of sustainable development
  Alicja Maciejko, Poland

SESSION 11 Applications and Implications of Automated Technologies for Performance Assessment in Aircrew Training TELS AHFE 11

Co-Chairs:  Beth Atkinson and JosephMercado,USA                      

DAY 1 A heuristic-based approach to prototyping workbench
  Mitchell Tindall, Emily Rickel, USA

Tue, July 27 Benefits and challenges of automated instructorless feedback for tactical radio communications training
  Emily Anania, Bill Schmermund, USA

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Advancing after action reviewing capabilities in next generation hypoxia training
  Beth Atkinson, Christopher Gilg, USA

Increasing student proficiency through adaptive training: A systems integration challenge
  Brent Fegley, Michael Tolland, USA


SESSION 12 Human Factors and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles HFRDUS AHFE 12

Co-Chairs: Oscar Bjurling and Serge Chaumette, Sweden/France

DAY 1 Swarms, teams, or choirs? Metaphors in multi-UAV systems design
  Oscar Bjurling, Mattias Arvola, Tom Ziemke, Sweden

Tue, July 27 Visual communication with UAS: Estimating parameters for gestural transmission of task descriptions
  Alexander Schelle, Peter Stütz, Germany

8:00-10:00 (EST) Concept for cross-platform delegation of heterogeneous UAVs in a MUM-T environment
  Siegfried Maier, Axel Schulte, Germany

  A distributed mission-planning framework for shared UAV use in multi-operator MUM-T applications
  Gunar Roth, Axel Schulte, Germany

  Zsouav: The social open UAV to support information collection and collaboration in risky situations
  Serge Chaumette, David Auber, France

  Development of an automated camera-based drone landing system
  Malik Demirhan, Chinthaka Premachandra, Germany

SESSION 13 Human Factors and Wearable Technologies I

Co-Chairs:  Yang Cai and Michael Thomas Knierim, USA/Germany

DAY 1 Simultaneous floor mapping with depth sensors
  Yang Cai, Uma Arunanchalam, USA

Tue, July 27 Detecting daytime bruxism through convenient and wearable around-the-ear electrodes
  Michael Thomas Knierim, Max Schemmer, Dominik Woehler, German

8:00-10:00 (EST) Design principles for mobile brain-body imaging devices with optimized ergonomics
  Niell Gorman, Antoinette Louw, Alexander Craik, Jose Gonzalez-Espana, Jeff Feng, Jose L Contreras-Vidal, USA

On the diversity of self-tracking purposes: Systematizing the objectives in tracking oneself
  Fabienne Lambusch, Michael Fellmann, Christoph Rosenau, André Gember, Germany

Wearables for quality assurance in manual assembly – a qualitative study
  Kristin Wagner, Rebecca-Maria Ries, Patrick Poetters, Bert Leyendecker, Holger Beckmann, Germany

The pattern-making and refinement of a smart compression trouser design for Taiwan University football team
  Ying-Chia Huang, Wei-Hao Yang, Hsiu-Ling Hu, Chien-Chang Ho, Taiwan

SESSION 14 Cognitive Assessment and Physical Strain of First Responders and Action Forces

Co-Chairs: Miloš Kostić and Lucas Paletta, Serbia/Austria  CCIoT AHFE 13
DAY 1 Physiological responses during simulated chemical-biological-radiological-nuclear scenarios with chemical protective clothing
  Thomas Hölzl, Gerald Bauer, Robert Enne, Oliver Kühr, Peter Wittels, Austria

Tue, July 27 Electrotactile stimulation, a new feedback channel for first responders
  Matija Štrbac, Milica Isaković, Jovana Malešević, Gorana Marković, Strahinja Dosen, Nikola Jorgovanović, Goran Bijelić, Miloš Kostić, Serbia/Denmark

8:00-10:00 (EST) Virtual reality-based human factors analysis for first responder training and flexible real-time support
  Lucas Paletta, Michael Schneeberger, Martin Pszeida, Amir Dini, Austria

Multisensory wearable vital monitoring system for military training, exercise and deployment
  Alexander Almer, Anna Weber, Lucas Paletta, Michael Schneeberger, Stefan Ladstätter, Dietmar Wallner, Günther Grabher, Peter Süss, Philipp Klöckl, Patrick Fuchshofer, Thomas Hölzl, Austria

The SIXTHSENSE Project: Development of a health monitor with sensory feedback for enhanced situation awareness of first responders
  Milos Kostić, Serbia

Noninvasive biosensors for  assessment of human factors in first responder deployments
  Nerea Briz Iceta, Veronica Mora, Beatriz Diez Buitrago, Javier Barroso, Pablo Fanjul, María Begoña González García, Gerhard Jobst, Vladimir Kojić, Matija Štrbac, Goran Bijelić, Spain

SESSION 15 Digital Safety

Chair:  Fatemeh Davoudi Kakhki, USA SMHF AHFE 14
DAY 1 Short circuiting the controller – Missteps in maintenance and inspection of process and wiring in STS-93
  Kristy Yun, Tanya Andrews, USA

Tue, July 27 Machine learning for occupational slip-trip-fall incidents classification within commercial grain elevators
  Fatemeh Davoudi Kakhki, Steven A. Freeman, Gretchen A. Mosher, USA

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Development of web-based hazard tracking management and expert system
  Guo-Feng Liang, Ya-Wen Fan, Taiwan

The design and testing of website-based occupational safety and health information system at engineering faculty UNDIP Indonesia
  Manik Mahachandra, Ike Pertiwi Windasari, Jojor Kakanda Purba, Indonesia

SESSION 16 Holistic Approach in Safety Management During a Pandemic

Co-Chairs: Hana Pacaiova and Anna Nagyova, Slovakia PEHF AHFE 15
DAY 1 Holistic approach in machinery risk reduction procedures
  Hana Pacaiova, Michaela Balazikova, Marianna Tomašková, Katarina Firmentova, Katarina Chomova, Lukas Duris, Peter Darvaši, Jan Kam, Lukas Salaj, Slovakia

Tue, July 27 Digital technologies for monitoring the vital functions of employees with diseases accompanied by seizure with loss of balance
  Juraj Glatz, Milan Oravec, Zuzana Kotianova, Michal Gorzas, Jan Hijj, Ivan Habala, Slovakia

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Production process optimization by reducing downtime and minimization of costs
  Stefan Markulik, Renata Turisova, Anna Nagyova, Robert Kozel, Tomas Vilinsky, Katarina Vaskovicova, Slovakia

  Consideration for experimental verification of the effectiveness and safety of exoskeletons
  Daniela Onofrejova, Michaela Balazikova, Michal Hovanec, Slovakia

  Magnetometry for security applications
  Milan Oravec, Frantisek Hesko, Zoltan Szoke, Tomas Gazda, Slovakia

  Safety productivity enhancement through ergonomics development (SPEED) at the Embassy in the Philippines
  Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez, Rosemary Seva, Philippines


SESSION 17 Human Functions in Organizational Systems

Chair:  Mohammed-Aminu Sanda, Ghana/Sweden SYSI AHFE 16
DAY 1 Client’s quality assessment of digital transaction platforms interactivenesses in a Covid-19 e-commerce business environment
  Mohammed Aminu Sanda, Ghana

Tue, July 27 Women’s operational vulnerability and risk in Ghanaian business systems: A case study of "kayayei" in Accra, Ghana
  Majoreen Osafroadu Amankwah, Rosemond Asor Obeng, Eziaku Rasheed, Ghana/Sweden

 8:00-10:00 (EST) A post-mortem analysis of a merger and a rightsizing: The case of Ecobank Ghana Limited and The Trust Bank Limited
  Majoreen Osafroadu Amankwah, Joyleen Fayorsey Mante, Ghana

A qualitative understanding of women resilience in male dominated occupations: Ghana in perspective
  Rita Boateng, Ghana

Improving societal systemic behaviours and attitudes towards ageing in Ghana
  Rita Boateng, Ghana

SESSION 18 Environment and Sustainability

Co-Chairs: Evangelos Markopoulos and Yan Luximon, UK/China CIE AHFE 17
DAY 1 The design of take-away garbage collection system based on service design
  Zhiwei Zhou, Tao Xi, China

Tue, July 27 Bilateral knowledge-sharing for new product development under the UN sustainable development goals
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Emma Luisa Gann, UK

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Beyond corporate social responsibility (CSR): Democratizing CSR towards environmental, social and governance compliance
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Alexandra Konstanze Staggl, Emma Luisa Gann, Ines Selma Kirane, Hannu Vanharanta, UK

Tailor-made smart sustainable city
  Daria Motała, Poland

Servuction procedures for waste collection management through the use of information technologies and the design thinking methodology
  Claudia Contreras , Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Diego S Suarez, Ecuador

Project for the standardization and optimization of processes for the cultivation of quinoa based on the lean startup methodology
  Pablo Toral, Pablo Marchán, Carlos Peralta, Diego S Suarez, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Ecuador

Implementation of service tool for the improvement and development of the bioplastics
  Pamlea Chillogallo, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Diego S Suarez, Ecuador

Design thinking method Implemented to counteract overfishing and pollution in Galapagos Islands
  Bernarda Gabriela, Pamela Zenteno, Sebastian Ortiz, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Diego S Suarez, Ecuador

SESSION 19 Plenary:  Neuroergonomics and Cognitive Engineering

DAY 1 Chair:  Hasan Ayaz, USA

 Tue, July 27 Preserving human performance under fatigue using advances in neuroergonomics
  Ranjana Mehta, USA

8:00-10:00 (EST)

SESSION 21 Safety, Integration and interaction for Aging Population

Co-Chairs: Oksana Kravchenko and Peter Schmid, Ukraine/Germany HFAS AHFE 19
DAY 1 Electrotactile feedback to provide assistance to touchscreen interaction of the elderly
  Peter Schmid, Thomas Maier, Germany

Tue, July 27 Elderly people's living space and well-being design based on ergonomic applications
  Xing Ji, China

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Virtual reality based system with a stationary bike to enhance lower limb training for elderly
  Yi Xiang Su, Chien-Hsu Chen, Taiwan

Psychological and pedagogical support of students with special educational needs in a higher education institution
  Oksana Kravchenko, Natalia Koliada, Oleksandr Safin, Halyna Bondarenko, Katherine Chupina, Victoriia Boyar, Ukraine

Rehabilitation for people with disabilities by means of art:  Example of the international art symposium-plenary of people with disabilities
  Oksana Kravchenko, Inna Molochenko, Maksym Skochko, Ukraine

Community landscape for the elderly based on health preservation
  Xinru Feng, Wuzhong Zhou, China

Digitalization of later life: What prevents the care sector from meeting the rapid digitalization of older populations?
  Britt Östlund, Sweden

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

10:30-12:30 (EST) Technical Sessions

SESSION 23 Systemic-Structural Activity Theory Session

Co-Chairs:  Inna Bedny and Alexander Yemelyanov, USA

DAY 1 Neurocognitive indicators of insight according to P300 and later visual ERP components
  Sergey Lytaev, Russia
Tue, July 27 Systemic-structural activity theory and artificial intelligence
  Inna Bedny, Waldemar Karwowski,USA

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Applying web-based application ExpressDecision2 in patient-centered care
  Alexander M. Yemelyanov, Rahul Sukumaran, Alina Yemelyanov, USA

Worker engagement in routinized structured activity circumvention: Using SSAT to understand the significance of involuntary cognitive intentionality
  Mohammed Aminu Sanda, Ghana

Self-regulation approach for setting goals in problem solving
  Alexander M. Yemelyanov, Inna Bedny, USA

SESSION 24 Re-Balancing Benefits in the Digital Age: Public and Private Sector Resilience and Citizens Fundamental Rights

Co-Chairs:  Christine Leitner and Wojciech Cellary, UK/Poland

DAY 1 The human-side of service engineering: Advancing technology’s impact on service innovation
  Wojciech Cellary, Louis Freund, Stephen Kwan, Christine Leitner, Jim Spohrer, Poland/USA/UK
Tue, July 27 New ecosystem based on big data for more digital impact
  Loris Schmid, Christoph Glauser, Switzerland

10:30-12:30 (EST) New frontiers in cyberspace – recent European initiatives to regulate digital finance
  Christian Stiefmueller, UK

  emyConnect: Building a smart public service for young mobile Europeans
  Andreas Martin, Yuri Misnikov, Mohammad Allagha, Austria

  The engagement catalyst initiative: How one global organization activates and energizes employee engagement
  Laura C. Anderson, Michal Jacovi, Jonathan Lenchner, Jade Strattner, USA

  Lessons learned from EMY – A post-COVID perspective on student mobility and democratic participation in the EU
  Christine Leitner, Kristina Reinsalu, Britta Breser, Mohammad Allagha, Christian Stiefmueller, Radu Serrano, UK

  Fairness and justice: designing and developing human-first AI technologies
  Lauren Thomas Quigley, Stacy Hobson, Rachel Bellamy, USA

  A service design for rural India, helping alleviate dual grand challenges of unemployment & a lack of access to healthcare
  Shrikant Parikh, India


SESSION 25 User Research and Product Design II

Co-Chairs:  Meng Gao and Francisco Rebelo, China/Portugal

DAY 1 Graphic perception design of social fear release for college students
  Yuan Lingling, He Guoqiang, China
Tue, July 27 Perception of soundscape for the elderly in urban communities: Field study based on three communities in Changsha, China
  Liqun Wang, Feihu Chen, Jiaqi Li, Jie Wang, China

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Framework for teacher-student interaction in the design classroom to enhance student creativity
  Tingting Gao, China

Describing and visualizing sustainable product-service system (S.PSS) applied to distributed water-energy-food nexus
  Meng Gao, Renke He, Ke Ma, China

Naturalistic data collection of head movements during headphone use
  Xinyi Li, Wang Haining, Cao Yuan, Ruyang Yu, Ren-ke He, China

Are you watching me? A study on privacy notice design of social robot
  Su Peng, Yuan Xiang, China

China household ceramics design in the experience economy
  Hu Yu, Yu Zhou, China

SESSION 26 Educational Design ED AHFE 4

Co-Chairs:   Zhiyi Wen and Qianqian Lin, China

DAY 1 Experience in teaching design of human-computer interaction through evaluation and research
  YuanBo Sun, Zhiyi Wen, Shaohuan Zhang, China

Tue, July 27 A teaching experience of service design course supported by design thinking
  Qianqian Lin, Yuanbo Sun, China

10:30-12:30 (EST)
The application of scenario-based design thinking  in the teaching practice of product design
  Cailian Wang, KangHu, Li Zeng, Chunmeng Weng, China

Visual analysis of the development trend of design discipline in American basic education
  Haiwei Yan, Tianyi Sun, Ying Chuai, Yuanbo Sun, Ruolin Gao, China

Design thinking application in K-12 education utilizing service design methodology
  Qiongying Ge, YuanBo Sun, Zhiyi Wen, Shaohuan Zhang, China

A review: Implementation of design thinking education in K-12
  Shaohuan Zhang, YuanBo Sun, Zhiyi Wen, Qiongying Ge, China

Teaching practice of product design driven by supportive employment project for mentally challenged youth
  Meng Li, China

SESSION 27 Usability and User Experience Applications II UUE AHFE 5

Co-Chairs:  Andreas Kaufmann and Jintao Luo, Germany/China

DAY 1 The effect of valence and layout of online reviews on purchase intention
  Jintao Luo, Guangji Liao, Weibin Wang, Jia Zhou, China

Tue, July 27 Product ergonomics testing and application based on multiple methods
  Cheng Weihong, Yinxia Li, Huimin Hu, Wang Huiling, China

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Design of the resumption and prompt interface for online meetings under automatic driving
  Keying Dai, Zhengyu Tan, Qishen Duan, China

The acceptance factors of smart home technologies: The case of Croatian households
  Darko Etinger, Snježana Babić, Lorena Jeger, Croatia

Psychosocial aspects of new technology implementation
  Dennis Jones, USA

Ubiquitous museum of the future: Establishing an integrated museum ecosystem
  Sheng Wang, China

Understanding harmful blue light in a group of Thai people
  Manutchanok Jongprasithporn, Thailand

SESSION 28 Usability and User Experience Applications III UUE AHFE 6

Co-Chairs:  Michael McCloskey and Yufeng Wu, Ecuador/China

DAY 1 Analysis of level of accessibility of online scientific conferences for blind participants
  Hugo Arias-Flores, Sandra Sanchez-Gordon, Tania Calle-Jimenez, Ecuador

Tue, July 27 Design of electric bicycle for delivery from the perspective of perceptual engineering
  Miao Liu, Yufeng Wu, Yujia Hu, Xuqi Yao, Zhiwen Li, China

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Profiling of E-learning users with accessibility needs
  Tania Calle-Jimenez, Sandra Sanchez-Gordon, Hugo Arias-Flores, Ecuador

Application of background color in banner design
  Yitong Jiang, Zhonghua Ni, China

Modeling dynamic visual attention resource allocation in cockpit with discrete event simulation
  Chaoran Liang, Shuang Liu, Xiaoru Wanyan, Hao Chen, Yuchen Min, China

How pedestrian-AV interaction is affected by the eHMI: A virtual reality experiment
  Zhifan He, Zhengyu Tan, Ruifo Zhang, Yanyan Li, Bin Liu, China

The application and analysis of projection test in the design of primary school campus cultural environment
  Xia Jingyi, Kong  Fan Qiang, China

Human-computer interface design of intelligent spinning factory monitoring system based on eye tracking technology
    Lan Zhang, Guorui Ma, Zhou Jian, Fang Jia, China

The application and analysis of projection test in the design of primary school campus cultural environment
  Xia Jingyi, Kong Fan Qiang, China


Co-Chairs:  Andrew Krum and Sarah El-Dabaja, USA

DAY 1 Design sprints integrating agile and design thinking: A case study conducted in the automotive industry.
  Emilie Henreaux, Michel Noutcha, Tina Phan-Ngoc, Kieffer Suzanne, Belgium

Tue, July 27 Subjective evaluation of road situation alerts using visual, speech and auditory modalities with elderly drivers
  Luka Rukonic, Marie-Anne Pungu Mwange, Belgium

10:30-12:30 (EST)
How to share control with ADAS? The impact and investigation of human-system interaction by joystick for driver intervention
  Cho Kiu Leung, Toshihisa Sato, Japan

Cars are "talking" and their drivers are "listening"
  Sarah El-Dabaja, Bhaven Naik, Deborah McAvoy, Jacob Campbell, USA

Implications of configurable displays for universal driver-vehicle interfaces
  Andrew Krum, Zachary Doerzaph, USA

Supporting event prediction for level 2 ADAS users to prevent automation surprises
  Akihiko Takahashi, Japan

SESSION 30 Ergonomics in Building and Architecture II SUPI AHFE 8

Chair: Christianne Falcao, Brazil

DAY 1 Humanistic architecture - the human factor in the perception and creation of educational spaces
  Barbara Świt-Jankowska, Poland

Tue, July 27 The pro-user revolution in design of military complexes in the interwar period
  Marta Rudnicka-Bogusz, Poland

10:30-12:30 (EST) Architectural design after the information revolution
  Tomasz Konior, Agata Bonenberg, Poland

Digital design tools in Polish architectural practice against the backdrop of developed European states
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Shoufang Liu, Agata Bonenberg, Xia Wei, Poland

Changes in the arrangement of living space in the era of dynamically occurring social changes. Apartment as a place of work, residence and recreation
  Justyna Kleszcz, Poland

Multi-criteria assessment of technical objects variants with the application of simulation and multiple criteria decision making/aiding methodology
  Kruszynski Miroslaw, Monika Wiecek, Poland

SESSION 31  Implementation of Learning Technologies in Education TELS AHFE 9

Co-Chairs:  Jan Neuhoefer and Salman Nazir, Germany/Norway

DAY 1 Proposal for the application of graphological coincidence applied in the field of speech therapy in children with motor difficulties
  Luis Serpa-Andrade, Angel Perez, Ecuador

Tue, July 27 Spiritual accompaniment training in pediatric palliative care - A case study from Spain
  Florentin Popescu, Pau Miquel Diego, Inma Ferrer Svoboda, Mario Gabriel Ciccorossi, Netherlands

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Evolution of an approach for digital learning and training in nursing
  Jan Neuhoefer, Germany

A human-centered approach for an autism-friendly drawing space
  Anna Lisa Pecora, Erminia Attaianese, Alessandra Pagliano, Italy

An interactive guide based on learning objects to train teachers on detection and support children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  Karina Parra-Luzuriaga, Zobeida Robles-Bykbaev, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev, Paúl León-Gómez, Ecuador

Application of assessment-analytic knowledge building tools in collaborative creative studies
  Amic Ho, China

Using Cloud computing environment to design framework and architecture for learning in educational institutions
  Khalda Ali, Amir Elamir, Sudan

SESSION 32 Designing for Inclusion: Methodologies and Future Trends DI AHFE 10

Co-Chairs: Giuseppe Mincolelli and Giuseppe Di Bucchianico, Italy

DAY 1 Designing an inclusive theatre environment: Co-creating a relaxed performance within the Segal Centre for Performing Arts in Montréal
  Zakia Hammouni, Tiiu Poldma, Eva Kehayia, Ingrid Verduyckt, Natalina Martiniello, Walter Wittich, Canada

Tue, July 27 How co-design leads mobility innovation towards a more inclusive and senior-friendly transportation system  
  Filippo Petrocchi, Silvia Imbesi, Giuseppe Mincolelli, Italy

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Smart and connected systems for the non-typical user: Design methodology to observe the outliers
  Inés Alvarez-Icaza Longoria, Mexico

Design for inclusion: Different approaches for a shared goal
  Giuseppe Di Bucchianico, Italy

Transformation of users’ technical knowledge into design-with an example from bra assistive device
  Xiaohua Lv, China

Virtual participatory design process for a pediatric complex care clinic during the Covid-19 pandemic
  Tsailu Liu, USA

SESSION 33 Decision Support System and Human Factors HFSSE AHFE 11

Co-Chairs:   Raghda Alqurashi and Salman Alharethi, Saudi Arabia

DAY 1 Decision support system: A systematic mapping study
  Salman Alharethi, Saudi Arabia

Tue, July 27 Decentralized decision support system for vehicular crowd management using the internet of things (IoT)
  Raghda Alqurashi, Saudi Arabia

10:30-12:30 (EST)
An intelligent systems development for multi Covid-19 related symptoms detection: A framework
  Mohammed Thanoon, Saudi Arabia

Design and creation of educational video games using assistive software instruments
  Yavor Dankov, Boyan Bontchev, Valentina Terzieva, Bulgaria

Multiple LDPC codes combined with OVCDM to improve signal coding efficiency and signal transmission effects
  Zhang Fan, Zhang Hong, China

SESSION 34 Cognitive Living Spaces by Using IoT Devices CCIoT AHFE 12

Co-Chairs: Herwig Zeiner and Zoheir Sabeur, Austria/UK

DAY 1 Cognitive living spaces by using IoT devices and ambient biosensor technologies
  Herwig Zeiner, Lucas Paletta, Roland Unterberger, Julian Aldrian, Austria

Tue, July 27 Human-centric emergent configurations: Supporting the user through self-configuring IoT systems
  Fahed Alkhabbas, Romina Spalazzese, Paul Davidsson, Sweden

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Design of an IoT architecture in livestock environments for the treatment of information for the benefit of cattle
  Miguel Angel Quiroz Martinez, David Manuel Rodriguez Zapata, Monica Daniela Gomez Rios, Maikel Leyva, Ecuador

Advanced cyber and physical situation awareness in urban smart spaces
  Zoheir Sabeur, Marios Angelopoulos, Liam Collick, Natalia Chechina, Deniz Cetinkaya, Alessandro Bruno, UK

SESSION 35 Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) and Neuroinformatics ICEEP AHFE 13

Co-Chairs:  Umer Asgher and Hasan Ayaz, Pakistan/USA

DAY 1 Cognitive interventions based on technology: A systematic literature review
  Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Omar Cóndor-Herrera, Hugo Arias-Flores, Janio Jadán-Guerrero, Mónica Bolaños-Pasquel, Priscila Cedillo, Ecuador

Tue, July 27 Design for AI-enhanced operator information ergonomics in a time-critical environment
  Jussi Okkonen, Jaakko Hakulinen, Matti Jalava, Heikki Mansikka, Tuuli Keskinen, Markku Turunen, Finland

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Feature comparison of emotion estimation by EEG and heart rate variability indices and accuracy evaluation by machine learning
  Kei Suzuki, Midori Sugaya, Ryouta Matubara, Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Japan

Control room operators’ cognitive strategies in complex troubleshooting
  Jari Laarni, Marja Liinasuo, Satu Pakarinen, Kristian Lukander, Tomi Passi, Finland

An analysis of the cognitive process and similarities of Complex Problem Solving (CPS) discussions
  Yingting Chen, Taro Kanno, Kazuo Furuta, Japan

Exploring relationships between distractibility and eye tracking during online learning
  Shanshan Chen, Yiqian Zhao, Tianyu Wu, Yajun Li, China

SESSION 36 Maritime MAR AHFE 14

Co-Chairs:  Thomas Porathe and Stephanie Hochgeschurz, Norway/Germany

DAY 1 Still unresolved after all these years: Human-technology interaction in the maritime domain
  Brit-Eli Danielsen, Margareta Lutzhoft, Thomas Porathe, Norway

Tue, July 27 Task oriented use of functionalities on ship navigation systems
 Stephanie Hochgeschurz, Florian Motz, Svenja Kretzer, Lerke Thiele, Germany

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Autonomous ships: A research strategy for human factors research in autonomous shipping
  Thomas Porathe, Norway

Design of a tool to explore the relationship between non-technical skills and resilience capabilities
  Gesa Praetorius, Carl Hult, Josué Franca, Jan Snöberg, Sweden

Colour design method of ship centralized control cabin
  Kun Yu, Ao Jiang, Xi Zeng, Jianzhong Wang, Xiang Yao, Yangzuo Chen, China

Construction of crew visual behaviour mechanism in ship centralized control cabin
   Kun Yu, Ao Jiang, Jianzhong Wang, Xi Zeng, Xiang Yao, Yangzuo Chen, China

Situation awareness assessment for ship navigation tasks in virtual reality simulation system
  Yu Zhang, Chongbin Li, Chunlin Qian, Jie Chen, Xiaodong Zhang, Quan Ding, China

SESSION 37 Risk Exposure and Assessment I SMHF AHFE 15

Co-Chairs:  Rui Melo and Jouke Verlinden, Portugal/Belgium

DAY 1 Risk assessment knowledge relating to occupational health and safety risks: A case study of five Finnish companies
  Minna Rantala, Maria Lindholm, Sari Tappura, Noora Nenonen, Finland

Tue, July 27 Experimental comparison of CWA 17553:2020 community face coverings to surgical masks and filtering facepiece respirators
  Nhât Nguyen, Joren Van Loon, Jochen Vleugels, Sam Smets, Els Du Bois, Jouke Verlinden, Stijn Verwulgen, Regan Watts, Belgium

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Workplace hazards difficult to identify and manage
  Noora Nenonen, Sari Tappura, Minna Rantala, Maria Lindholm, Finland

COVID-19 prevention in construction sites: A case study in a railway project
  Christiane N. Gomes, Rui B. Melo, Portugal

Occupational exposure reporting for fire investigators
  Barbara Millet, Erin Kobetz, USA

Risk assessment of cold storage warehouse at Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines
  Mariam Idica, Isachar Bernaldez, Oca Malagueño, Philippines

SESSION 38 Wearable Sensing in Physical Ergonomics and Safety PEHF AHFE 16

Co-Chairs:  Sol Lim and Chi-Wen Lung, USA/Taiwan

DAY 1 Machine learning-based pre-impact fall detection and injury prevention for the elderly with wearable inertial sensors
  Xiaoqun Yu, Jaehyuk Jang, Shuping Xiong, South Korea

Tue, July 27 The effectiveness of wearable sensor-based vibrotactile feedback in yoga training for users with visual impairment
  Melanie Grudinschi, Kyle Norland, Sang Won Lee, Sol Lim, USA

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Functional data representation of inertial sensor-based torso-thigh, knee, and ankle movements during lifting
  Sol Lim, Clive D'souza, USA

  Using deep learning methods to predict walking intensity from plantar pressure images
  Hsing-Chung Chen, S. T. Sunardi, Yih-Kuen Jan, Ben-Yi Liau, Chih-Yang Lin, Jen-Yung Tsai, Cheng-Tsung Li, Chi-Wen Lung, Taiwan

  BIONIC: Custom sensors for risk assessment and training of older workers
  Alberto Ferreras Remesal, Juan Fernando Giménez Pla, Purificación Castelló Mercé, Salvador Pitarch Corresa, Raquel Marzo Roselló, Mercedes Sanchís Almenara, Spain

The relationship between smartphone use and musculoskeletal symptoms among university students under the influence of Covid-19
  Ruobing Zhao, Yueqing Li, USA

SESSION 39 Production Management in Industry

Co-Chairs:  Markus Kohl and Edmund Pawlowski, Germany/Poland

DAY 1 Segmentation and sequencing in CAx instructional videos
  Lorena Niebuhr, Nina Rußkamp, Eva-Maria Jakobs, Germany

Tue, July 27 Data-driven determination and plausibility check of requirement profiles in logistics
  Markus Kohl, Sandra Häring, Jens Lopitzsch, Johannes Fottner, Germany

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Robot process automation in industrial engineering – challenges and future perspectives
  Sebastian Schlund, Mathias Schmidt, Austria

Process improvement for the reduction of rework applying TPM and Kaizen in a company in the metalworking sector
  Percy Castro, Angel Murga, Jennyfer Valenzuela, Peru

Improvement of the global efficiency of mining equipment through Total Productive Maintenance - TPM
  Cesar Nunura, Orlando Lama, Josue Alayo, Victor Aparicio, Peru

Management system of intelligent autonomous environment (IAEMS): The reference model
  Edmund Pawlowski, Poland

Application of Porter's Value Chain Model for construing potential prospects and lacunas in industry 4.0 adoption by 21st century manufacturers
  Makinde Oluwafemi Ajayi, Timothy Laseinde, South Africa

SESSION 40 Communication of Design I HFCD AHFE 18

Co-Chairs:  Daniel Raposo and Amic Ho, Portugal/China

DAY 1 Brand marks analysis - criteria and evaluation components for an analysis tool
  Daniel Raposo, Fernando Moreira Da Silva, João Neves, Jose Silva, Rogério Ribeiro, Ricardo Correia, Portugal

Tue, July 27 Guidance and public information systems: Diagnosis and harmonization of tourist signage
  João Neves, Fernando Moreira da Silva, Daniel Raposo, Jose Silva, Rogério Ribeiro, Ricardo Correia, Portugal

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Organizational design towards the configuration of a media communication model
  Jorge Brandão Pereira, Vítor Quelhas, Portugal

Investigation of city environment with the help of typographic communication design perspectives
  Ruth Chau, Amic Ho, China

Investigation of the application of humanized design concept in the evolution process of Chinese bed
  Xu Li, Wang Xueting, Lu Yeqing, Zhang Xiuhua, China

Fixation in visual communication: Issues of ideation in the Ghanaian packaging design industry
  Adam Rahman, Ghana

From visible to plausible in media arts
  Francisco Paiva, Portugal

SESSION 41 Education CIE AHFE 19

Co-Chairs: Paulo Maldonado and Qingchuan Li, Portugal/China

DAY 1 Creative class of "micro culture" creative industry
  Xiaobao Yu, Han qing Lin, China

Tue, July 27 Innovation and entrepreneurship practice: Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in an applied psychology context
  Jinge Huang, Lin Gan, Yuchen Jing, Longxin Ma, Qi Zhang, Liuyi Zhao, Mingyu Zheng, Antong Zhang, Wei Liu, China

10:30-12:30 (EST)
How shared online whiteboard supports online collaborative design activities:  A social interaction perspective
  Qingchuan Li, Jiaxin Zhang, Xin Xie, Yan Luximon, China

Perceived conflict and resolution strategy in collaborative design of complex product  from the perspective of cognitive semantics
  Yufan Zhou, Zhengtang Tan, Danhua Zhao, Zhen Wang, China

Understanding the interrelation between prototype cognition and creativity in interdisciplinary design course
  Lisha Ren, Zhe Sun, Yue Li, China

The application of teachers' encouragement in design classroom
    Xiaoyu Li, China

Dilt's Pyramid vs Maslow Pyramid
  Pedro Tamariz, Francisco Serrano, Nicolas Velez, Diego S Suarez, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Ecuador

SESSION 42 Pandemic Impacts and Coping DCPP AHFE 20

Co-Chairs: Maria João Pereira Neto and Lilia Raycheva, Portugal/Bulgaria

DAY 1 Job satisfaction and expectations of pharmacy employees During the COVID-19 pandemic: An application of DEMATEL method
  Xin Li, Chunrong Liu, Ting Han, China

Tue, July 27 Identifying key factors influencing customers’ acceptance of serving chopsticks and spoons in restaurants by FA-DEMATEL approach
  Zhaohui Nian, Chunrong Liu, China

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Interactive design of public health safety smart supervision platform under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention
  Tingwei Cai, Ying Cao, China

Green design of prefabricated community control measures in response to public health emergencies
  Enjia Zhang, China

Surviving in pandemic times – Can good design help us to change our lives?
  Raffaella Maddaluno, Maria João Pereira Neto, Jorge Firmino Nunes, Portugal

Communicating challenges of COVID-19 to the ageing population
  Lilia Raycheva, Bulgaria

Addictive cell phone usage: Impacts on family interaction during COVID-19 pandemic
  Bankole Fasanya, Karen T. Abad Navarrete, Temilade Adeyeye, USA

SESSION 44 Human Performance improvement and Training HFAS AHFE 22

Co-Chairs: Takumi Ohashi and Maria Colurcio, Japan/Italy

DAY 1 Designing residential architecture for future societies. The central and eastern European context - on the basis of the example of Poland
  Agata Gawlak, Magda Matuszewska, Ewa Pruszewicz-Sipinska, Poland

Tue, July 27 Designing an abnormal posture detection system to prevent accidents during meal assistance for older adults: A user-centered design approach
  Takumi Ohashi, Yuma Ito, Daisuke Kurabayashi, Miki Saijo, Japan

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Mu-musicplay: How the interactive use of games and music influences the capacity of autistic children to recognize emotions in videos and music
  Ting Liang, I-Jui Lee, Taiwan

Detecting hesitation during battlefield wound treatment on female soldiers
  Mark Mazzeo, Morgan Chewning-Kulick, William Pike, Joel Cartwright, Ericka Rovira, Robert Thomson, USA

Application of graphological coincidence applied in the field of speech therapy in children with motor difficulties
  Luis Serpa-Andrade, Angel Perez, Ecuador

Peculiarities in the development of hearing impairments among members of Russian civil aviation aircrews
  Natalia Zabrodina, Elena Adeninskaia, Nadezhda Simonova, Russia

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

13:30-15:30 (EST) Technical Sessions

Session 45 Real-World Human State Assessment:  Victories and Remaining Challenges CN AHFE 1

Co-Chairs:  Bethany Bracken and Tamsyn Edwards, USA

DAY 1 Can situation awareness be measured physiologically?
  Bethany Bracken, Sean Tobyne, Aaron Winder, Nina Shamsi, Mica Endsley, USA

Tue, July 27 Towards a measure of situation awareness for space mission schedulers
  Jessica Marquez, Summer Brandt, Tamsyn Edwards, USA

13:30-15:30 (EST) Monitoring human performance on future deep space missions
  Kritina Holden, Brandin Munson, Jerri Stephenson, USA

Real-time estimation of cognitive states via fNIRS-based time series classification
  Nina Shamsi, Sean Tobyne, Aaron Winder, Bethany Bracken, Mica Endsley, USA

What did our model just learn? Hard lessons in applying deep learning to human factors data
  Brian Weigel, Kaleb Loar, Andres Colon, Robert Wright, USA

Addressing two central issues of team interaction dynamics: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  Mustafa Canan, Mustafa Demir, USA

Neurophysiological correlates of simulator sickness in virtual pilot training environments
  Trevor Grant, Leanne Hirshfield, USA

Session 46 Emerging Research Innovations in AI, User Experience, New Technology, and Design:  Industry, Business, and Education HSSE AHFE 2

Co-Chairs: Debra Satterfield and Kimberly Melhus Mitchell, USA

DAY 1 UI design for medical devices: An interdisciplinary research program to enhance the usability and UX of environmental control units at VA-hospitals
  Sam Anvari, Gabriella Hancock, Nicole Mok, Aram Ayvazyan, Matthew Nare, Camen Machado, Becka Chompff, Yoshiko Mizushima, Yuji Shiraiwa, Natalia Morales, Loulya Alcharbaji, USA

Tue, July 27 Value co-creation through collaborative world-building and cosplay: QwörkSpace
  Joshua Ian, Debra Satterfield, USA

13:30-15:30 (EST) Evaluating innovation strategies in online education in higher education
 Debra Satterfield, Jose Rivera-Chang, David Teubner, Tom Tredway, Wesley Woelfel, USA

  Color and flavor perception
  Sunghyun Kang, Carol Faber, Nora Ladjahasan, Andrea Quam, USA

  Disruptive innovation: Designing a shifting pedagogy for creative disciplines in higher education learning
  Kimberly Mitchell, USA

  Virtual exhibit design: The UX of student BFA design shows in social VR
  Laura Huisinga, USA

Session 47 Sensory Engineering and Emotion I APD AHFE 3

Co-Chairs:  Keiichi Watanuki and Kazunori Kaede, Japan

DAY 1 The validity of street view service applied to ambiance perception of street:  A comparison of assessment in real site and Baidu street view
  Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez, Rosemary Seva, Philippines

Tue, July 27 Immediate effect of thumb-to-ground distance training by a target multivariate gait data generation method considering physical differences
  Yusuke Osawa, Keiichi Watanuki, Kazunori Kaede, Japan

13:30-15:30 (EST) Spatial perception under visual restriction by moving a sound source using 3D audio
  Koki Murakami, Keiichi Watanuki, Kazunori Kaede, Japan

Evaluation of subject's attention during 3D visual-search tasks using eye-movement measurements
  Kaito Kobayashi, Keiichi Watanuki, Kazunori Kaede, Japan

The emotional virtual experience of virtual idol
  Tiantian Yao, China

Tool to facilitate emotional granularity in design
  Xuelin Tang, Weiwen Chen, Zhensheng Liu, Jiapei Zou, China

Safe greeting method in the time of COVID-19
  Tomoko Ota, Naoki Sugiyama, Hiroyuki Hamada, Akihiko Goto, Japan

Session 48 Applications in Interaction Design

Co-Chairs:  Zhiqi Wang and Taoyong Tan, China ED AHFE 4
DAY 1 Characteristics of novice drivers' navigation information acquisition based on situated cognition
  Yubo Zhang, YuanBo Sun, Xiaoxu Liu, China

Tue, July 27 Smart home setup based on service design
  YuanBo Sun, Zhiqi Wang, Shutian Yang, Guangqi Ren, Yushun Liu, China

13:30-15:30 (EST) How do I use this car?:"  The learnability of interactive design for intelligent connected vehicles
  Li Ge, YuanBo Sun, China

Digitalization of Emoji emotions in the pleasure-arousal-dominance space
  Taoyong Tan, Chengqi Xue, Wenyu Wu, China

Improvement of spinning machine monitoring interface based on eye tracking experiment
  Zhou Jian, Lan Zhang, Fang Jia, China

Interactive design of stair-climbing wheelchair for elderly based on human factor
  Yancong Zhu, Xinying Shan, Weisheng Jiang, China

Automatic image clipping technology based on face recognition
  Qian Chen, China

Session 49 User Research and Product Design III ED AHFE 5

Co-Chairs:  Ming Zhong and Francisco Rebelo, China/Portugal

DAY 1 Green intelligent production design strategy based on service design
  Wandong Cheng, Jun Zhang, Wanzhi Gao, China

Tue, July 27 Using vibrotactile device in music therapy to support wellbeing for people with Alzheimer's disease
  Yingjie Fang, Jing Ou, Nick Bryan-Kinns, Qingchun Kang, Junshuai Zhang, Bing Guo, China

13:30-15:30 (EST) Information superiority effect of multi-channel interaction of smart mobile robot
  Ming Zhong, Ren-ke He, China

The effects of auditory parameters on the meaning of sound for multifunctional beds
  Jiehao Ling, Yonghong Liu, Yiming Song, China

Emergency protection of urban commercial complex based on VR technology
  Wenyu Qi, Yun Liu, Zhong Zheng, China

Effects of target size on finger contact area in touching horizontal and vertical interfaces
  Keyuan Zhou, Joel Persinger, Cheryl Qian, Yingjie Chen, China

Session 50 Usability and User-Centered Design I UUE AHFE 6

Co-Chairs: Saad Almesalm and Yu-Pin Lin, Saudi Arabia/Taiwan

DAY 1 Improving usability of a gaze-based surveillance support tool through user-centered design
  Alexandre Marois, Laura Salvan, Daniel Lafond, Alexandre Williot, Noémie Lemaire, Sébastien Tremblay, Canada

Tue, July 27 Enhancing blood donation intentions using mobile responsive web design
  Yu-Pin Lin, Meng-Cong Zheng, Taiwan

13:30-15:30 (EST) Applying iterative design approach to Kafu games in order to enhance the user experience of gamers in Saudi Arabia
  Saad Almesalm, Nadeem Bakhsh, Saad Ali Khan, Saudi Arabia

Insight into the needs of mobile performance speakers based on multimodal sensory user experience
  Huai Cao, Juanjuan Feng, Jihao Xu, Zining Liu, China

Advanced interactive style guide for design consistency
  Bryan Croft, Mike Nithaworn, Seana Rothman, Odalis Felix, Jeff Clarkson, Eric Voncollin, Lisa Guo, USA

The pyramid of Maslow versus the Dilts pyramid
  Diego Leonardo Jimenez, Ecuador

Session 51 Electric Vehicles RR AHFE 7

Co-Chairs:  Ralf Philipsen and Stewart Birrell, Germany/UK

DAY 1 Explaining the public acceptance of electrified L-category vehicles towards sustainable urban mobility planning
   Anna Antonakopoulou, Anastasios Rigos, Evangelia Portouli, Angelos Amditis, Evangelia Latsa, Greece

Tue, July 27 Simulation models for electric mopeds: a study of the impact on traffic flow
  Evangelia Portouli, Niki Georgiou, Angelos Amditis, Greece

13:30-15:30 (EST) The way you do things you do - fueling or charging cars as dealing with refillable resources
  Ralf Philipsen, Hannah Biermann, Martina Ziefle, Germany

Look, no cables! An interview study into guiding the practical implementation of wireless chargers for electric taxis
  Arun Ulahannan, Matthew Knight, Robert Doel, Stewart Birrell, UK

Session 52 Physical Ergonomics and Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders SOE AHFE 8

Co-Chairs:  Zenija Roja and Henrijs Kalkis, Latvia

DAY 1 Ergonomic indicators and physical workload risks in food production and possibilities for risk prevention
  Henrijs Kalkis, Ingus Graveris, Zenija Roja, Latvia

Tue, July 27 Assessment of muscle fatigue and potential health risk of low back pain among call center workers
  Sunisa Chaiklieng, Worawan Poochada, Thailand

13:30-15:30 (EST) The effects of the physical environment on employee wellbeing and performance: A case study on healthy architecture in call center interiors
  Salih Ceylan, Turkey

Sustainable work opportunities for drivers' well-being: A case of Careem as a transportation network company
  Amna Javed, Youji Kohda, Japan

Ergonomic checkpoints for educational environments
  Lawrence Schulze, USA

Session 53 Advanced Learning Technologies TELS AHFE 9

Co-Chairs:  Martin Kröll and Eric Peterson, Germany/USA

DAY 1 Structure of a socio-technical learning and innovation factory
  Barbara Tropschuh, Fabian Dillinger, Quirin Gärtner, Svenja Korder, Harald Bauer, Moritz Kagerer, Germany

Tue, July 27 Teaching robotics with virtual reality: Developing curriculum for the 21st century workforce
  Eric Peterson, Biayna Bogosian, Shahin Vassigh, Jorge Tubella, USA

13:30-15:30 (EST) I feel the need for speed - empirical evidence of the effectiveness of VR training technology on knowledge and skill acquisition
  Victoria Trabysh, Theodore Feldhacker, Cait Rizzardo, Kent Halverson, Jake Johnson, Lisa Tripp, Antonio Gonzalez, III, USA

Digital creative abilities for achieving digital maturity
  Marita Canina, Carmen Bruno, Italy

AI and learning in the context of digital transformation
  Martin Kröll, Kristina Burova-Keßler, Germany

Impacts on cognitive decay and memory recall during long duration spaceflight
  Terry Rector, James Casler, Curtis Cripe, USA

Evaluation system for experimental curriculum under 3D printing technology
  Chaoxiang Yang, Runrun Wu, China

Session 54 Human Technology Approach to Governance HFML AHFE 10

Co-Chairs:  Batia Ben-Hador and Benita Zulch, Israel/South Africa

DAY 1 Leadership in media industry: Theoretical approach
  Cristian Londoño, Ecuador

Tue, July 27 How much immersive is virtual reality? Evidence from VR-based managerial competency assessment tool testing
  Asta Savanevičienė, Lina Girdauskiene, Lithuania

13:30-15:30 (EST) "He just didn't listen" -Coaches' and coachees' different perceptions about the practice of Managers as Coach (MAC)
  Batia Ben-Hador, Israel

The construction professional’s Kanohi kē: The road to purpose-fit selection for New Zealand
  Andries (Hennie) Van Heerden, Gregory Chawynski, Janette Doblas, Michelle Burger, New Zealand

The role of the project manager in delivering design-build projects
  Jp Kitshoff, Benita Zulch, South Africa

An improved method to determine the weight of evaluation index based on group decision-making theory and analytic hierarchy process
  Jingqi Gao, Qing Xue, Minxia Liu, China

Session 55 Human Error, Reliability, Resilience, and Performance in Aviation HERRP AHFE 11

Co-Chairs:  Barry Kirwan and Casey Kovesdi, France/USA

DAY 1 Is our human factors capability in aviation and maritime domains up to the task?
  Barry Kirwan, Kasia Cichomska, Beatrice Thiebaux, Andrew Kilner, France

Tue, July 27 introducing human factors into fault tree modelling for aviation
  Andrew Kilner, Marta Llobet-Lopez, France

13:30-15:30 (EST) Design of a human factors database for learning from safety occurrences in the aviation and maritime domains
  Sybert Stroeve, Barry Kirwan, Luca Save, Simone Pozzi, Rafet Kurt, Osman  Turan, Netherlands

Flying high. Voice stress analysis to detect pre-symptomatic acute hypobaric hypoxia at 25000 ft.
  Martine Van Puyvelde, Emma Debecker, Xavier Neyt, Frederic Detaille, Vanderlinden Wim, Nathalie Pattyn, Belgium

Human factors analysis for a new wake vortex air traffic alert
  Frédéric Rooseleer, Barry Kirwan, Adriana Dana Schmitz, Belgium

Human error analysis, management and application for airborne system of civil aircraft
  Kun Han, China

Session 56 Kansei Engineering I KE AHFE 12

Co-Chairs:  Jiahao Wang and Xinran Chen, China

DAY 1 Analysis of keyboard layout elements based on aesthetic and subjective evaluation
  Xinran Chen, Jianrun Zhang, China

Tue, July 27 Evaluation of the layout of home game console interface elements based on aesthetic calculation
  Ziyi Xie, Chengqi Xue, Wenyu Wu, China

13:30-15:30 (EST)
The effect of optical weight on optical balance in user interface
  Kai Ma, Wenyu Wu, Chengqi Xue, China

Evaluation of the layout of the interface elements of the posters designed by the "Luban" AI system and the designer based on "Meidu" calculation
  Peng Cheng, Xingsong Wang, China

Aesthetics evaluation and usability of multifunctional printer interface
  Zhou Shen, Mengqian Tian, Xingsong Wang, China

Enterprise product morphology based on Kansei Engineering - Taking AGV as an example
  Xinxiong Liu, Zining Liu, Juanjuan Feng, Jihao Xu, China

Session 57 Health Care Issues and Risk Assessment EHMD AHFE 13

Co-Chairs: Helen Fuller and Serena Ivaldi, USA/France

DAY 1 Machine learning approaches to predict scoliosis
  Joanne Yip, Ruixin Liang, Michael To, Yunli Fan, China

Tue, July 27 Using exoskeletons to assist medical staff during prone positioning of mechanically ventilated COVID-19 patients: A pilot study
  Serena Ivaldi, Pauline Maurice, Waldez Azevedo Gomes Junior, Jean Theurel, Lien Wioland, Jean-Jacques Atain-Kouadio, Laurent Claudon, Hind Hani, Antoine Kimmoun, Jean-Marc Sellal, Bruno Levy, Jean Paysant, Serguei Malikov, Bruno Chenuel, Nicla Settembre, France

13:30-15:30 (EST) A case study of initial in-brace spinal correction of Anisotropic Textile Brace and Boston Brace
  Charlotte Sze-Ham Wong, Joanne Yip, Kit Lun Yick, Sun Pui Ng, China

Preliminary wear trial of posture training bracewear for older adults with degenerative scoliosis (ADS)
  Linda Yin Ling Sit, Joanne Yip, Kenny Yat Hon Kwan, China

The benefits of standardization in healthcare systems
  Nancy Lightner, Tandi Bagian, USA

The flip side of the coin: Potential hazards associated with standardization in healthcare
  Helen Fuller, Timothy Arnold, USA

How might we think about safety? Inviting deeper reasoning through elaborative inquiry
 Timothy Arnold, Helen J. A. Fuller, Stuart C. Gilman, William P. Gunnar, USA

Session 58 User Experience, Affordance and Technology SYSI AHFE 14

Co-Chairs:  Isabel L. Nunes and Scott Mackenzie, Portugal/Canadas

DAY 1 Comparison of touch and touchless zoom control methods for single-handed mobile interactions
  Saurabh Garg, Scott Mackenzie, Canada

Tue, July 27 The influence of icon color and style on mobile menu icon search
  Yuanyuan Liu, Zhisheng Zhang, Zhijie Xia, China

13:30-15:30 (EST) A complex form design to improve the efficiency and emotional experience during information entry
   Xu Zhan, Zhijie Xia, Zhisheng Zhang, China

Value of white space: The effect of white space on the interpretation of information
  Asma Kouki, Bing Xiao, S.M. Kou, Tunisia

Gesture recognition in complex scenes based on RGB-D sensor
  Jin Wang, Zhen Wang, Shan Fu, Dan Huang, China

Session 59 Business Excellence HFBMS AHFE 15

Co-Chairs:  Timo Holopainen and Jukka Rantala, Finland 

DAY 1 From globalization towards localization in sales
  Jukka Rantala, Henri Untinen, Maria Yllikäinen, Timo Holopainen, Finland

Tue, July 27 Sales professionalism – A practice theory study 
  Krista Holopainen, Jukka Rantala, Timo Holopainen, Finland

13:30-15:30 (EST)
Startups born out of academia: Structural pattern of monetization failures, rectified
  Kjartan Hauge, Jukka Rantala, Timo Holopainen, Norway

Future investor habits
 Jukka Rantala, Maria Yllikäinen, Juuso Turklin, Timo Holopainen, Finland

Session 60 Data Essential for HF Simulation Modeling  HFSIM AHFE 16

Co-Chairs:  Debra Patton and Heather Pfeiffer, USA

DAY 1 Optimizing human performance data for enhanced modeling and analytics
  Seth Elkin-Frankston, Erika Hussey, USA

Tue, July 27 Applying numerical simulation to predict effect of brace wear for scoliosis
  Queenie Fok, Joanne Yip, China

13:30-15:30 (EST) A hybrid simulation model for an efficient and flexible shop floor system
  Kashif Zia, Umar Farooq, Alois Ferscha, Oman

The future of data standards and storage:  Harnessing data generation into a standardized repository
  Jennifer Neugeles:  Status and applications
  Digital sales in B2B: Status and application
bauer Sperlein, Samantha Chambers, Jerod Bernicky, Scott Pridgeon, USA

A distributed intelligence framework for cyber and electromagnetic technologies to support expeditionary cyber as a sociotechnical challenge
  Thomas Tenorio, Ricardo Valerdi, Charles Levine, USA

Session 61 Communication of Design II HFCD AHFE 17

Chair:  Amic Ho, China

DAY 1 Relationship between Chinese painting strokes and Qi on inspiration of art education - A study on Jian Bi stroke
  Xue Hu, Eakachat Joneurairatana, Sone Simatrang, Thailand

Tue, July 27 Application of emotion-based design in brand communication: Taking KFC as an example
    Xiaoning Jiang, Fan Zhan, China 

13:30-15:30 (EST) Pupil dilation, emotion valence and recall of visual images
  Mritunjay Kumar, Braj Bhushan, Ahmed Sameer, Satyaki Roy, Rajesh Ranjan, India

Advertising and lifestyle:  A brief history of contemporary Chinese advertising and lifestyle transition
  Wenhua Li, Jia Xin Xiao, Jiaying Huang, China

An impression evaluation of robot facial expressions considering individual differences by using biological information
  Kai Yu, Peeraya  Sripian, Muhammad Nur Adilin Mohd Anuardi, Midori Sugaya, Japan

Mascot endorsement provoke the audiences’ engagement
  Tsz Chun Kevin Kwok, Amic Ho, China

Session 62 Virtual Reality and Game Design in Education HFGD AHFE 18

Co-Chairs:  Pirita Ihamäki and Zheng Chen, Finland/China

DAY 1 Efficacy of romantic poetry: Chinese classical poetry education project based on augmented reality technology for elementary school students
  Zheng Chen, Zhong Wang, China

Tue, July 27 Developing interactive company presentations in the 3D glue virtual reality environment: a collaborative educational approach
  Pirita Ihamäki, Katriina Heljakka, Finland

13:30-15:30 (EST) A theoretical model of video game design in the educational context
  Sergio Martinez, Enrique Chiroque, Vanessa Vega, Maria José Espinosa, Eudes Axel Muñoz Delmás, Peru

User experience design of online education based on flow theory
  Jiadong Han, Yan Wang, China

Behind the chain coffee shop: Design of utilizing virtual reality for coffee-making training
  Yi Ciao Lin, Chien-Hsu Chen, Taiwan

MindJourney: Employing gamification to support mindfulness practice
  Yang Ge, Ting Han, China

Session 63 Health and Well Being CIE AHFE 19

Co-Chairs:  Yancong Zhu and Yan Luximon, China

DAY 1 Wellbeing and healthcare: Exploring ways of interactive prototyping with mental process
  Yancong Zhu, Xiaohan Wang, Yuchen Jing, Longxin Ma, Bowen Zhang, Xiaoyu Shen, Wei Liu, China

Tue, July 27 A conceptual design of a modular multifunctional nursing bed for moderately disabled patients
  Jing Luo, Yan Luximon, Xiao Ni, China

13:30-15:30 (EST) Disinfection of vehicle interior space as a major step towards the recovery and development of post-pandemic car-sharing industry
  Long Liu, Hu Zhiqian, Xiaohan Tu, China

A home-based upper limb-rehabilitation service system for patients with mild-stroke
  Liwen Gu, Shimeng Xiao, Liangyan Shen, Long Liu, China

Cuenca Segura: A nonprofit digital platform that provides information about possible risks and safe points
  Juan Jose Delgado Oramas, Juan Flores, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Diego S Suarez, Ecuador

Session 64 Factors Affecting COVID-19 Response DCPP AHFE 20

Co-Chairs: Luis Serpa-Andrade and Eduardo Pinos, Ecuador

DAY 1 How sickness absence and presenteeism influence income: Empirical evidence from the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) 2015
  Gernot Pruschak, Austria

Tue, July 27 Bioethical reflection on access to education in the education sector as an effect of the COVID-19 pandemic
  Luis Serpa-Andrade, Ecuador

13:30-15:30 (EST) The design linkage mechanism of crowd intelligence to respond to public emergencies
  Shangshang Zhu, Huiling Yu, Shijian Luo, Yenan Dong, China

Bioethics in teaching bioengineering in times of COVID-19
  Eduardo Pinos, Maria Cordero, Roberto Coronel, Erika Pinos-Vélez, Ecuador

Surviving the Covid-19 pandemic: The role of digital innovation and transformation
  Khuram Shahzad, Faisal Imran, Finland

Redesign of pharmacy office furniture
  Ana Karina Martinez Fremont, Gabriela Durán-aguilar, Laura Brizuela, Mexico

Session 65 Human Factors in Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing I AISC AHFE 21

Co-Chairs:  Veton Matoshi and Nathanael Brown, Germany/USA

DAY 1 Human-AI-collaboration in the context of information asymmetry:  A behavioral analysis of Demand Forecasting
  Tim Lauer, Sophia Wieland, Germany

Tue, July 27 A minimally supervised event detection method
  Matthew Hoffman, Sam Bussell, Nathanael Brown, USA

13:30-15:30 (EST) LDAvis, BERT:   Comparison of method application under Corona conditions
  Heike Walterscheid, Veton Matoshi, Katarzyna Wisniewiecka-Brückner, Klaus Rothenhaeusler, Frank Eckardt, Germany

Artificial Intelligence (AI) coupled with Internet of Things (IoT) for the enhancement of occupational health and safety in the construction industry
  Kavitha Palaniappan, Chiang Liang Kok, Kenichi Kato, Singapore

Computational intelligence applied to business and services: A sustainable future for the marketplace with a service intelligence model
  Mariana Alfaro Cendejas, Mexico

Session 66 Fashion and Apparel Design  HFATE AHFE 22

Co-Chairs: Carla Morais and Theresa Lobo, Portugal/USA

DAY 1 Fiber leading designs. How the typical features of woollen yarn can drive a collection of knitwear product in a real industry application
  Giovanni Maria Conti, Martina Motta, Chiara Bianchi Maiocchi, Italy

Tue, July 27 The personal wardrobe during COVID-19
  Carla Morais, Gianni Montagna, Portugal

13:30-15:30 (EST) A cultural mediation of meanings between consumer-goods, trends and the culturally constituted world
  Theresa Lobo, William Afonso Cantu, Nelson P. Gomes, Portugal

Individual motivation to create can boost the apparel and textile company’s culture and climate for innovation: A case study
  João Barata, Rui Miguel, Portugal

Constructed images and the inner self: Reading identities in “The Queen’s Gambit”
  Carlos Manuel Figueiredo, Ana Rafaela Diogo, Portugal

Design of fashionable and functional tri-laminated wool fabrics for leisurewear considering comfort
  Benilde Reis, Rui Miguel, Madalena Pereira, José Lucas, Claudia Sousa, Gilda Santos, João Carvalho, Fernando Moreira da Silva, Manuel Santos Silva, Portugal

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

16:00-18:00 (EST) Technical Sessions

Session 67 Modeling and Monitoring Humans for Operational Task Performance CN AHFE 1

Co-Chairs:  Angela Harrivel and Hasan Ayaz, USA

DAY 1 Investigating the modulation of spatio-temporal and oscillatory power dynamics by perceptible and non-perceptible rhythmic light stimulation
  Katharina Lingelbach, Isabel Schöllhorn, Alexander Dreyer, Frederik Diederichs, Michael Bui, Michael Weng, Jochem Rieger, Ina Petermann-Stock, Mathias Vukelić, Germany

Tue, July 27 Autocomplete fNIRS: Bi-directional RNN approach for time-series signal recovery
  Adrian Curtin, Marjan Saadati, Lei Wang, Hasan Ayaz, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) Human monitoring as a migration path mechanism to support public confidence and operational resilience with urban air mobility reduced-crew operations
  Saeideh Samani, Richard Jessop, Angela Harrivel, USA

Planned investigations to address acute central nervous system effects of space radiation exposure with human performance data
  Angela Harrivel, Steve Blattnig, Ryan Norman, Lisa Simonsen, USA

Towards artificial social intelligence:  Inherent features, individual differences, mental models, Theory of Mind
  Rhyse Bendell, Jessica Williams, Stephen Fiore, Florian Jentsch, USA

Modeling crew performance degradation due to radiation exposure in space
  M. C. Dorbecker, USA

Session 68 Augmenting Service Capabilities in the With/Post-Pandemic Era HSSE AHFE 2

Co-Chairs:  Kazuyoshi Hidaka and Kentaro Watanabe, Japan

DAY 1 Toward a model for improving service literacy via digital assistants
  Md Abul Kalam Siddike, Kazuyoshi Hidaka, Japan

Tue, July 27 Differences in effect of endorsement of professional vs. Non-professional YouTuber through credibility and parasocial relationship
  Hisashi Masuda, Spring H. Han, Jungwoo Lee, Japan

16:00-18:00 (EST) Digital transformation strategy of service systems for enhancing human experiences
  Takeshi Takenaka, Watanabe Kentaro, Miwa Hiroyasu, Sashima Akio, Japan

  Restaurant reservation system: Allocating customers with space management under the impact of Covid-19
  Bingxin Du, Nariaki Nishino, Koji Kimita, Kohei Sasaki, Japan

  Empathy-based CE strategy to tackle complex challenges
  Hiromi Iida, Kensaku Ishibashi, Akino Inoue, Yuriko Sawatani, Japan

  The design of outpatient services in children's hospitals based on the double-diamond model
  Zhiwei Zhou, Tao Xi, China


Session 69 Design and Evaluation Research for Enhanced Product Usability and User Experience ED AHFE 3

Co-Chairs:  Yuanfeng Li and Yuting Tong, China

DAY 1 Effect of natural sounds masking on perception of noise in the kitchen environment
  Yuting Tong, Ruifo Zhang, Zheng Liu, Zhengyu Tan, China

Tue, July 27 Neck muscles fatigue evaluation of VR glasses based on sEMG signals
  Xin Wang, Yumiao Chen, China

16:00-18:00 (EST) Ergonomic design of dining robot for older adults
  Yuanjie Chen, Yumiao Chen, China

Design of cognitive ability assessment method for the elderly when using intelligent kitchen products
  Yi Jin, Juanfang Xu, China

Choice of behavior model in new retail: usability testing of intelligent shopping terminals functional framework
  Yuanfeng Li, Qun Wu, Yilin Zhang, China

Function layout of adaptive aging population kitchen design based on trace observation
  Meilin Chen, Canqun He, Mengyao Wang, Yun Wang, China

Session 70 Design Issues in Research ED AHFE 4

Co-Chairs:  João Neves, José Silva and Daniel Raposo, Portugal

DAY 1 A puzzling confrontation: Overall quality and usefulness of PhD design research vs master design research
  Rita Almendra, Portugal

Tue, July 27 Mitigating the ephemeral character of design exhibitions
  Helena Barbosa, Vasco Branco, Portugal

16:00-18:00 (EST) Design, meaning and intention: Communication in times of Raposoa pandemic
  Maria Luísa Costa, Joana Saes, Silvia Rala, Portugal

Brand argument driven through art and schematics: Designing new perspectives to transform and empower the neighborhood
  Daniel Raposo, José Silva, Noemy Berbel, Maravillas Diaz, João Neves, Nuno Martins, Daniel Brandão, Portugal

Design and communication for the territory: Promotion and enhancement of heritage based on tourist routes
  João Neves, Ricardo Jorge Nunes da Silva, Jose Silva, Daniel , Nuno Martins, Daniel Brandão, Portugal

The book's relevance in the contemporary editorial practice
  João Brandão, Sofia Rodrigues, Portugal

Research through co-design (RTC) and ergonomics
  Sofia Scataglini, Daniele Busciantella-Ricci, Belgium

Session 71 Aviation 

Co-Chairs:  Mark Miller and Seth Gatien, USA/Canada

DAY 1 Enhanced controller working position for integrating spaceflight into air traffic management
  Carmo Sonja Kluenker, GermanyAVI

Tue, July 27 Qualitative indexes of air traffic controllers attitude toward mistakes hazard
  Oleksii Reva, Volodimir  Kamyshyn, Serhii Borsuk, Valeri Shulgin, Andrii Nevynitsyn, Ukraine

16:00-18:00 (EST) Air traffic controller resource management: An approach for reducing cognitive loading and enhancing situation awareness
  Sam Holley, Mark Miller, USA

Technology and human factor considerations in adapting airport landside facilities and operations to autonomous and connected vehicles
  Seth Gatien, Ata Khan, John Gales, Canada

The influence of industrial relations on commercial flight safety
  Mark Miller, Adam McLaughlin, USA

Critical review of wake vortex mitigation concepts in human factors
  Julio Roa, USA

The index of general fatigue induced during flight tasks
  Bo Shao, Zhen Wang, Shan Fu, China

Session 72 Usability and User Centered Design II

Co-Chairs:  Yaru Li and Zhenzhen Ma, China

DAY 1 Interface color design of intelligent vehicle central console
 Fang You, Yaru Li, Preben Hansen, Liping Li, Mengting Fu, Yifan Yang, Xin Jin, Jianmin Wang, China

Tue, July 27 Design of drinking water facilities in Shanghai Botanical Garden based on service design
  Zhenzhen Ma, Li Xu, China

16:00-18:00 (EST) Product identity design of Yiwu general merchandise based on user experience
  Shanwei Zhang, Ye Junnan, Jingping Li, Lixia  Hua, China

Online shopping web sites’ perceived usability: A case study with Turkish shopping related web sites
  Merve Demirci, Turkey

Measurement of the attentional bias in children using eye tracking during a psychological test
    Andrea Argudo-Vásconez, Omar Alvarado, Cristian Calderon, Franklin Buele, Patricia Margarita Ortega Chasi, Martha Cobos, Ecuador

The color semantics of compact car: A case study on Ford Focus
  Jiahao Wang, Yafeng Niu, Lang Xiao, Jin Liu, Guorui Ma, Hongrui Zuo, China

Affordance and its application in specific group design
  Mi Tian, Jie Zhang, China

The influence mechanism of the shape, color and logo position of HNB products on user experience based on eye tracking
  Xiuling Wang, Huai Cao, Lei Wu, China

Session 73 User Interface and Accessibility I UUE AHFE 7

Co-Chairs:  Julien Nelson and Eric Owusu, France/USA

DAY 1 Data-driven persona construction: A case study for a gamified  interface
  Julien Nelson, Mateo Campos, France

Tue, July 27 Effects of culturally tailored user interface design
  Helina Oladapo, Eric Owusu, Joyram Chakraborty, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) The effective interface format for communicating risk information in shared-decision making
  Li-Jen Wang, Meng-Cong Zheng, Taiwan

Multi-scale evaluation of HCI acoustic expression in digital performance space
  Yihang Du, Pei Yan, Petrovna Gnativ Marina, Wang Lijun, China

Usability in a token-based ecosystem
  Kimin Kwon, Sung H. Han, Hyeji Jang, Juhwan Kim, South Korea

Changes in usability evaluation of human-machine interfaces from the perspective of automated vehicles
  Yating Su, Zhengyu Tan, Ningyi Dai, China

The influence of user interaction on consumers' purchase intention on UGC sharing platform
  Yixiang Zhang, China

Session 74 Automated Vehicles I RR AHFE 8

Co-Chairs:  Steffen Jochum and Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Germany/Japan

DAY 1 Influence of the relative position of surrounding traffic on drivers’ take-over performance
  Qingkun Li, Andrej Naumenko, Qi Fang, Ali Muhammad Hadi, Lian Hou, Wenjun Wang, Quan Yuan, Bo Cheng, China

Tue, July 27 Evaluating comfort in fully autonomous vehicle using biological emotion map
  Shoto Ueno, Runging Zhang, Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Midori Sugaya, Japan

16:00-18:00 (EST) Investigating the kinematic parameters of a turning seat as a haptic and kinesthetic HMI to support the take-over request in automated driving
  Steffen Jochum, Jan Bavendiek, Christopher Brockmeier, Lotte Saupp, Lutz Eckstein, Germany

Design and implementation content validity study: Development of an instrument for measuring consumers' perception of automatic emergency braking (AEB)
  Nuruzzakiyah Mohd Inshanuddin, Ezrin Hani Sukadarin, Nur Syazwani Mohd Nawi, Mirta Widia, Ahmad Azad Ab. Rashid, Hanida Abdul Aziz, Junaidah Zakaria, Nur Syafiqah Fauzan, Hairunnisa Osman, Eida Nadirah Roslin, Zulhaidi Mohd Jawi, Yassierli, Malaysia

Session 76 Implementation of Novel Technology and Methods for Training and Certification

Co-Chairs:  Charlott Sellberg and Astrid Camilla Wiig, Sweden/Norway

DAY 1 Non-technical skills training in crew resource management: Curating YouTube videos for educational purposes
  Charlott Sellberg, Gesa Praetorius, Martin Viktorelius, Sweden

Tue, July 27 Exploration of team communication behaviors from a live training event
  Jason Saville, Randall Spain, Joan Johnston, James Lester, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) Blended learning: Exploring contradictory demands between emerging design principles and new learning practices
  Astrid Camilla Wiig, Norway

The neglected component of simulator training: Performance assessment
  Salman Nazir, Norway

Kaizen method applied in higher education: Case study of autonomous Autonomous University of Baja, California
  Susana Zambrano-López, Carolina Zayas-Márquez, Luis Alfredo Avila-López, Maria Marcela Solis-Quinteros, Mexico

Sustainable foods for the future of education
  Diego Erique, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Diego S Suarez, Ecuador

Session 77 Design for Inclusion in the Living Environment

Co-Chairs: Michela Benente and Elke Ielegems, Italy/Belgium

DAY 1 Ergonomic considerations for the design of tactile guide paths for new urban changes and needs
  Kin Wai Michael Siu, Hong Kong

Tue, July 27 Inclusive design for open spaces in dense older districts: A comparative study of Hong Kong and Guangzhou
  Jia Xin Xiao, Kin Wai Michael Siu, Ming Jun Luo, China

16:00-18:00 (EST) The UDI³-framework: Unravelling a design context in which knowledge on Universal Design can be built
  Elke Ielegems, Jasmien Herssens, Jan Vanrie, Belgium

Accessibility and usability standards of built environment design: Struggle toward agreement in the global context
  Satoshi Kose, Japan

The Museum listens: A collaborative project on Torino archaeology collections
  Michela Benente, Valeria Minucciani, Filippo Masino, Italy

Cultural perception of accessibility and the role of heritage: The Havelis in Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi)
  Valeria Minucciani, Michela Benente, Gianluca D'Agostino, Anuradha Chaturvedi, Italy

Session 78 Human Factors on Security and Crises Management

Co-Chairs: Mário Simões-Marques and Justine Caylor, Portugal/USA

DAY 1 Mental traps behind maritime disasters
  Pedro Água, Armindo Frias, Mario Simões-Marques, Portugal

Tue, July 27 Preliminary evaluation of multi-criteria decision-making methodology for emergency management
  Justine Caylor, Robert Hammell, Adrienne Raglin, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) Linked open data supporting semantic integration and collaboration in disaster management cycle
  Anacleto Correia, Pedro Água, Mario Simões-Marques, Portugal

Human factors impact in the security and safety of the maritime domain
  Mario Simões-Marques, Armindo Frias, Pedro Água, Portugal

Virtual sensor robust to faults in the nuclear power plant accidents
  Jeonghun Choi, Seung jun Lee, South Korea

Wayfinding identification system re-framework in the context of disaster risk reduction on cruise ship
  Jing Cao, China

Session 79 Human Factors, Business Management and Society I

Co-Chairs:  Ana María Vallina-Hernández and  Hernan Espejo, Chile/Ecuador

DAY 1 User survey based on household product consumption experience
  Yuqi Chen, Linong Dai, China

Tue, July 27 Consumer extraversion, novelty seeking, and use of mobile instant messaging (MIM)
  Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Jorge Guadalupe-Lanas, Ekaterina Zabelina, Olga Deyneka, Ecuador

16:00-18:00 (EST) COVID-19 in relation to business and management: A bibliometric analysis
  Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge Guadalupe-Lanas, Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Nora Oleas, Laura Salazar, Raquel Proaño-Guerrero, Ecuador

Process optimization of advertising articles using an integrated strategy of production and environmental care
  Hernan Espejo, Blanca Topón, Lloyd Morris, Ana  Rodríguez, Ecuador

Analysis to the Chilean pension fund system, comparing stochastic technical frontier and envelop technical frontier methodologies
  Claudina Rubilar-Maturana, Cesar Venegas-Pineda, Ana María Vallina-Hernández, Hanns De La Fuente-Mella, Rodrigo Fuentes-Solis, Chile

Influence of energy cost on industrial competitiveness in a refined tuna protein processing company
  Blanca Topón, Cinthia Mendoza, Mireya Zapata, Ecuador

Adversity or opportunity? Exploring the effect of COVID-19 on Ghana’s informal economy
  Reginald Arthur, Olivia Anku-Tsede, Ghana

Business model innovation in energy businesses: Driving factors, trends and implications for the future
  Shah Rukh Shakeel, Arto Rajala, Finland

Session 80 Computational Modeling Approaches in Politics and Economics 

Chair:  Zining Yang, USA

DAY 1 Assess electric vehicle adoption through an agent based approach
  Yi Ling Chang, Yuan Yuan Lee, Zining Yang, USA

Tue, July 27 The impact of housing programs on unsheltered homeless population: An agent-based approach
  Dandan Kowarsch, Zining Yang, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) Opening borders:  Peru’s expected utility on Venezuelan's immigration;  A social network analysis
  Jorge Guerra, USA

Optimal strategy in international relations
  Dandan Kowarsch, Kelly Fang, USA

Modeling and simulation of disaster medicine processes for resilience assessment of hospital BCPs
  Shunsuke Kadono, Taro Kanno, Chia-Hsin Cheng, Sheuwen Chuang, Japan

New paradigm of data-driven social science research- From micro-simulation technology to meta-synthesis methodology
  Xiangyu Wan, China

PEV market dynamics: An ABM approach to model the relationship between demand for PEVs and charging station supply in Southern California
  Zining Yang, Ruiqian Li, USA

Session 82 New Research and Design Applications for 3D Printing

Co-Chairs:  Emilio Rossi and Massimo Di Nicolantonio, UK/Italy

DAY 1 Reusable kit for 3D printable sustainable cutlery
  Massimo Di Nicolantonio, Emilio Rossi, Antonello Vespoli, Giovanni Annese, Italy/UK

Tue, July 27 Systematic review of differences between conventional orthoses and 3D-printed orthoses
 Ana Cláudia Tavares Rodrigues, Letícia Vasconcelos Morais Garcez, Fausto Orsi Medola, Luciana Ramos Baleotti, Frode Eika Sandnes, Atiyeh Vaezipour, Brazil

16:00-18:00 (EST) Product design and development by additive manufacturing for automotive systems
  Álvaro M. Sampaio, António J. Pontes, Portugal

3D printing and social inclusion: A design research framework
  Emilio Rossi, Massimo Di Nicolantonio, Alessio D'Onofrio, UK/Italy

Design of custom breast prosthesis for additive manufacturing production
  Carlos Helguero, Jorge Amaya, Fausto Maldonado, Jocelyne Acosta, Maria Bravo, Junior Garzón, Ecuador

Session 83 Human Factors and Assistive Technology I

Co-Chairs:   Shoichiro Fujisawa and Yang Cai, Japan/USA

DAY 1 Visual guidance by blinking light of LED block for individuals affected with low vision
  Shoichiro Fujisawa, Kenji Sakami, Tomoya Sakaguchi, Takatoshi Aoki, Masaki Okegawa, Jiro Morimoto, Jyunji Kawata, Yoshio Kaji, Mineo Higuchi, Shin-ichi Ito, Japan

Tue, July 27 Gait recognition from drone videos
  Yang Cai, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) Pedagogical interface agent for Kenyan sign language
  Casam Njagi Nyaga, Ruth Diko Wario, Lizette De Wet, South Africa

Collision prediction and prevention in contact sports using RFID tags and haptic feedback
  Moeen Mostafavi, Fateme Nikseresht, Jacob E. Resch, Laura Barnes, Mehdi Boukhechba, USA

Estimation of probe angles based on inertial measurement and human skill assessment
  Kazuki Matsuo, Hiroyuki Nakamoto, Daigo Kosaka, Futoshi Kobayashi, Japan

Promoting social skills in technology-mediated communication contexts: First results on adopting the social compass curriculum
  Miguel Carvalho, António Teixeira, Samuel Silva, Portugal

Developing quality assistive technology and better supports for breasts with the help of low-cost sensors
  Lucia Regina, Jose Aguiomar Foggiatto, Brazil

A methodology to determine the efficacy of design variations in a wearable airbag using finite element analysis
  Byung Cheol (Bruce) Lee, Krystal Garza, USA

Session 84 Advanced Production Management and Process Control I

Co-Chairs:  Salvador Avila and Magdalena K. Wyrwicka, Brazil/Poland

DAY 1 Improved sulfuric acid discharge through combined task and risk analysis
  Jefferson dos Santos Mascarenhas, Igor Santos Araujo, Salvador Ávila Filho, Danillo Ramos Camargo, Leila Maria Aguilera Campos, Luiz Antônio Magalhães Pontes, Brazil

Tue, July 27 Operational reliability investigation of turbo-generator based on technological aspects and human factors
  Igor Santos Araujo, Salvador Ávila Filho, Jefferson dos Santos Mascarenhas, Danillo Ramos Camargo, Brazil

16:00-18:00 (EST) Organizational risk in custom manufacturing of complex products
  Anna Stasiuk-Piekarska, Magdalena K. Wyrwicka, Poland

Expanded polystyrene wall and conventional concrete wall sustainability issues in housing
  Adegboyega Lateef Adewole, Rita Yi Man Li, Nigeria

Applying packing problems to optimize throughput time and human ergonomics in project shops
  Thomas Henke, Jochen Deuse, Germany

Stability method for pit dimensioning obtained using the gradient boosting machine algorithm in underground mining
  Hernan Camacho, Humberto Pehovaz, Carlos Raymundo, Peru

Impact of globalization on current practices in the supply chain management of SMEs
  Ayodeji Dennis Adeitan, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa

Session 85 Sustainability and Ecodesign

Chair:  Daniel Raposo, Portugal

DAY 1 Dryas as a model for lighting products design
  Liliana Soares, Ermanno Aparo, Rita Almendra, Fernando Moreira Da Silva, João Teixeira, Jorge Passos, Portugal

Tue, July 27 Design, plastics and sustainability – methodological reflections
  Dilia Nunes, Joana Lessa, Portugal

16:00-18:00 (EST) Fostering sustainability on campus: Design of an IoT-enabled smartbottle for plastic reduction in the academic environment
  João Mendes, Ana F. Curralo, Antonio Curado, Sergio I. Lopes, Portugal

Fashion design education towards transition - circularity and biobased materials
  Gabriela Forman, Portugal

Design and science for the valorisation of residues and by-products of the wine industry
  Elena Cioffi, Assunta Capece, Severina Pacifico, Mario Buono, Italy

Session 86 Human Factors in Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing II

Co-Chairs:  Alexander Streicher and Ben Barone, Germany/USA

DAY 1 Graph-based modeling for adaptive control in assistance systems
  Alexander Streicher, Rainer Schönbein, Stefan W. Pickl, Germany

Tue, July 27 Is artificial intelligence digital?
  Vaclav Jirovsky, Vaclav Jirovsky, Czech Republic

16:00-18:00 (EST) Interpreting pilot behavior using long short-term memory (LSTM) models
 Ben Barone, David Coar, James Allen, Jinhong Guo, Brad Galego, Ashley Shafer, USA

The old moral dilemma of  "me or you"
  Maria Colurcio, Ambra Altimari, Italy

Analyzing NBA team positional data to assess team coherence using recurrent switching linear dynamical systems (rSLDS)
  Walker Alexander, Ben Barone, Dave Coar, Gina Notaro, Brad Galego, USA

Session 87 Explorations in Industrial Design Education

Co-Chairs: George Chow and Adam Feld, USA

DAY 1 Validation in a distance learning environment
  Adam Feld, USA

Tue, July 27 Rapid idea development: Translating face-to-face interactions to virtual platforms
  Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) Expressive design: An intersection of design and meaning.
  Paul Skaggs, USA

Trash to treasure: An upcycling project case study
  George Chow, USA

What if...? Strategies to teaching communication, empathy and teamworking for design students by design students
  Ana Paula Nazaré de Freitas, Rita Assoreira Almendra, Brazil

Predicting inclusive futures: Wearables, automation, and design speculation
  Raja Schaar, Clint Zeagler, USA

Investigation of scarcity: The cause and effect of homogeny in the industrial design workforce
  Betsy Barnhart, USA

Sustainable design education: A proposition of necessary competencies for students
  Natalia Plentz, Rita Almendra, Portugal

Session 88 Human Performance and Variability

Co-Chairs:  Kin Wai Michael Siu and Patrick Seitzinger, China/Canada  

DAY 1 Promoting the social connectedness of the lost-only-child elderly in China
  Yunhe Du, Yu Hin Brian Lee, Kin Wai Michael Siu, China

Tue, July 27 Factors affecting mobile game genre preference for chinese older adults in Hong Kong
  Wing Lam Yu, Tsun Hang Ho, Alan Chan, China

16:00-18:00 (EST) The guardian slippers: Designing an IoT device to enhance safety for the elderly in the nursing home
  I-Hsin Chen, Chien-Hsu Chen, Taiwan

Emotional design of dining processes for older adults
  Chenqi Zhang, Ting Han, Can Huang, Tasaki Seina, Xinran Chen, Xi Han, China

Chatty Bot: An alternative to implement a memory training option for the upcoming older adults in Indonesia
  Elizabeth Wianto, Chien-Hsu Chen, Chia-Chen Chen, Chih-Lung Lin, Indonesia

Service and design strategy of smart care products in pension agency under the background of active aging
  Wen Qing , Li Fangyu, China

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

8:00-10:00 (EST) Technical Sessions

Session 89 Health and Neuroergonomics

Co-Chairs:  Girija Kaimal and Jennifer Nasser, USA

DAY 2 FNIR assessment of brain response to eating: Does eating drive brain response or does the brain drive eating?
  Jennifer A. Nasser, Angelo Del Parigi, Eram Albajri, Lisa M. Lanza, Hasan Ayaz, USA

Wed, July 28 Exploratory fNIRS assessment of differences in activation in virtual reality visual self-expression including with a fragrance stimulus
  Girija  Kaimal, USA

8:00-10:00 (EST)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease progression presents difficulties in brain computer interface use
  Emma Dryden, Hasan Ayaz, Mohammad Sahal, Terry Heiman-Patterson, Sara Feldman, USA

Epileptic seizure detection using tunable Q-factor wavelet transform and machine learning
  Ala Tokhmpash, Sarah Hadipour, Bahram Shafai, USA

Effects of Musical Stimuli on Short-term Memory
  Fatih Omeroglu, Yueqing Li, USA

Session 90 Resilient Design for Service-Oriented Value Creation

Co-Chairs:  Walter Ganz and Jens Neuhüttler, Germany

DAY 2 How higher education institutions and technology innovation centres can support organisations through IoT digital transformations
  Maximilian Ge, Imogen Cleaver, Florian Urmetzer, Jens Neuhüttler, Lena Ahner, Yasemin Bayrak, UK/Germany

Wed, July 28 Impacts of professional education measures on the digital transformation in organisations
  Lena Ahner, Maximilian Ge, Florian Urmetzer, Jens Neuhüttler, Imogen Cleaver, Yasemin Bayrak, Germany/UK

8:00-10:00 (EST) Transformation towards smart result-oriented product-service systems
  Victor Naumann, Alexander Pflaum, Germany

  Towards a capability based approach to strengthen the strategic decision making process for developing smart products & services in SMEs
  Sandra Frings, Holger Kett, Germany

  Towards a continuous process model for data science projects
  Damian Kutzias, Claudia Dukino, Holger Kett, Germany

  Gaining resilient forms of coopetition in the age of digital platforms
  Jens Neuhüttler, Walter Ganz, Germany

  A people centered innovation methodology for its application in digital transformation – Service innovation blocks
  Gerhard Gudergan, Yassi Moghaddam, Germany

Advanced systems engineering of sustainable smart PSS
  Friedrich  Halstenberg, Germany


Session 91 Design for People. Design as Catalyst  ED AHFE 3

Co-Chairs:  José Silva, João Neves and Daniel Raposo, Portugal

DAY 2 The impact of Edward Johnston’s work on calligraphy, in 20th and 21st century type design
  João Brandão, Sofia Rodrigues, Portugal

Wed, July 28 Functional and perceptive considerations for type design
  Vítor Quelhas, Jorge Brandão Pereira, Portugal

8:00-10:00 (EST) Gamification in communicating the concept of circular economy - a design approach
  Jose Silva, Maria Fernandes, Rogério Ribeiro, Daniel Raposo, João Neves, Portugal

Narrative benchmarking in scenario assessments for digital design
  Jose Silva, Daniel Raposo, João Neves, Rita Almendra, Daniel Brandão, Nuno Martins, Portugal

Portuguese firefighters anthropometrics: A preliminary comparison with Portuguese workers
  Anna S. P. Moraes, Miguel A. Carvalho, Rachel S. Boldt, Fernando N. Ferreira, Susan P. Ashdown, Linsey Griffin, Portugal

Book covers as gateways to literature
  Elisabete Rolo, Portugal

Sustainable design of Finnish modern furniture
   Xu Li, Lu Yeqing, Zhang Xiuhua, Wang Xueting China

The identity design of a master's degree course: Digital identity design master as a case study
  Cátia Rijo, Vera Barradas, Portugal

Session 92 Ergonomics Design and Evaluation in Rail Transit and Bus ED AHFE 4

Co- Chairs:   Jianxin Wang and Hanzhao Qiu, China

DAY 2 The influence of automation failure on the automation trust of high-speed railway driver's monitoring operation
  Jianxin Wang, Weining Fang, Haifeng Bao, China

Wed, July 28 A feasibility study of virtual reality technology in guidance design of underground space
  Hanzhao Qiu, Weining Fang, Haifeng Bao, Xiangxue Wang, China

8:00-10:00 (EST) Aimed at situation awareness enhancement: Dynamic situation awareness circle and experimental verification
  Ziwang Yi, Beiyuan Guo, Hao Du, China

Design and implementation of skill maintenance training system for  drivers
  Yulong Sun, Beiyuan Guo, Mengqi Zhang, Heng Du, Xiao Xiao, China

Real-time ergonomic assessment of human-machine interface layout using virtual reality reproduction
  Haifeng Bao, Beiyuan Guo, Qungao Ni, Jianxin Wang, China

Ergonomic design approach for urban bus
  Francesco Fittipaldi, Patrizia Ranzo, Rosanna Veneziano, Italy

Session 93 Usability and User Centered Design III

Co-Chairs:  Yuqi Wang and Fernando dos Santos Almeida, China/Brazil

DAY 2 Improved Kano Model based on stakeholder-centered design
  Yuqi Wang, Danhua Zhao, China

Wed, July 28 GVUI: Graphic-assisted voice user interface based on multi-modal human-machine conversation
  Bo Zhou, Long Li, China

8:00-10:00 (EST) How expert and novice perceive the photographic images composition: An eye-tracking study on composition and leading line
  Farbod Torabi, Sakol Teeravarunyou, Thailand

Color matching method for foreground based on complex background image processing: Example of mobile phone interface
  Lanjing Li, China

Visual characteristics of West African health education series “C’est La Vie!”: Findings of a cross-sectional analysis
  Fernando dos Santos Almeida, Deborah Carrow Glik, Francisco Antônio Pereira Fialho, Brazil

Session 94 UX Design and Evaluation

Co-Chairs:  Stefano Filippi and Dokshin Lim, Italy/South Korea

DAY 2 Enhancing a personality-based user selection tool to maximize User eXperience redesign effectiveness
 Stefano Filippi, Ruggero Bellio, Italy

Wed, July 28 UX design principles and system requirements for holistic user journey of future Robotaxi
  Dokshin Lim, Hwangbo Hwan, South Korea 

8:00-10:0 User experience in previewing interactive mode of live streaming news
  Che Liang-Yuan, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan

Usability of the self-check-in kiosk in airports based on users' behavior mapping
  Tzumin Yang, Meng-Cong Zheng, Taiwan

Assessing clustering methods to establish reliability and consensus in card sorting tasks
  Lamia Alam, Shane Mueller, USA

Exploring the interactive mode and user experience of dining space alone during the post-Covid-19 period from the perspective of cultural probes
  Chung-Shun Feng, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan

Eye movement during dynamic visual search
    Mu Tong, Chengqi Xue, Xuekei Lee, Xiaoxi Du, China

Session 95 Automated Vehicles II

Co-Chairs:  Phillip Morgan and Lesley-Ann Mathis, UK/Germany

DAY 2 How to improve novice and expert drivers’ attentional capacity in level 3 autonomous driving? Influence of the non-driving related task
  Sharon Ouddiz, Pierre-Vincent Paubel, Céline Lemercier, France

Wed, July 28 Accessibility under secondary driving task conditions during autopilot
  Shiyang Chuai, Long Liu, China

8:00-10:0 Towards future interior concepts: User perception and requirements for the use case working in the autonomous car
  Lesley-Ann Mathis, Harald Widlroither, Nico Traub, Germany

Put some drive in your country – need for and acceptance of autonomously operating services in rural areas of Germany
  Chantal Lidynia, Gian Luca Liehner, Martina Ziefle, Germany

The blame game: Double standards apply to autonomous vehicle accidents
  Qiyuan Zhang, Christopher Wallbridge, Dylan Jones, Phillip Morgan, UK

An investigation of the impact of autonomous driving on drivers' driving behavior in traffic jam
  Yi Liu, Ruobing Zhao, Yueqing Li, USA

Session 96 Human Factors, Business Management and Efficiency

Co-Chairs:  Henrijs Kalkis and Zenija Roja, Latvia

DAY 2 Personal gains from materials in social networks
  Tom Sander, Biruta Sloka, Henrijs Kalkis, Latvia

Wed, July 28 Factors and barriers of implementing early warning, support and second chance support systems for SMEs in the Baltic States
  Liga Braslina, Anda Batraga, Aija Legzdina, Jelena Salkovska, Henrijs Kalkis, Daina Skiltere, Girts Braslins, Daina Saktiņa, Latvia

8:00-10:00 (EST) Integrating individual and intra-organizational learning for calibration of organization’s performance
  Harsh Chauhan, Henrijs Kalkis, Latvia

  Analysis of employment rates for people with disabilities in Ecuador
  Hugo Arias-Flores, Jorge Guadalupe-Lanas, Janio Jadán-Guerrero, Ecuador

  Retail skills as the craftsmanship of liquor retail SMEs
  Myungrae Cho, Koichiro Watanabe, Japan

Social distancing, stress and unethical behavior: A study on Italian university students in the first period of isolation due to COVID-19
  Oronzo Parlangeli, Paola Palmitesta, Stefano Guidi, Ileana Di Pomponio, Margherita Bracci, Enrica Marchigiani, Italy

Local sustainable agricultural and farming innovations: Cooperative social capital at the Carbonera Community
  Elena Montserrath Rodríguez Muñoz, Rafael Ojeda, María de la Luz Fernández Barros, Mexico

Session 97 Competency Achievement Through Interactive Multimedia and Gamification

Co-Chairs:  Carlos Ramos-Galarza and Roberto Araya, Ecuador/Chile

DAY 2 Augmented reality teaching resources and its implementation in the teaching-learning process
  Omar Cóndor-Herrera, Mónica Acosta-Rodas, Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Ecuador

Wed, July 28 Changing children’s behavior based on persuasive game design for children’s safety education
  Yanan Yang, Duoduo Zhang, Xiaoqian Mou, Yuanyuan Yang, China

8:00-10:00 (EST) Gamification strategies to teach algorithmic thinking to first graders
  Roberto Araya, Chile

Design of gamification for physical education assignments
  Xinyi Hong, China

Session 98 Design for Inclusion in Learning Experiences DI AHFE 10

Co-Chairs:  Giuseppe Di Bucchianico and Raffaella Massacesi, Italy

DAY 2 Applied arts and communication design for inclusion
  Raffaella Massacesi, Italy

Wed, July 28 Intelligent environment to support fine motor learning in children with and without motor disorders
  Luis Serpa-Andrade, Isaac Ojeda-Zamalloa, Angel Perez-Muñoz, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev, Adriana Leon-Pesantez, Ecuador

8:00-10:00 (EST) Designing designers through inclusion. A Design experience of career choice orientation
  Stefania Camplone, Giuseppe Di Bucchianico, Emidio Antonio Villani, Italy

Athetosis speech and language learning assistant: Case study
  Luis Serpa-Andrade, Roberto Garcia-Velez, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev, Marlene Zuñiga, Ecuador

Comparative analysis of accessibility features built into computer operating systems
Anna Szopa, Poland/USA

Session 99 Human Factors in Software and Systems Engineering I

Co-Chairs:  Leonhard Glomann and Jakub Polaczyk, Germany/USE

DAY 2 Agile circular design
  Leonhard Glomann, Germany

Wed, July 28 Modelling key performance indicators for improved performance assessment in persistent maritime surveillance projects
  Francesca De Rosa, Thomas Mansfield, Anne-Laure Jousselme, Alberto Tremori, Belgium

8:00-10:00 (EST) Compositional sonification of cybersecurity data in a Baroque style
  Yang Cai, Katelyn Croft, Jakub Polaczyk, USA

Implementation of cross-platform real-time message middleware in air traffic control (ATC) systems
  Desheng Xu, China

Adapting human factors methods to agile development
  Richard Steinberg, USA

Analysis of influencing factors of depth perception
  Yu Gu, Wei Su, Minxia Liu, China

A system reliability study for pumps in sewage systems
  Edilson Machado De Assis, Márcio André Fernandes Martins, Ana Luiza Brasileiro Costa , Brazil

Session 100 Resilience and Human Performance

Co-Chairs:  Salvador Ávila Filho and Jooyoung Park, Brazil/USA

DAY 2 Examination of design and Human Factors supporting sensemaking, resilience and performance in the ship accident - Helge Ingstad in Norway
  Stig O. Johnsen, Brit-Eli Danielsen, Norway

Wed, July 28 Building a Trojan Horse: Third phase in the experiment/research with City Information Modeling (CIM) and the design ethics
  Gonçalo Falcão, José Beirão, Portugal

8:00-10:00 (EST) Improvement of workflow structure to prevent human error
  Toru Nakata, Japan

Trait interindividual differences in the effectiveness of Modafinil
  Jeroen Van Cutsem, Emilie Dessy, Martine Van Puyvelde, Olivier Mairesse, Xavier Neyt, Nathalie Pattyn, Belgium

Symbolic context model for resilience engineering
  Daichi Mitsuhashi, Taro Kanno, Satoru Inoue, Daisuke Karikawa, Kohei Nonose, Kimitaka Asatani, Kazuo Furuta, Japan

Session 101 Kansei Engineering II

Co-Chairs:  Shigekazu Ishihara and Kaori Ohno Muramatsu, Japan

DAY 2 Remote virtual counseling and effects of embodied cues: toward casual on-line counseling under COVID-19 situation
  Teru Kawakita, Toshifumi Sasaki, Shigekazu Ishihara, Japan

Wed, July 28 Appearance design method of "New Mandatory Standard" for electric bicycle based on online comments
  Miao Liu, Xueqi Ma, China

8:00-10:00 (EST) Relationship between physical cognitive elements and viewers’ impression evaluation in dance movements
  Kaori Ohno Muramatsu, Noriko Hashida, Mitsuo Hirokawa, Katsuo Inoue, Japan

Appearance design method of household beauty instrument based on Kansei Engineering
  Huiyi Yang, Zhengqing Jiang, China

Modeling design of waterjet machine tool based on Kansei Engineering
  Ying Zhu, Wencheng Tang, China

Aesthetic image of traditional Chinese porcelain based on Kansei Engineering
  Qingqing Wang, Yongyan Guo, China

Session 102
Cognitive Neuroscience, Health Care and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems ICEEP

Co-Chairs:  Meher Khan and Sofia Scataglini, USA/Belgium

Using virtual reality in the treatment of social anxiety disorder
  Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Mónica Acosta-Rodas, Jaime Moscoso-Salazar, Omar Cóndor-Herrera, Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Ecuador

Product design for Yangliuqing woodblock new year paintings based on eye movement experiment
  Beibei Dong, RongRong Fu, China

Advantage design of small commodities under cultural transfer
  Lixia Hua, Jian-Ping Yang, Ye Junnan, Yi-Xiang Wu, Shanwei Zhang, China

The sense of agency in human-machine interaction
  Debora Zanatto, Mark Chattington, Jan Noyes, UK

The differences in information transmission efficiency - a comparison of analog and digital media
  Jun Iio, Tatsuya Sashizawa, Kenta Kawamoto, Minami Higuchi, Japan

Human-computer interaction (HCI) approach for the optimal generation and selection batches destination options in steel making factories
  Denis-Joaquín Zambrano-Ortiz, Jose Arzola Ruiz, Rosa-Mariuxi Litardo-Velásquez, Umer Asgher, Ecuador/Cuba/Pakistan

Session 103 Risk Exposure and Assessment II SMHF AHFE 15

Co- Chairs:  Antonio Maria Coruzzolo and Delfina Ramos, Italy/Portugal

DAY 2 Safety concerns in a Portuguese chemical industry: A workers’ perspective
  Claudia Pereira, Catherine Delgoulet, Marta Santos, Portugal

Wed, July 28 Quantitative fit testing of Decathlon Easybreath surface snorkeling masks used as emergency respiratory protective equipment
  Regan Watts, Stijn Verwulgen, Thoms Peeters, Jochen Vleugels, Sander Van Goethem, Andres Vanhooydonck, Joren Van Loon, Robin Vandormael, Drim Stockhuijzen, Marieke Van Camp, Lore Veelaert, Jouke Verlinden, Belgium

8:00-10:00 (EST) The dynamic, individual and integrated risk assessment: A multi-criteria approach using big data
  Francesco Lolli, Antonio Maria Coruzzolo, Giulia Alessandro , Elia Balugani, Maria Angela Butturi, Samuele Marinello, Simona Marinelli, Italy

Risk analysis based on ETA, FTA and Bowtie Methodologies for the bulk coal discharge process
  Rodrigo Dominguez, Carlos Gomez, Oskar Cerezo, Chile

Risk management of nanomaterials: Case study in textile industry
  Delfina Ramos, Luis Almeida, Portugal

Session 104 Physical Workload Assessment Methods and Techniques PEHF AHFE 16

Chair:   Qian Zhang, USA

DAY 2 Diagnostics of the stress state by the method of pupillography
  Marina Boronenko, Oksana Isaeva, Russia

Wed, July 28 A pilot study on the use of changes in facial features to assess physical workload in real-time
  Qian Zhang, Lora Cavuoto, USA

 8:00-10:00 (EST) Smart form based work posture assessment in firework industries in India
  Ajith V, Ramalakshmi Ramar, India


Session 105 Human Factors, Business Management and Society II HFBMS AHFE 17

Co-Chairs:  Faisal Imran and Timo Holopainen, Finland

DAY 2 Educating next generation B2B sales experts: First impressions of B2B sales competitions in South-East Asia
  Harri Lappalainen, Jukka Rantala, Artha Sejati Ananda, Kritsada Sriphaew, Timo Holopainen, Finland

Wed, July 28 Peculiarities of psychologists’ and social pedagogues’ work in terms of quarantine
  Oksana Kravchenko, Oleksandr Safin, Marina Mishchenko, Yevhen Potapchuk, Ukraine

8:00-10:00 (EST) Felt justice: Correlations between university students and university personnel
  Tero Reunanen, Vesa Taatila, Finland

Innovative business models for enhanced solar PV diffusion in Pakistan
  Hassan Yousaf, Shah Rukh Shakeel, Finland

Climate change is a challenge for finance
  Igor Klioutchnikov, Oleg Kliuchnikov, Russia

Session 106 Virtual and Augmented Reality HFSIM AHFE 18

Co-Chairs:  Maartje Hidalgo and Valarie Yerdon, USA

DAY 2 Information ergonomics: Expediting maintenance workflow using mixed reality
  Chad Weiss, Mary Freiman, Sylvain Bruni, Spencer Lynch, Kristy Kay, USA  

Wed, July 28 Cybersickness and its implications for using virtual reality head mounted displays in transport psychology research
  Petr Děcký, Sara Kleckova, Petr Zamecnik, Czech Republic

8:00-10:0 Learning-forgetting-fatigue-recovery simulation model
  Vitor Vargas, Jung Hyup Kim, USA

Using mixed reality in multi domain operations
  Adam Werner, Michael Boyce, Anna Loar, Joel Cartwright, Ericka Rovira, USA

Army/UCF COVID-19 cough transmission simulator and interactive training cards
  David Metcalf, USA

Human body posture recognition in virtual reality system for astronauts training
  Guo Junpeng, Jin Yang, China

Session 107 Advanced Production Management and Process Control II APMPC AHFE 19

Co-Chairs:  Akihiko Goto and Thorben Panusch, Japan/Germany

DAY 2 Reduction of human effort in technical cleanliness inspection through advanced image processing approaches
 Thorben Panusch, Roman Moehle, Ronny Zwinkau, Jochen Deuse, Germany

Wed, July 28 Achieving the success of sustainability systemic design through data visualization approach
  Ying Chuai, Haiwei Yan, China

8:00-10:0 Method for the targeted selection and installation of an IoT-platform
  Stefan Kugler, Cordula Czwick, Hoang Phuong Linh Nguyen, Reiner Anderl, Germany

Increasing agility: A tangible XR for rapid prototype development, design exploration and usability assessment
  Ronald Meyer, Michael Preutenborbeck, Marcel Usai, Kristof Briele, André Witzel, Frank Flemisch, Germany

Predictive model of rock fragmentation using the Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to estimate fragmentation size in open pit mining
  Carlos Raymundo, Maria Torres, Betty Vergara, Vidal Aramburu, Peru

Design of defect detection process of rectangular carton packaging based on image processing
  Cao Yuan, China

An assessment of supply chain resilience in events: A case of South Africa
  Ifije Ohiomah, Nita Sukdeo, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa

Influence of effective and new information flow on logistics management
  Ayodeji Dennis Adeitan, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa

Session 108 Human Factors in Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing III AISC AHFE 20

Co-Chairs:  Benito Umaña and Giovanni Vincenti, Chile/USA

DAY 2 Analysis of a bankruptcy prediction model for companies in Chile
  Benito Umaña, Hanns De la Fuente-Mella, Claudio Elórtegui Gómez, Jorge Ferrada-Rodríguez, Mauricio Arce-Rojas, Chile

Wed, July 28 Felix: A model for affective multi-agent simulations
  Giovanni Vincenti, James Braman, USA

8:00-10:0 Modeling cognitive load in mobile human computer interaction using eye tracking metrics
  Antony William Joseph, J Sharmila Vaiz, Ramaswami Murugesh, India

Theoretical aspects of the local government’s decision-making process
  Maryna Averkyna, Estonia

Can complexity become the new “glaive vs shield” paradigm?
  Sylvain Hourlier, France

Optimal scheduling of port ships based on artificial intelligence
  Zhichao Xu, China

Session 109 Design Education Strategy

Co-Chairs: Joyce Thomas and David Smith, USA IPID AHFE 21
DAY 2 Studio-based learning strategies inspire thoughtful and purposeful designers
  David Smith, Joyce Thomas, Doris Wells-Papanek, USA

Wed, July 28 Three cube rules
  Jerrod Windham, USA

8:00-10:0 Development of a simplified insulin pump interface for improved user interaction
  Wendell Wilson, Young Mi Choi, Andrew Harper, USA

Learning design thinking through a collaborative focus on social justice
  Joyce Thomas, Jialiang Wang, Sean Xin An Chen, Yuehtzu Yang, Ian Lee, Megan Strickfaden, USA/Canada

Behavioral Barriers to adoption of the Safer Illinois App: A human-centered approach
   Karla Sanabria-Véaz, Simrun Sethi, Vidya Haran, Rachel Switzky, USA

Digital ethnography for social design: Challenges and opportunities in the pandemic
  Krity Gera, Peter Hasdell, China

De-sign a greater reality
  Randall Bartlett, USA

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

10:30-12:30 (EST) Technical Sessions

Session 111 Cognitive State Assessment I

Co-Chairs:  Jose Leon-Carrion and Yifeng Yang, Spain/China CN AHFE 1
DAY 2 Application of recurrent convolutional neural networks for mental workload assessment using functional near-infrared spectroscopy
    Marjan Saadati, Jill Nelson, Adrian Curtin, Lei Wang, Hasan Ayaz, USA

Wed, July 28 Art image complexity measurement based on visual cognition: evidence from eye-tracking metrics
  Rui Hu, Minghan Weng, Liqun Zhang, Xiaodong Li, China

10:30-12:30 (EST) Influence of properties of the nervous system on cognitive abilities
  Oleksandr Burov, Svitlana Lytvynova, Olga Pinchuk, Evgeniy Lavrov, Olga Siryk, Olena Hlazunova, Victoriya Logvinenko, Valentyna Korolchuk, Alexander Zolkin, Ukraine

Cognitive state analysis based on self-supervised learning from EEG signal
  Yifeng Yang, China

Session 112 Education, Training, and Technology Facilitating a Future Workforce  HSSE AHFE 2

Co-Chairs: Denise R. Simmons and Susan M. Lord, USA

DAY 2 Exploring disciplinary technologies for increased accessibility in the civil engineering and construction industry: Starting the conversation
  Cassandra Mccall, Denise Simmons, USA

Wed, July 28 Human-technology frontier: Measuring student performance-related responses to authentic engineering education activities via physiological sensing
  Idalis Villanueva, Edwin Marte Zorilla, Jenefer Husman, Matthew Graham, USA

10:30-12:30 (EST) Illuminating the sociotechnical landscape in engineering
  Susan Lord, USA

  Students that stand out: Faculty perspectives on the competencies that define outstanding engineering students entering the workforce
  Madeline Polmear, Denise Simmons, Elizabeth Volpe, Danielle Weisenfeld, USA

  Service design of ward nurse station based on Kansei Engineering
  Siwen Xie, Huifang Shang, Chuanshun Wang, China

  A proposed roadmap to close the gap between undergraduate education and stem employment across industry sectors
  Yassi Moghaddam, Stephen Kwan, Louis Freund, Martha Russell, USA

Session 113 Sensory Engineering and Emotion II APD AHFE 3

Co-Chairs:  Kazunori Kaede and Keiichi Watanuki, Japan

DAY 2 Interaction between negative emotion regulation strategy, voice emotion and gender
  Cuidi Wu, Yonghong Liu, Jiahe Zhang, China

Wed, July 28 Emotional experience design of medical working space based on color semantics
  Long Ren, Shang Xinyi, Huai Cao, Jun Li, China

10:30-12:30 (EST) Evaluation of entrainment of heart rate and brain activation depending on the listener's nodding response and the conversation situation
  Tomofumi Sakata, Keiichi Watanuki, Tomio Watanabe, Kazunori Kaede, Japan

Evaluation of the effect of look-aside driving on avoidance behaviors of cyclists
  Yuki Akimoto, Keiichi Watanuki, Kazunori Kaede, Japan  

Influence factors of designer's emotion in the design process
  Xuelin Tang, Jiapei Zou, Weiwen Chen, Zhensheng Liu, China

Street space characteristics of cold-region cities under the orientation of positive emotion
  Aiwen Xie, Hongyuan Mei, China

Session 114 Cross-Cultural Decision Making II CCDM AHFE 4

Co-Chairs:  Chihiro Tajima and Toshihisa Doi, Japan

DAY 2 Cultural mediations between branding and lifestyles: A case study based model for the articulation of cultural strategies and urban tribes
  Nelson P. Gomes, William Afonso Cantu, Portugal

Wed, July 28 Correlations between inspections, maintenance errors, and accidents
  Toshiyuki Wakimizu, Atsuo Murata, Toshihisa Doi, Keisuke Fukuda, Yutaka Yoshida, Japan

10:30-12:30 (EST) Study abroad in the Philippines and Canada by Japanese undergraduate students: A comparative mixed methods study
  Chihiro Tajima, Michael Fetters, Japan/USA  

Cognitive biases in game momentum, winning stretegy, and Jinx in baseball
  Atsuo Murata, Japan

Globalisation, cultural pluralism and the space of the human "borderless career” world
  Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska, Poland

Cultural preparation for digital transformation of industrial organizations: A multi-case exploration of socio-technical systems
  Aurangzeab Butt, Faisal Imran, Jussi Kantola, Petri Helo, Finland

Trade gravity models for the factors affecting foreign trade in the political-administrative regions of Chile
  Manuel Ayala, Hanns De La Fuente-Mella, Víctor Leiva, Ana María Vallina-Hernández, Chile

Session 115 Digital Human Modelling and Applied Optimization II DHMAO AHFE 5

Co-Chairs:  Hyegjoo E. Choi-Rokas and Sudhakar Rajulu, USA

DAY 2 Design specifications for eyewear with an integrated headborne system
  Hyegjoo E. Choi-Rokas, Peng Li, Todd Garlie, USA

Wed, July 28 Design, execution, and results of an anthropometric surveillance study
  Joseph Parham, Todd Garlie, Hyegjoo E. Choi-Rokas, David Brantley, Linda Desimone, USA

10:30-12:30 (EST) Quantifying survivability via measurement of bodily exposure during simulated combat engagements
  Stephanie Brown, Clifford Hancock, K. Blake Mitchell, USA

A computational approach to evaluate headborne equipment impacts to field of view over a population: A case study
  Peng Li, K. Blake Mitchell, David Brantley, USA

A framework to implement the use of exoskeletons in DHM tools
  Francisco Garcia Rivera, Anna Brolin, Estela Perez Luque, Dan Högberg, Sweden

Session 116 Anthropometry in Ergonomic Design I ED AHFE 6

Co-Chairs:   Iolanda Fiorillo and Lin Ge, Italy/China

DAY 2 Comparison of anthropometrics between boys and girls in desks and chairs
  Wang Zhong, Yue Shang, China

Wed, July 28 Discomfort threshold evaluation for hand and elbow regions: A basis for hand-held device design
  Liliana Di Brigida, Iolanda Fiorillo, Alessandro Naddeo, Peter Vink, Italy

10:30-12:30 (EST) The effect of handle length and holding angle of manual coffee grinder on completion time and subjective responses
  Wei Han, Lee Yu-chi, China

Experimental study for arm fetch accessibility in standing posture
  Ling Luo, Tianshu Wang, Xin Zhang, Wei Li, Lin Ge, China

The design of sleep pillow based on human physiological curvature
  Yue Sun, Ding-Bang Luh, Yu-Lin Zhao, China

Mechanical comfort of smart bed based on sleep position
  Yonghong Liu, Zhaorui Zeng, Yiming Song, China

Session 117 Anthropometry in Ergonomic Design II ED AHFE 7

Co-Chairs:  He Zhao and Haimei Wu, China

DAY 2 Size of Chinese head and face for respiratory protective device design
  Linghua Ran and He Zhao, China

Wed, July 28 Analysis and classification of neck size of Chinese young women related to neck product design
  Linghua Ran, Haimei Wu, China

10:30-12:30 (EST) Design and analysis of human-machine interaction interface of vending machine under mobile payment
  Ge Xiaodan, Tang Wencheng, China

Design of measuring equipment for upper limb flexibility
  Yue Sun, Ding-Bang Luh, Yu-Lin Zhao, China

Ergonomics research on curved windshield of aircraft cockpit in night flight scene
  Li Qian, Feng Zhixiang, China

Analysis of sitting pressure distribution on office chair for occupants with different body mass index
  Xiao Li, Ting Zhang, Liming Shen, Onder Tor, Yunlong Zhu, Jilei Zhang, Chilufya Chilufya, Bo Yan, Lingling Hu, China

Design of breast volume measurement tool
  Yu-Lin Zhao, Ding-Bang Luh, Yue Sun, China

Session 118 Usability Evaluation UUE AHFE 8

Co-Chairs:  Yihung Hsu and Tianshu Wang, China

DAY 2 Usability and users readability of nuclear evacuation map design
  Yen-Yu Chang, Meng-Cong Zheng, Taiwan

Wed, July 28 Product ergonomics evaluation model based on online and offline multi-method collaboration
  Wang Huiling, Yinxia Li, Huimin Hu, Cheng Weihong, Jie Jiang, China

10:30-12:30 (EST) Usability of the user interface design of Tablet drawing applications
  Yihung Hsu, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan

Evaluation model of voice user interface
  Tianshu Wang, Ling Luo, Xin Zhang, China

Usability and user experience evaluation of a new immersive pilot training device
  Julian Abich, C. J. Montalbano, Eric Sikorski, USA

Aesthetic evaluation of card game interface based on analytical hierarchy process
  Yaqi Sun, Chengqi Xue, China

Evaluation and standardization: Inmetro and Design as moderators in the analysis of non-durable consumer goods
  Walter Correia, Weynner Keneth, Fabio Campos, Ruth Epsztejn, Luciana Carvalho, Karine Murad, Brazil

Session 119 Automated Vehicles III RR AHFE 9

Co-Chairs:  Anabela Simoes and Vanessa Stange, Portugal/Germany

DAY 2 A focus group research in the frame of the autodriving project under lockdown conditions
  Anabela Simoes, Liliana Cunha, Daniel Silva, Sara Ferreira, António Lobo, Antonio Couto, José Pedro Tavares, Teresa Cotrim, Catarina Neto, Portugal

Wed, July 28 Keep your distance, automated vehicle! – Configuration of automated driving behavior at an urban junction from a cyclist’s perspective
  Vanessa Stange, Anne Goralzik, Mark Vollrath, Germany

10:30-12:30 (EST) Preliminary experiment for driver's comfortable state using EEG and HRV during semi-autonomous driving
  Narumon Jadram, Midori Sugaya, Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Muhammad Nur Adilin Mohd Anuardi, Japan

An investigation of resilience in human driving and automatic driving in freight transportation system
  Ruobing Zhao, Yi Liu, Yueqing Li, Berna Tokgoz, USA

The functions of in-vehicle robots in different scenarios based on emotion and driving efficiency
  Jianmin Wang, Qiaofeng Wang, Yujia Liu, Xu Yan, China

Session 120 Ergonomics in Urban Design I SUPI AHFE 10

Co-Chairs:  Wojciech Bonenberg and Teresa Bardzińska-Bonenberg, Poland 

DAY 2 Parameterization in the process of landscape revitalization
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Agata Bonenberg, Poland

Wed, July 28 Residences and their gardens
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Agata Bonenberg, Teresa Bardzinska-Bonenberg, Poland

10:30-12:30 (EST) Application of geo-urban centric technology in diagnostics of urbanization processes
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Agata Bonenberg, Quan Wen, Mo Zhou, Poland

Place making for creative environment
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Magdalena Kozien-Wozniak, Poland

Perception and invisibility:  Urban-architectural reception of Lisbon downtown
  Jorge Cruz Pinto, Bárbara Formiga, Portugal

Cultural identity of the cities -The use of narrative design in urban spaces
   Stefano Follesa, Peian Yao, Shuang Liang, Min Zhou, Italy

Session 121 Student/Environment Interaction TELS AHFE 11

Chair:  Frédéric Vella, France

DAY 2 Design approach of digital numeration training for students in a primary school
  Frédéric Vella, Nadine Vigouroux, Jean-François Camps, Charlotte Tabarant, France

Wed, July 28 Risks to student achievement in higher education
  Bettina Mrusek, Angie Atwell, John Keith Wilson, Jim Solti, USA

10:30-12:30 (EST) Participants’ perspectives on design-build experience: A qualitative exploration
  Shweta Saxena, Sandeep Arora, Rachna Khare, India

Design thinking and machine learning: Teaching human factors in data science programs
  Samar Swaid, Taima Suid, USA

Comprehensive education plan to strengthen the early stimulation of children in the province of Azuay
  Kevin Molina, Diana Orellana, Paola Romero, Diego S Suarez, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Ecuador

Virtual learning environment applying digital narratives methodology
  Cesar Guevara, Juan Carlos Paredes, Roilys Suarez, Ecuador

Session 122 Social Inclusion Through Products and Services DI AHFE 12

Chair:  Daniele Busciantella-Ricci, Italy

DAY 2 Embodied sensemaking: Balancing the cyber-physical display of abstract designs
  Jouke Verlinden, Lennaert Duwyn, Philip Eyckens, Aleksandra Sviridova, Lukas Van Campenhout, Belgium

Wed, July 28 Project Pleinair: Discovering user needs exploring a non-conventional human-centered approach
  Giuseppe Mincolelli, Gian Andrea Giacobone, Michele Marchi, Italy

10:30-12:30 (EST)
Design of bathroom floor drain cover based on universal design concepts
  Yuchen Xi, Xue Chen, Xinxiong Liu, China

Børge Morgensen’s J39 re-designed:  Learning inclusion through a dialogue between the past and the future
  Masashi Kajita, Nicolai de Gier, Denmark

Session 123 Human Factors in Software and Systems Engineering II HFSSE AHFE 13

Co-Chairs:  Nursultan Askarbekuly and Raúl Ernesto Gutiérrez Alvare, Russia/Ecuador

DAY 2 Software instruments for analysis and visualization of game-based learning data
  Boyan Bontchev, Yavor Dankov, Dessislava Vassileva, Martin Kovachev, Bulgaria

Wed, July 28 Building an educational product: constructive alignment and requirements engineering
   Nursultan Askarbekuly, Alexandr Solovyov, Elena Lukyanchikova, Denis Pimenov, Manuel Mazzara, Russia

10:30-12:30 (EST) Work accident investigation software according to the legal requirements for Ecuadorian companies
  Raúl Ernesto Gutiérrez Alvarez, Karla Belén Guerra Huilca, Ecuador

Systemic analysis of the territorial and urban planning of Guayaquil
  María Lorena Sánchez Padilla, Jesús Rafael Hechavarría Hernández, Yoenia Portilla, Ecuador

Spatial model of community health huts based on the behavior logic of the elderly
  Zhang Ping, Wang Chaofan, Zhang Yuejiao, China

Analysis of the proposal for the Solca Portoviejo hospital data network based on QoS parameters
  José Giler, Marely del Rosario Cruz Felipe, Ecuador

Culture and organizational considerations required for application modernization
  Christine White, Sunil Joshi, USA

Session 124 Organizational Effects on Human Performance HERRP AHFE 14

Co-Chairs:  Toru Nakata and Ronald Boring, Japan/USA

DAY 2 How many human factors influenced the June 30. 2013, Yarnell Hill Fire 19 fatalities and yet were never investigated nor documented?
  Fred Schoeffler, Lance Honda, Joy A. Collura, USA

Wed, July 28 Continuous stress and consequence on C4t, complexity, risk, and necessity of Leadership Level 5
  Salvador Ávila, Luiz Fernando Lopes de Souza, Lucas Menezes Pereira, Brazil

10:30-12:30 (EST) Professional deformations of bailiffs with different professional efficiency
  Yana Korneeva, Anna Yurjeva, Anastasiya Korneeva, Russia

A vision-based approach for driving performance evaluation with RGB-D camera
  Hao Wen, Zhen Wang, Shan Fu, China

Session 125 Kansei Engineering III KE AHFE 15

Co-Chairs:  Tianxiong Wang and Bai Pengcheng, China

DAY 2 Product development and evolution innovation redesign method based on particle swarm optimization
  Tianxiong Wang, Meiyu Zhou, China

Wed, July 28 Kansei engineering for the back color of mobile phone
  Pengcheng Bai, Zhisheng Zhang, Zhijie Xia, China

10:30-12:30 (EST) Appearance evaluation of toaster with Kansei engineering
  Yanfei Lu, Yongyan Guo, China

State of the art analysis of emotional design methodologies and their demonstrated results
  Oscar Lopez Perez, Alfonso González, Clara Murillo, Spain

Clothing design methods based on Kansei engineering: Example of suit design
  Jiaxin Zhang, Yun Mu, China

Session 126 Intelligent Computing and Cognitive Computing in Healthcare CCIoT AHFE 16

Chair: Lucas Paletta, Austria

DAY 2 Requirements analysis on emotional preferences for leisure activities in virtual reality for female nursing home residents – a mixed method approach
  Alfred Haeussl, Bscn, Sandra Schuessler, Lucas Paletta, Hermine Fürli, Msc, Beatrix Koch, Thomas Binder, Michael Schneeberger, Jean-Philippe Andreu, Mag. Sybille Reidl, Sarah Beranek, B.A., Msc, Mag. Robert Hartmann, Di Martin Sighart, Austria

Wed, July 28 Virtual reality-based sensory triggers and gaze-based estimation for mental health care
  Lucas Paletta, Martin Pszeida, Sandra Schuessler, Jean-Philippe Andreu, Amir Dini, Elke Zweytik, Josef Steiner, Andrea Grabher, Julia Lodron, Austria

10:30-12:30 (EST) Towards decision support with assessment of neuropsychological profiles in Alzheimer's disease using playful tablet-based multimodal activation
  Lucas Paletta, Martin Pszeida, Maria Fellner, Silvia Russegger, Amir Dini, Sandra Draxler, Thomas Orgel, Anna Jos, Eva Schuster, Josef Steiner, Austria

Learning a privacy-aware embedding toward robust ASR for children with autism spectrum disorder
  Hsin-Hao Chiu, Chi-Chun Lee, Susan Shur-Fen Gau, Taiwan

Theradia: Digital therapies augmented by artificial intelligence
  Franck Tarpin-Bernard, Joan Fruitet, Jean-Philippe Vigne, Patrick Constant, Hanna Chainay, Olivier Koenig, Fabien Ringeval, Béatrice Franck Tarpin-Bernard, Joan Fruitet, Jean-Philippe Vigne, Patrick Constant, Hanna Chainay, Olivier Koenig, Fabien Ringeval, Béatrice Bouchot, Gérard Bailly, François Portet, Sina Alisamir, Yongxin Zhou, Jean Serre, Vincent Delerue, Hippolyte Fournier, Kévin Berenger, Isabella Zsoldos, Olivier Perrotin, Frédéric Elisei, Martin Lenglet, Charles Puaux, Léo Pacheco, Mélodie Fouillen, Didier Ghenassia, France

Design of mental health games for youth
  Hongmei Chi, USA

Ergonomic evaluation of cognitive ability for ear-plug users
  Zulquernain Mallick, Saudi Arabia

Session 127 Design, Human–Machine interaction and Learning Systems ICEEP AHFE 17

Co-Chairs:  Fang Bin Guo and Umer Asgher, UK/Pakistan

DAY 2 Designing augmented reality learning system with real-time tracking sensors
  Wenbin Guo, Jung Hyup Kim, USA

Wed, July 28 Practical evaluation of impression and aesthetics for public displays: A case study in evaluation of platform display design
  Hirotaka Aoki, Japan

10:30-12:30 (EST) Location of the shift technical advisor role in nuclear power plant scenarios - impact on performance
  Magnhild Kaarstad, Espen Nystad, Robert Mcdonald, Norway

Psycho-educational intervention program to eradicate sexual harassment for university students
  Ernesto Hernández Martínez, Angélica Atoche Silva, Víctor Horna Calderón, Edwin Martín Garcia, Lucia Ruth Pantoja Tirado, Peru

Does being human cause human errors? Consideration of human-centred design in ship bridge design
  Fang Bin Guo, Zali Yang, Eddie Blanco Davis, Abdul Khalique, Alan Bury, UK

Reflections of the different reasons for not teleworking
  Simone Castro, Fernando Ferraz, Claudio Mahler, Isaac Santos, Brazil

Psychological impact on design: empirical case studies in city regeneration of post-industrial sites
  Xiaochun Zhan, Fang Bin Guo, Stephen Fairclough, Denise Lee, UK

Application of multi-material 3D printing in product ergonomic test
  Yan Zhao, Fang Bin Guo, China

Session 128 Education and Health Based on Accessible and Inclusive Technology SYSI AHFE 18

Co-Chairs:  Gloria Acosta-Vargas and Janio Jadan-Guerro, Ecuador

DAY 2 Towards the development of serious games accessible for users with cognitive disabilities
  Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Jorge-Luis Pérez-Medina, Mayra Carrión, Marco Santórum, Ligia-Pilar Samaniego-Santillán, Verónica-Gabriela Maldonado-Garcés, Carlos Corrales, Nelly-Yolanda Ortiz-Carranco, Ecuador

Wed, July 28 Digital resources and children's learning: Parental perception during the pandemic
  Cleofé Alvites-Huamaní, Janio Jadán-Guerrero, Hugo Arias-Flores, Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Peru

10:30-12:30 (EST) Towards accessibility assessment with a combined approach for native mobile applications
  Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Javier Guaña-Moya, Janio Jadán-Guerrero, Cleofé Alvites-Huamaní, Luis Salvador-Ullauri, Ecuador

Challenges of web accessibility in a health application to predict neonatal mortality – the Score Bebe ®
  Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Iván Dueñas-Espín, Luciana Armijos, Johanna Fonseca, Nancy Santillán, Ruth Jimbo, María F. Rivadeneira, Xavier Sánchez, Carmenza Sevilla, Betzabé Tello, Luis Vivas, Ecuador

Usability inspection of a serious game to stimulate cognitive skills
  Jorge-Luis Pérez-Medina, Michael Solah, Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Jairo Vera, Mayra Carrión, Marco Santórum, Ligia-Pilar Samaniego-Santillán, Verónica-Gabriela Maldonado-Garcés, Carlos Corrales, Nelly-Yolanda Ortiz-Carranco, Ecuador

Designing serious games for stimulating cognitive abilities using iPlus methodology
  Marco Santórum, Mayra Carrión, Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Jairo Vera, Jorge-Luis Pérez-Medina, Ligia-Pilar Samaniego-Santillán, Carlos Corrales, Verónica-Gabriela Maldonado-Garcés, Nelly-Yolanda Ortiz-Carranco, Ecuador

Improvement of accessibility in medical and healthcare websites
  Gloria Acosta-Vargas, Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Janio Jadán-Guerrero, Mario Gonzalez, Luis Salvador-Ullauri, Ecuador

Session 129 Human Interaction and Communication in Industry HDCS AHFE 19

Chair:  Daniel Brandão, Portugal

DAY 2 Design and development of a F-16 fighter pilot training system using virtual reality: First insights
  Nuno Martins, Rui Oliveira, Silvia Faria, Vítor Carvalho, Jorge Silva, Portugal

Wed, July 28 Creativity for good: How advertising can impact lives - case study on binge drinking
  Sara Balonas, Portugal

10:30-12:30 (EST) Design and its multiple roles in place branding: The case of Mississauga, Canada
  Paula Malamud, Marco Neves, Gabriel Patrocinio, Portugal

Additive manufacturing re-designs the Industry
  Ciro Scognamiglio, Rosario Borrelli, Assunta Capece, Francesco Caputo, Stefania Franchitti, Mario Buono, Italy

Human-centered-design to define new collaborative scenarios
  Fabrizio Formati, Elena Laudante, Mario Buono, Italy

Information design and the hermeneutic process of knowledge
  Maria Luísa Costa, Silvia Rala, Portugal

Session 130 Creativity and Thinking Styles CIE AHFE 20

Co-Chairs: Carmen Bruno and Yuuki Shigemoto, Italy/Japan

DAY 2 Fractal features of creative thinking process
  Minghan Weng, Rui Hu, Liqun Zhang, Xiaodong Li China

Wed, July 28 Blending design thinking and design futures:  Facing the complexity of uncertain futures
  Marita Canina, Laura Anselmi, Carmen Bruno, Davide Minighin, Chiara Parise, Italy

10:30-12:30 (EST) Contextual knowledge sharing strategy based on contextual thinking in service design
  Long Yuan, Jun Zhang, China

Creative inspiration
  Leonardo Springer, Portugal

Beyond IDEO’s design thinking: Combining KJ method and Kansei engineering for the creation of creativity
  Yuuki Shigemoto, Japan

Overcoming bounded scalability: Achieving interoperability through behavioral boundary objects
  Ruth Schmidt, Katelyn Stenger, USA

Strategic adaptive engineering
  Martin Stein, Nicholas Sarantopoulos, USA

An exploratory study on the effectiveness of  autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) advertising
  Yunbo Chen, Chiyee Lam, China

Session 131 Human Factors in Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing IV AISC AHFE 21

Co-Chairs:  Marina Boronenko and Jose Machado, Russia/Portugal

DAY 2 Application of AI in diagnosing and drug repurposing in COVID 19
  Ravikumar Gk, Skanda Bharadwaj, Niveditha Nm, Narendra Bk, India

Wed, July 28 Using eye-tracking to check candidates for the stated criteria
  Oksana Isaeva, Marina Boronenko, Yura Boronenko, Vladimir Zelenskiy, Russia

10:30-12:30 (EST) Towards understanding how emojis express solidarity in crisis events
  Sashank Santhanam, Vidhushini Srinivasan, Khyati Mahajan, Samira Shaikh, USA

Deep neural networks as  interpretable cognitive models for the Quine’s uncertainty thesis
  Dingzhou Fei, China

Artificial intelligence: Creating more possibilities for programmatic advertising
  Yunbo Chen, Shuzhen Feng, China

A CRISP-DM approach for predicting liver failure cases: An Indian case study
  António Cunha, Diana Ferreira, Cristiana Neto, António Abelha, Jose Machado, Portugal

Chatbot user experience:  Speed and content are king
  Jason Telner, USA

Session 132 Innovative Health Care Technologies HFAS AHFE 22

Co-Chairs: Jingjing Mao and Roberto García-Vélez, China/Ecuador

DAY 2 Games for seniors - An interactive artifact for the ageing population
  Margarida Azevedo, Joao Lemos, Portugal

Wed, July 28 Design of medicine box for the elderly with chronic diseases
  Wen Shao, Jiong Fu, Yingjue Dai, China

10:30-12:30 (EST) Interactive design of products suitable for the elderly under the smart pension
  Jingjing Mao, Jing Yang, Lvgang Wen, China

Systematic review for children with ADHD with a virtual therapeutic tool
  Roberto García-Vélez, Luis Serpa-Andrade, Graciela Serpa-Andrade, Ecuador

Folk beliefs related to rural elderly in the context of Covid-19: Shanghai Gingpu Tianshanzhuang Village as an example
  Zhu Zhangchun, Huijun Li, China  

Interoperability in complex healthcare systems: The application of HRO principles in new technology implementation in digital healthcare
  Yalda Khashe, Maryam Tabibzadeh, USA

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

13:30-15:30 (EST) Technical Sessions

Session 133 Neurobusiness Applications CN AHFE 1

Co-Chairs:  Rajneesh Suri and Hasan Ayaz, USA

DAY 2 Attentional and emotional engagement of sustainability in tourism marketing: electroencephalographic (EEG) and peripheral neuroscientific approach
  Michela Balconi, Federico Cassioli, Giulia Fronda, Italy

Wed, July 28 The face of bad advertising?  Assessing the effects of human face images in advertisement design using eye-tracking
  Jan Watson, Hongjun Ye, Yigit Topoglu, Jintao Zhang, Rajneesh Suri, Hasan Ayaz, USA

13:30-15:30 (EST) Interpersonal synchrony protocol for cooperative team  dynamics during competitive e-gaming
  Adrian Curtin, Jan Watson, Yigit Topoglu, Nicholas DeFilippis, Hongjun Ye, Rajneesh Suri, Hasan Ayaz, USA

Does Esports influence spectators and players differently?
  Jintao Zhang, Hongjun Ye, Jan Watson, Yigit Topoglu, Hasan Ayaz, Rajneesh Suri, USA

Assessing the impact of ad characteristics on consumer behavior and electrodermal activity 
  Yigit Topoglu, Jan Watson, Jintao Zhang, Hongjun Ye, Rajneesh Suri, Hasan Ayaz, USA

Session 134 Advanced Production Management and Process Control III APMPC AHFE 2

Co-Chairs: Thomas Henke and Ryosuke Nakajima, Germany/Japan

DAY 2 Effect of complexity of inspection surface on defect detection in appearance inspection utilizing peripheral vision
  Ryosuke Nakajima, Sae Onodera, Takuya Hida, Toshiyuki Matsumoto, Japan

Wed, July 28 Managing the team by individualisation. How can artificial intelligence help to manage team effectively and increase its efficiency?
  Ewa Jochheim, Maciej Orzechowski, Pawel Nowodzinski, Poland

13:30-15:30 (EST) Tacit knowledge awareness and sharing as a focal part of knowledge production,  Polish-US view on IT, healthcare, and construction industry
  Wioleta Kucharska, Poland

Sill panel corrosion in automotive Industry
  Dina Diga, Irina Severin, Romania

Evaluation method in multiple scenarios by means of datamine applying the law of variable cutting in optimization of the NPV in open pit
  Carlos Raymundo, Elmer Flores, Diego Rivera, Edgar Alayo,Vidal Aramburu, Peru

Sustainment method in gold-bearing workings using woodpacks to mitigate the induced stresses that cause instability in an underground mine that uses longwall exploitation
  Carlos Raymundo, Carlos Saldana, Humberto Pehovaz , Peru

Structural equation modelling of resource commitment constructs as a predictor of implementation of reverse supply chain management
  Ifije Ohiomah, Clinton Aigbavboa, Nita Sukdeo, South Africa

Session 135 Perception, Cognition and Emotion APD AHFE 3

Co-Chairs:  Kazutaka Ueda and Koji Koizumi, Japan

DAY 2 Mondrian's Tartan style application pleasant perception based on the aesthetic evaluation and reliability analysis
  Yingjing Li, Chengqi Xue, Wenyu Wu, China

Wed, July 28 Young consumers' perception of the matching relationship between product form and color: A case study of passenger car in side view
  Chunrong Liu, Kuikui Jin, China

13:30-15:30 (EST) Emotional features of musical pieces with seamless transitions in a video game
  Akinori Taniguchi, Masashi Yamada, Japan

Relationship between eye and hair colors and the impressions of characters
  Megumi Tanaguchi, Masashi Yamada, Japan

Are brand affiliation tasks and similarity evaluations comparable? An examination using the example of the vehicle front
  Matthias Sebastian Fischer, Daniel Holder, Thomas Maier, Germany

Using Kansei semantic differential method and grey relational analysis in the exploration of product form image cognition representation
  Guo-Peng Qiu, Jia Li Yuan, Chen Jing, Ming-Chyuan Lin, China

Emotional design of visual interaction based on cognitive psychology: The sleep interactive app products as an example
  Yilian Hao, Zhang Zhang, China

Session 136 Ergonomics in Buildings and Living Spaces ED AHFE 4

Co-Chairs:  Erminia Attaianese and Bárbara Formiga, Italy/Portugal

DAY 2 Evidence-based design of unisex-portable toilets layout in Taiwan
   Meng-Cong Zheng, Yu-Man Huang, Taiwan

Wed, July 28 Emotional social system design of smart kitchen for aging population
  Lin Li, Li Fangyu, China

13:30-15:30 (EST) Design of smart building operations and maintenance management service system
  Yiting Zhao, Changyu Xie, Mingyuan Lu, China

Water museums' response to COVID-19: The importance of digital media
  Joana Lessa, Portugal

Rebuilding a social house fabric as a social reconstruction
  Conceição Trigueiros, Mario Saleiro Filho, Portugal

Hospital lobby and user's perceptions: Architectural Kansei method
  Bárbara Formiga, Francisco Rebelo, Jorge Filipe Ganhão Da Cruz Pinto, Paulo Noriega Machado, Portugal

Session 137 Visual Ergonomics ED AHFE 5

Co-Chairs:  Ryota Ino and Zehua Bao, Japan/China

DAY 2 Optimization of eye control interactive interface based on genetic algorithm
  Shuai Chen, Xiaojun Liu, China

Wed, July 28 Method for eye-controlled interaction for digital interface function icons
  Tianyu Zhou, Yafeng Niu, Wenjun Yang, Guorui Ma, Yue Gao, Hongrui Zuo, Xin Li, China

13:30-15:30 (EST) Effects of path width on human distance perception and gaze position during walking
  Kenta Yonezawa, Yohsuke Yoshioka, Japan

Sense of time while perceiving periodic visual stimuli by peripheral vision
  Ryota Ino, Yohsuke Yoshioka, Japan

Rendering a light source based on visual experience - Influence of radial streaks on self-luminance perception
  Zehua Bao, Weiye Xiao, Chengqi Xue, China

The influence mechanism of HNB product packaging health warning design on risk perception based on eye tracking
  Yue Sun, Huai Cao, Lei Wu, China

The effect of lightness change on color perception
  Chen Kai, China

Session 138 UX in Healthcare and Aging I UUE AHFE 6

Co-Chairs:  Giada Paludet and Suzana Huang, Italy/Brazil

DAY 2 UX heuristic evaluation of maxillo-facial surgery
  Stefano Filippi, Massimo Robiony, Alessandro Tel, Giada Paludet, Italy

Wed, July 28 Analysis of the public participation experience of online opera concerts in the context of epidemic situation and research on influencing factors
  Suzana Huang, Xifan Ding, Brazil

13:30-15:30 (EST) Rehab: New ways to improve physiotherapy rehabilitation experience
  Francisco Emiliano Garcia Garcia, Maurizio Boccherini Gallardo, Fabiola Cortes Chavez, Alberto Rossa-Sierra, Mexico

Improving the experience of chemotherapy treatment for kids with leukemia
  Mariana Brun, Mariana García, Magaly Rentería, Gabriela Durán-Aguilar, Fabiola Cortes Chavez, Alberto Rossa-Sierra, Mexico

Investigating the role of user experience design in a telemedical training system for pediatric physical examinations
  Elham Morshedzadeh, Andre Muelenaer, Michelle Morris, Dana Werlich, Margaret Nelson, USA

Redundancy as a compositional and communicative design figure for the interaction learning of older adults. Design for aging
  Claudia Rojas, Colombia

Session 139 User Interface and Accessibility II UUE AHFE 7

Co-Chairs: Hongyu Li and Xiao Li, China/Taiwan

DAY 2 Effects of affordance on the visual perception of smart washing machine user interface design
  Hongyu Li, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan

Wed, July 28 Wayfinding performance using mobile maps with an Overview and Detail interface: Effects of the number of off-screen objects
  Xiao Li, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan

13:30-15:30 (EST) The notification design of a mobile user interface
  Miao Huang, Chien-Hsiung Chen, China

Design of outdoor public seating based on environmental psychology: The example of Shanghai botanical garden
  Xiuhua Zhang, China

Interface design evaluation of background management systems based on eye-tracking experiment
  Xu Yinyi, Chaoxiang Yang, China

Session 140 Vulnerable Road Users RR AHFE 8

Chair:  Pavlo Bazilinskyy, Netherlands

DAY 2 Walkability mobility: Re-envisioning non-motorized transport (NMT) in developing cities for a sustainable future
  Richard Lukenge, Kin Wai Michael Siu, China

Wed, July 28 Visual attention of pedestrians in traffic scenes: A crowdsourcing experiment
  Pavlo Bazilinskyy, Dimitra Sodou, Joost De Winter, Netherlands

13:30-15:30 (EST) Reaching your destination on time - route choice decisions of different commuter cyclist types
  Susanne Grüner, Mark Vollrath, Germany

Evaluate the effect of age and driving experience on driving performance with automated vehicles
  Tianjian Li, Ruobing Zhao, Yi Liu, Yueqing Li, Guanlong Li, USA

Heavy pedestrian movement zones in highways leading to pedestrian-vehicle collisions in low-income countries
  Md Shamsul Hoque, Omar Faruqe Hamim, Rich Mcilroy, Katie Plant, Neville Stanton, Bangladesh/UK

sEpidemiological analysis of cyclists fatal accidents due to road safety deficiency in Ecuador from 2004 to 2017
  Simone  Cordovez Macías, Ecuador

Session 141 Social & Occupational Ergonomics I SOE AHFE 9

Co-Chairs:  Linghua Ran and Mohamed Mokdad, China/Bahrain

DAY 2 Analysis of head size related to the design of eye and face protection products
  Linghua Ran, China

Wed, July 28 Attitudes of young generation towards traditional irrigation system “Foggara” in the Southwestern Algeria: A green ergonomics approach
  Mohamed Mokdad, Bouhafs Mebarki, Bahrain

13:30-15:30 (EST) Check-app Voice: A tool to self-evaluate dysphonia in speaking voice among teachers
  Maria Patrizia Orlando, Raffaele Palomba, Raffaele Mariconte, Martina Amodeo, Maurizio Diano, Fabio Lo Castro, Claudia Giliberti, Italy

Objective and subjective evaluation of motorcycle helmet visors based on ECE 22.05 regulations
  Nhât Nguyen, Ellen Vanderlooven, Kevin Van Der Velden, Regan Watts, Jochen Vleugels, Belgium

Lateral reaching distances for novice and experienced ladder users
  Angela Levitan, USA

Vocal disability index in teachers from Ecuador
  Rommel Silva, Oswaldo Jara, Esteban Carrera Alvarez, Pablo Davila, José Luis Saá Loor, Ecuador

Occupational health management in informal work: A theoretical analysis of the field
  Luis Carlos Betancourt Sanchez, Colombia

Ergonomic risk assessment of sea fisherman part IV: Tunisian chapter
  Alessio Silvetti, Elio Munafò, Ari Fiorelli, Alberto Ranavolo, Lorenzo Fiori, Antonella Tatarelli, Francesco Draicchio, Italy

Session 142 Ergonomics in Urban Design II SUPI AHFE 10

Co-Chairs:  Christianne Falcao and Mo Zhou, Brazil/Poland

DAY 2 Garden - The pursuit of harmony in the modern times
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Teresa Bardzinska-Bonenberg, Shoufang Liu, Poland

Wed, July 28 The morphology of the urban sprawl phenomenon in the Poznan Metropolitan Area
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Lili Dong, Agata Bonenberg, Quan Wen, Poland

13:30-15:30 (EST) Ecological corridors and green space in the city of Poznan
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Agata Bonenberg, Xia Wei, Quan Wen, Poland

Future City Lab. An analytical tool for predicting urban development trends
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Lili Dong, Agata Bonenberg, Mo Zhou, Poland

Emotional space in urban planning
  Wojciech Bonenberg, Lili Dong, Agata Bonenberg, Quan Wen, Poland

Session 143 Analysis of Learning Strategies and Learning Performance TELS AHFE 11

Co-Chairs:  Gholam Reza Emad and Yingxin Guan, Australia/China

DAY 2 Construction of competence model of music appreciation course teachers in science and engineering university
  Yingxin Guan, Songqi Fei, Yaning Zhao, Yihang Du, China

Wed, July 28 The APS and undergraduate performance in construction economics in South Africa
  Danie Hoffman, South Africa

13:30-15:30 (EST) The effect of student learning style and lesson structure on student outcomes in an online learning environment
  Matthew Romoser, USA

Mapping aspects for assessing aptitude for architecture education with psychological testing
  Poonam Khan, India

Admission points score predicting undergraduate performance – comparing quantity surveying vs construction management
  Danie Hoffman, Inge Pieterse, Derick Booyens, South Africa

Reforming professional education: A case of cognitive human factor/element in shipping Industry
  Gholam Reza Emad, Australia

Session 144 Robots in Transportation Systems HFRDUS AHFE 12

Co-Chairs: Gökay Yayla and Carsten Meyer, Belgium/Germany

DAY 2 Measuring the impact of a navigation aid in unmanned ship handling via a shore control center
  Gökay Yayla, Chris Christofakis, Stijn Storms, Tim Catoor, Paolo Pilozzi, Yogang Singh, Gerben Peeters, Muhammad Raheel Afzal, Senne Van Baelen, Dimiter Holm, Robrecht Louw, Peter Slaets, Belgium

Wed, July 28 Conditional behavior: Human delegation mode for unmanned vehicles under selective Datalink availability
  Carsten Meyer, Axel Schulte, Germany

13:30-15:30 (EST) A computational assessment of ergonomics in an industrial human-robot collaboration workplace using system dynamics
  Guilherme Deola Borges, Rafael Ariente Neto, Diego Luiz de Mattos, Eugenio Andres Dias Merino, Paula carneiro, Pedro Arezes, Brazil

  A new modular intensive design solution for ROVS
  Qianqian Jing, Yunhui  Li, Jing Luo, China

  Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS): An advocacy paper
  Guermantes Lailari, USA

  Automated driving: Acceptance and chances for young people
  Yifei Yue, Shiying Cheng, Huimin Dong, China

  Adaptive learning of human-like upper-limb postures in humanoid robots
  Gianpaolo Gulletta, Wolfram Erlhagen, Estela Bicho, Portugal


Session 145 Human Factors in Cybersecurity I CYBER AHFE 13

Co-Chairs:  Wayne Patterson and Linda Wilbanks, USA

DAY 2 Digital image forensics using hexadecimal image analysis
  Gina Fossati, Anmol Agarwal, Ebru Celikel Cankaya, USA

Wed, July 28 Detecting cyberattacks using linguistic analysis
  Wayne Patterson, USA

13:30-15:30 (EST) Cybersecurity privacy risks
  Linda Wilbanks, USA

Sharing photos on social media: Visual attention affects real-world decision making
  Shawn Fagan, Lauren Wade, Kurt Hugenberg, Apu Kapadia, Bennett Bertenthal, USA

Prosthetic face makeups and detection
  Yang Cai, USA

Vulnerability analysis through ethical hacking techniques
  Angel Rolando Delgado Pilozo, Viviana Belén Demera Centeno, Elba Tatiana Zambrano Solorzano, Ecuador

Session 146 Design for Inclusion in Everyday Life and Behaviors I DI AHFE 14

Chair:  Alessia Brischetto, Italy

DAY 2 #HBLTable: A cost-effective study-from-home furniture solution for low-income families impacted by Covid-19
  Christian Sng, Kiahsheng Teo, John Chan, Bassam Jabry, Karin Aue, Jeffrey Koh, Singapore

Wed, July 28 Inexpensive pill dispenser for the elderly suffering from non-communicable diseases
  Luis Serpa-Andrade, Kleber Villacres-Miranda, Xavier Moscoso-Nugra, Ecuador

13:30-15:30 (EST) Interaction design for experience and inclusion in cultural heritage
  Alessandra Rinaldi, Alessia Brischetto, Italy

Assessment of adaptive behavior in the design of serious games for people with disabilities
  Carlos Corrales, Verónica-Gabriela Maldonado-Garcés, Nelly-Yolanda Ortiz-Carranco, Jorge-Luis Pérez-Medina, Ligia-Pilar Samaniego-Santillán, Mayra Carrión, Marco Santórum, Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Ecuador

All play together: Design concepts of a sensory play equipment aimed to an inclusive play experience
  Kiana Kianfar, Alessia Brischetto, Italy

Play time: Collaborative design at the service of inclusive leisure
  Rita Almendra, Portugal

Session 147 Health Care Advancement and Patient Safety EHMD AHFE 15

Co-Chairs: Jay Kalra and Oksana Kravchenko, Canada/Ukraine 

DAY 2 Global trends in clinical practice and healthcare delivery: Opportunities for growth and innovation
  Patrick Seitzinger, Zoher Rafid-Hamed, Jay Kalra, Canada

Wed, July 28 Healthcare delivery: Leveraging artificial intelligence to strengthen healthcare quality
  Patrick Seitzinger, Zoher Rafid-Hamed, Jay Kalra, Canada

13:30-15:30 (EST) Artificial intelligence and humanistic medicine: A symbiosis
  Jay Kalra, Zoher Rafid-Hamed, Patrick Seitzinger, Canada

Design direction of waiting area in proton therapy hospital
  Xinxiong Liu, Yuan Liu, China

Inclusive-resource center specialists’ mental health
  Oksana Kravchenko, Marina Mishchenko, Yuliya Klymenko, Maksym Kuzmenko, Nataliia Potapchuk, Ukraine

A novel linear algorithm to classify neck movement using surface electromyography
  Yi Zhu, Arash Mahnan, Tiago Falk, Juergen Konczak, Canada

Session 148 Human Capital Management in Industry

Co-Chairs:  Lucia Botti and Dennis Jones, Italy/USA

DAY 2 Analyzing the dynamics of work accidents in manufacturing to understand “reasonably foreseeable behaviors”
  Lucia Botti, Riccardo Melloni, Maniva Oliva, Italy

Wed, July 28 Human action recognition on exceptional movement of worker operation
  Chao-Lung Yang, Shang-Che Hsu, Yu-Wei Hsu, Yu-Chung Kang, Taiwan

13:30-15:30 (EST) Motion analysis at checking phase in automobile repair painting
  Yuka Takai, Shigeru Ikemoto, Japan

Occupational health and safety in the industry 4.0: New paradigms and new risks
  Mohamed Naceur Ben Aziza, Adel Badri, Foued Chihi, Canada

The relationship between working conditions and ergonomic/musculoskeletal disorders in a manufacturing facility
  Dennis Jones, USA

Session 149 Assistive Technologies and Accessibility SYSI AHFE 17

Co-Chairs:  Vesna Spasojevic Brkic and Ricardo Vigario, Servia/Portugal

DAY 2 Software for diagnostics of mitral valve prolapse: Economic implications
  Vesna Spasojevic Brkic, Slobodan Radojevic, Nikola Dondur, Zorica Veljkovic, Marija Macurs, Serbia

Wed, July 28 Sensor-based toilet instructions for people with dementia
  Jennifer Lumetzberger, Felix Ginzinger, Martin Kampel, Austria

13:30-15:30 (EST) Assessing the emotional reaction to negative pictures through electrodermal activity data
  Pedro Correia, Pedro Morais, Carla Quintão, Cláudia Quaresma, Ricardo Vigário, Portugal

Improving on-campus digital mental health support for underrepresented university students
  Lucretia Williams, Gloria Washington, Gillian Hayes, Rebecca Black, USA

Identifying government funds to help people with disabilities: An analytical process
  Hugo Arias-Flores, Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Janio Jadán-Guerrero, Omar Cóndor-Herrera, Isabel l. Nunes, Ecuador

Session 150 Human Factors, Business Management and Society III HFBMS AHFE 18

Co-Chairs:  Heikki Ruohomaa and Vesa Salminen, Finland

DAY 2 Time to be committed. Relations in time management and organizational commitment
  Tero Reunanen, Jarno Einolander, Finland

Wed, July 28 Ecosystem-based development in the transition of fourth industrial revolution
  Heikki Ruohomaa, Vesa Salminen, Jussi Kantola, Finland

13:30-15:30 (EST) Digitalization of bio-based value chains
  Heikki Ruohomaa, Vesa Salminen, Finland

Assessment of the forecasting capacity of the bankruptcy prediction models in companies listed on the Stock Exchange in Chile and Brazil
  Benito Umaña, Edinson Cornejo Saavedra, Valeria Riquelme Garcés, Hanns De la Fuente-Mella, Claudio Elórtegui Gómez, Chile

Purchase decision-making factors of cultural and creative products in colleges and universities based on DEMATEL
  Yilin Sun, Fan Zhang, China

Addressing financial barriers influencing the adoption of solar PV: The role of business models
   Hassan Yousaf, Shah Rukh Shakeel, Arto Rajala, Zeeshan Raza, Finland/Sweden

Psychosocial risk and organizational commitment, a positive alliance for job security
  Janeth Salvador, Ecuador

Session 151 Simulation and Human Factors for Nuclear Control Rooms  HFSIM AHFE 19

Co-Chairs:  Niav Hughes and Jinchao Lin, USA

DAY 2 Comparing the sensitivity of workload measures for different task types using nuclear power plant main control room simulators
  Jinchao Lin, Gerald Matthews, Daniel Barber, Niav Hughes, USA

Wed, July 28 Using qualified on-site nuclear power plant simulators in human factors validations of control room upgrades
  Jeffrey Joe, Casey Kovesdi, USA

13:30-15:30 (EST) A dual full-scope and reduced-scope Microworld simulator approach to evaluate the human factors of a coupled hydrogen production concept of operations
  Thomas Ulrich, Roger Lew, Torrey Mortenson, Heather Medema, Ronald Boring, Steffen Werner, Lucas Terry, Nathan Minard, USA

Analysis and validation of the main control room staffing of the Xe-100 SMR
  Francisco De Borja Hervas, Luis Rejas, Spain

Strategies for human factors validation of fire-event scenarios in a nuclear power plant
  Francisco De Borja Hervas, Luis Rejas, Spain

Computer-based emergency procedures at utility training simulators
  Michael Hildebrandt, Norway

Session 152 Culture and Globalization CIE AHFE 20

Co-Chairs: Mika Luimula and Evangelos Markopoulos, Finland/UK

DAY 2 Temporal focus and innovativeness of consumers in the use of technologies: A cross-cultural study
  Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Ekaterina Zabelina, Olga Deyneka, Jorge Guadalupe-Lanas, Ecuador

Wed, July 28 Application of defamiliarized illustrations to the design of culture and creative products
  Sheng Zhou, Fan Zhang, China

13:30-15:30 (EST) Knowledge cities: ICT and urban components
  Sonia Cueva, Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Ecuador

The 4Es of management: Managing cultural exchange in multinational corporations
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Emma Luisa Gann, UK

Democratising governmental corporate entrepreneurship for the transformation of the public sector in the Balkan Region
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Egi Hoxhallari, Georgios Markopoulos, Hannu Vanharanta, UK

Organising global democratic collaboration in crisis contexts: The international triangulation system
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Ines Selma Kirane, Dea Balaj, Hannu Vanharanta, UK/FInland

Strategic utilization of the VR and AR technologies for the African cultural heritage promotion and management
  Mika Luimula, Evangelos Markopoulos, Ghazi Benahmed, Finland

Session 153 Health Care Organization and Technology during COVID-19 DCPP AHFE 21

Co-Chairs: Raffaella Maddaluno and Jay Kalra, Portugal/Canada

DAY 2 The rite, time and living space: History of a pandemical interval
  Raffaella Maddaluno, Maria João Pereira Neto, Portugal

Wed, July 28 Nursing care in pediatric COVID-19 pneumonia
  Cristhian Flores Urgiles, Paola Rojas-Verdugo, Johanna Reyes Reinoso, Ecuador

13:30-15:30 (EST)
A low-cost automated system for manual resuscitator for emergency Covid-19 care
  Omar Alvarado, Diego Morales, Javier Cabrera, Carlos Barros, Ecuador

Social marketing and risk communication in Latin America
  Fernando dos Santos Almeida, Deborah Carrow Glik, Francisco Antônio Pereira Fialho, Brazil

Analysis of the viability for the structuring of an organization which focus on the creation of ecological and sustainable superfood gardens
  David Jaramillo, Byron Muñoz, Israel Gualán, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Diego S Suarez, Ecuador

Session 154 Emerging Design Matter

Co-Chairs:  Yong-Gyun Ghim and Cliff Shin, USA IPID AHFE 22
DAY 2 Data visualizations for interdisciplinary communication in HFE
  Byungsoo Kim, Payod Panda, USA

Wed, July 28 How industrial design students develop videos to connect with potential investors and promote their ideas: Case study
  Jose Rivera-Chang, USA

13:30-15:30 (EST) When the silos come down: Helping organizations perceive disciplinary differences as they mature toward interdisciplinarity
  Clinton Carlson, USA

Shape-changing control interface design: Augmenting physical affordances to enhance a digital interface experience in cross-device interaction
  Siyi Zhu, Yong-Gyun Ghim, USA

User interface characteristics of mobile applications across cross-cultures
  Wonseok Yang, Misato Akiba, Japan

Utilization of behavior data due to differences in determination of activity
  Wonseok Yang, Ryusei Anzai, Japan

Dynamic visual information for concentration on fitness
  Wonseok Yang, Sanghoon Park, Japan

Ageless design: Interdependency between complexity and simplicity in visual perception of product aesthetics for product longevity
  Yong-Gyun Ghim, Cliff Shin, USA

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

16:00-18:00 (EST) Technical Sessions

Session 155 Cognitive State Assessment II CN AHFE 1

Co-Chairs:  Hasan Ayaz and Adrian Curtin, USA

DAY 2 Expectations in human-robot interaction
  Julia Rosén, Sweden

Wed, July 28 Augmented reality integrated brain computer interface for smart home control
  Mohammad Sahal, Emma Dryden, Mali Halac, Sara Feldman, Terry Heiman-Patterson, Hasan Ayaz, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) Understanding junior design students' emotion during the creative process
  Amic Ho, China

Session 156 Creating Value in Teams, Organizations, Communities, and Societies I HSSE AHFE 2

Co-Chairs:  Youji Kohda and Naoshi Uchihira, Japan

DAY 2 Co-enhancing skills of social entrepreneurs: A possible application of mobile social networks
  Karishma Zaman Katha, Youji Kohda, Eunyoung Kim, Japan

Wed, July 28 Integrating real-world and virtual experiences through eSports-type ‘cheering’
  Hisayuki Kunigita, Youji Kohda, Japan

16:00-18:00 (EST) Robotic baby doll with minimal design for interactive doll therapy in elderly dementia care
  Nobuo Yamato, Hidenobu Sumioka, Masahiro Shiomi, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Youji Kohda, Japan

  Value creation in Aikido from a service perspective
  Makoto Saito, Youji Kohda, Tsutomu Fujinami, Japan

  Industry-academia research collaborations in the post-corona era: A case study of remote operations in a Japanese state-of-the-art research facility
  Takashi Onoda, Ito Yasunobu, Japan

  A possibility of value co-creation in the service ecosystem of the paid media in japan: Focusing on viewers' life stories
  Shuji Sudo, Ito Yasunobu, Japan

  Service design based on customer value classification in IoT systems
  Sadaaki Shinjo, Naoshi Uchihira, Japan


Session 158 Digital Human Modelling and Applied Optimization III DHMAO AHFE 4

Co-Chairs: Sudhakar Rajulu and Han Kim, USA

DAY 2 Virtual human hand: Wrist movement
  Esteban Peña-Pitarch, Inma Puig De La Bellacasa, Anas Al Omar, Iñaki Alcelay-Larión, Jesus Fernando Padilla Magaña, Spain

Wed, July 28 Generation of percentile human models based on 3D body scan database
  Soo-Hyun Jung, Wonsup Lee, Da-Un Kim, Ga-Eun Kim, Yechan Ju, South Korea

16:00-18:00 (EST) Virtual fit assessment: Validation using historical spacesuit fit data
  K. Han Kim, Elizabeth Benson, Karen Young, Donald Campbell, Richard Rhodes, Sudhakar Rajulu, USA

Methodology based on 3D thermal scanner, skin surface sensors and manikin performance to evaluate facemasks for thermal comfort and ergonomics
  Consuelo Latorre Sánchez, Mateo Izquierdo, Alfredo Ballester, Jose Laparra, Carlos Atienza, Spain

Session 159 Virtual Environments in Ergonomics and Design ED AHFE 5

Co-Chairs:  Ernesto Filgueiras and Sodai Kono, Portugal/Japan

DAY 2 Evaluating the impact of the use of augmented reality in the design of a workstation
  Jorge A. González Mendívil, Miguel X. Rodríguez-Paz, Eduardo Gonzalez-Mendivil, Israel Zamora-Hernandez, Mexico

Wed, July 28 Most visible display height of augmented reality route guidance signs under road congestion conditions
  Mayu Yoshihara, Yohsuke Yoshioka, Japan

16:00-18:00 (EST) The effect of external factors on spatial reality in a virtual green space
  Rikuya Ichi, Yohsuke Yoshioka, Japan

The influence of hue to the dynamic visual search performance
  Liwen Liu, Lei Zhou, Chengqi Xue, Shengchao Li, China

Effects of change of ceiling height on subjective sense of time
  Sodai Kono, Yohsuke Yoshioka, Japan

Evaluation of the influence of interface symbols on user hand-gestures in augmented reality
  Chen Lei, Wenyu Wu, China

Physical and virtual wind tunnels: Advantages and disadvantages for the automotive design process
  Ernesto Filgueiras, Portugal

Session 160 Interaction Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Networking Vehicles ED AHFE 6

Co-Chairs:  Arminda Guerra and Dongming Xu, China/Portugal

DAY 2 RCSO model for human-computer interactive auditory interface
  Dongming Xu, Wenzhe Tang, Chengqi Xue, China

Wed, July 28 Costs for road safety of countering the automatic processes of natural reading in the design of horizontal road information
  Paulo Noriega, Elisângela Vilar, André Figueiredo, Catarina Brito, Joana Carvalho, Francisco Rebelo, Portugal

16:00-18:00 (EST) [De]familiarization, the role of our hands in a technological world
  Luis Miguel Ginja, Portugal

A multi-user interaction space for elderly community
  Arminda Guerra Lopes, Portugal

Tenon and mortise structure and its application in the design of children's toys
  Xue Chen, Yuchen Xi, Xinxiong Liu, China

Can AI help ergonomics in design?
  Leonard Querelle, France

Session 161 UX in Healthcare and Aging II UUE AHFE 7

Co-Chairs:  Felipe Satte and Myriam Frejus, Portugal/France

DAY 2 User interface design of smart IoT care products for the new-age elderly
  Lee-En Kao, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan

Wed, July 28 Interaction design under the smart elderly  community service system
  Xinxiong Liu, Yali Wang, China

16:00-18:00 (EST) "Quantified (self for) others:" Lessons learned from the evaluation of a remote monitoring service of the activities of the elderly
  Myriam Frejus, Julien Guibourdenche, France

Usability testing of optimizing senior-friendly online survey system: Lessons learned
  Danyang Wang, Hsien-Hui Tang, Taiwan

Elderly in outdoors: Naturalistic observations in a public park
  Felipe Satte, Bruno Silva, Hande Ayanoglu, Portugal

Session 162 Public Transport Systems RR AHFE 8

Co-Chairs:  Gabriel Gomes de Oliveira and Mohamed Adalbi, Brazil/USA

DAY 2 Analysis of the ergonomic concept of public transportation in the city of Campinas (Brazil)
  Gabriel Gomes De Oliveira, Yuzo Iano, Gabriel Caumo Vaz, Euclides Lourenço Chuma, Roger Prior Gregio, Alessandra Cristina Santos Akkari, Brazil

Wed, July 28 Smart city transportation system in developing countries: The case of Lusail City, Qatar
  Khaled Shaaban, Mohamed Adalbi, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) User-oriented transport solutions: an ergonomic investigation of two novel concepts
  Pia Sophie Charlotte Dautzenberg, Gudrun Voß, Lining Wang, Martin Reske, Christopher Brockmeier, Stefan Ladwig, Germany

Poor air quality along Utah’s Wasatch front during inversions: Role of road transportation and possible solutions
  Khaled Shaaban, Ian Horrocks, USA

Mind the gap! Can achieving green and efficient rail travel, with a focus on passenger experience, be effectively delivered through service-based contracts?
  Stewart Birrell, Phillip Davies, UK

Passenger expectation in autonomous bus HMI with different scenarios: A field study
  Yanyan Li, Zhengyu Tan, Ningyi Dai, Zhifan He, China

Safety equity in rail transportation
  Anne Garcia, USA

Session 163 Ergonomics in Building and Architecture IV SUPI AHFE 9

Co-Chairs: Wojciech Bonenberg and Christianne Falcao, Poland/Brazil

DAY 2 Influencing factors of residential well-being under COVID-19
  Xintong Wei, Guangtian Zou, Kin Wai Michael Siu, China

Wed, July 28 Renovation of campus old buildings under the service design perspective
  Wei Ding, Liu Zhaoyue, Dadi An, China

16:00-18:00 (EST) Bradscape - An element of placemaking on the example of the city of Poznan, Poland
  Agata Bonenberg, Krzysztof Ingarden, Poland

Cohabitation in a time of emergency: ‘During' versus ‘after’ the confinement
  Caterina Anastasia, Portugal

Gentrification in medium-sized Ecuadorian cities in the current context of territorial planning
  Boris Orellana-Alvear, Tania Calle-Jimenez, Ecuador

Session 164 Human Behavior in Organizational Context HFML AHFE 10

Co-Chairs: Christine Ipsen and Yael Brender-Ilan, Denmark/Israel

DAY 2 Social context of attitudes toward middle-aged employees
  Yael Brender-Ilan, Galy Binyamin, Israel

Wed, July 28 Leveraging collaborative crowdsourcing to empower workers to improve their organizations
  Julio Mateo, Michael McCloskey, Aniko Grandjean, Scott Cone, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) Designing sustainable organizations – a framework with a joint focus on wellbeing and organizational performance in workplaces
  Christine Ipsen, Signe Tønnesen Bergmann, Denmark

The influence of modern information technology on college english teaching under the background of educational information
  Jian Liu, China

Agile CMII: A methodology for assessing social project impacts within agile contexts
  Farley Fernandes, Rui Belfort, Fabio Campos, Brazil

Application of customer-oriented methodologies for the development of service processes based on IT and sustainable development goals
  Zully Campos, Paola  Pinos, Benjamin Alexander Quezada Sanpedro, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Diego S Suarez, Ecuador

Session 165 Innovative Health Care Technologies EHMD AHFE 11

Co-Chairs: Byungjoon Kim and Gemma Vaughan, USA/UK

DAY 2 Towards sustainability: From “partial care” to “complete care”"
  Ying Jiang, Huiyi Q, China

Wed, July 28 Improving the patient room: Lessons from "acuity adaptable room" 
  Cristiana Cellucci, Tiziana Ferrante, Italy

16:00-18:00 (EST) Factors mediating use of advanced rehabilitation technologies in the home
  Manon Schladen, Yiannis Koumpouros, Peter Lum, USA

An exploratory assessment of healthcare porters and their musculoskeletal disorders
  Gemma Vaughan, Michael Fray, Diane Gyi, UK

Is body sway model valid to analyze posture control for diabetic peripheral neuropathy people?
  Byungjoon Kim, USA

Discriminating wire navigation performance using quantitative objective analysis of intra-operative fluoroscopy
  Dominik Mattioli, Geb Thomas, Steven Long, Marcus Tatum, Matthew Karam, Donald Anderson, USA

Session 166 Safety and Human Factors SMHF AHFE 12

Co-Chairs: Jose M. Carretero-Gomez and Diana Paola Moreno Alarcón, Spain/France

DAY 2 Character accentuation as a psychological risks criterion of fly-in-fly-out personnel in the far north
  Yana Korneeva, Russia

Wed, July 28 Adopting the CRIOP framework as an interdisciplinary risk analysis method in design of remote operation centers for maritime autonomous systems
  Åsa S. Hoem, Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, Stig O. Johnsen, Norway

16:00-18:00 (EST) Producing human factors recommendations in the aviation sector
  Diana Paola Moreno Alarcon, Corinne Bieder, France

Lean ergonomic impacts on manufacturing systems
  Daniela Balsadi, Eduardo Santos, Brazil

The relationship between organizational factors and specific risks in construction sites
  Jose M. Carretero-Gomez, Francisco J. Forteza, Albert Sesé, Spain

Session 167 Case Studies of Physical Ergonomics and Human Factors PEHF AHFE 13

Co-Chairs:  Sunisa Chaiklieng and Sean Banaee, Thailand/USA

DAY 2 Ergonomics risk factors in developing musculoskeletal disorders among emergency medical services employees
  Sean Banaee, Konstantin Cigularov, Abdullah Al-Taiar, Anna Jeng, Muge Akpinar-Elci, USA

Wed, July 28 Effectiveness of reduced work pace to decrease the risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in a chicken slaughterhouse
  Diogo Cunha Dos Reis, Adriana Seára Tirloni, Antônio Renato Pereira Moro, Brazil

16:00-18:00 (EST) Surface electromyography (sEMG) and postural analysis for biomechanical risk assessment in a banknotes printing process
  Lorenzo Fiori, Alessio Silvetti, Antonella Tatarelli, Alberto Ranavolo, Francesco Draicchio, Italy

  Ergonomics and work-related musculoskeletal disorders in neurosurgery
  Ilgiz Gareev, Ozal Beylerli, Andrei Sokhatskii, Russia


Session 168 Applications in Industry MFG AHFE 14

Co-Chairs:  Fernando Bellido and Michal Trziszka, Peru/Poland

DAY 2 Management model based on the application of the DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) and 5s method to improve the efficiency of production processes in the coffee agronomic sector
  Cesar Ramirez, Fernando Bellido, Carlos Raymundo, Peru

Wed, July 28 Micro-influencers as an effective channel to reach customers using social media in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic
  Michal Trziszka, Poland

16:00-18:00 (EST) Correlations linking macroergonomic premises with key features of intelligent buildings
  Leszek Pacholski, Poland

Effect of sintering additives on the mechanical and electrical properties of a ceramic composite
   Jaspreet  Singh, Avtar Singh, India

Session 169 Human Factors, Business Management and Society IV HFBMS AHFE 15

Co-Chairs:  Kirsi Liikamaa and Myungrae Cho, Finland/Japan

DAY 2 Competences required in future working life
    Kirsi Liikamaa, Heidi Korin, Finland

Wed, July 28 The effect of research, development and innovation (RDI) on companies’ financial activity capabilities: A case study of SME-companies in Finland
  Marcus Penttinen, Jukka Rantala, Timo Holopainen, Finland

16:00-18:00 (EST) A model for demonstrating the benefits of weight health and the monetary value for changing obesity treatment into an investment
  Marcus Penttinen, André Heikius, Timo Holopainen, Finland

The gap between theory and reality in retail internationalization research in China: An analytical perspective and future research directions
  Myungrae Cho, Shuo Wang, Japan

Exploring the relationship between ethical and sustainable consumption in short supply chains: A literature review
  Maria José Palma Lampreia dos Santos, Helena Nobre, Nuno Baptista, Portugal

Developing an operational BIM based modeling for net-zero construction waste management system
  Ademilade Aboginije, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa

Session 170 Panel:  Applications for the Use of Synthetic Crew Members in Aircrew Training HFSIM AHFE 16

Chair:  Beth Atkinson

DAY 2 Improving the range of capabilities of synthetic crew members: Challenges and state-of-the-possible
  John Killilea, Bill Schmermund, USA

Wed, July 28 DroneFisher: Utilizing a game-based approach for designing synthetic crew interactions
  Amanda Bond, Lauren Massey, USA

16:00-18:00 (EST) The use of synthetic crew to solve a long standing training challenge
  John Killilea, Victor Hung, USA

The future of synthetic crew members: Prospective use cases
  James Pharmer, Robert Bridgman, USA

Session 171 Communication of Design III HFCD AHFE 17

Chair:  Sunny Sui-Kwong Lam, China

DAY 2 Status quo and improvement design of Nanjing "Qinhuai Gift" cultural and creative products——Take "Zhuang Yuan Lang" as an example
    Bingqing Sun, Yongyan Guo, China

Wed, July 28 The role of auditory description in comprehension of demonstrators: A pilot study
  Aleksandra Sviridova, Stefanie Everaerts, Laura Tas, Salma Yachchou, Lotte Vanhoofstat, Jouke Verlinden, Belgium

16:00-18:00 (EST) Semantic research based on vibration interaction of smart bed in sleeping scene
  Yanlin Yin, Cuidi Wu, Yonghong Liu, China

Architecture design of intangible cultural heritage games based on WeChat mini programs - Chongming Biandan Opera as an Example
  Qianyu Zhang, Wei Ding, Jie Zhou, Li Xiaolin, Xinyao Huang, China

Transnationality, socialism, modernity: Text spread of the Bauhaus and emergence of modern design in China
  Yuxi Zhou, Zhao Shuwang, China

Running community solidarity and well-being motivated by Instagram multimodal communications under the COVID-19 Pandemic
  Sunny Sui-Kwong Lam, China

Session 172 Human Factors in Virtual Environments and Game Design

Co-Chairs: Jiaming Day and Ju-Joan Wong, Taiwan

DAY 2 Joining battles with mouse: How gaming mouse connects the virtual world and body
  Ju-Joan Wong, Jian-Liang Liu, Taiwan

Wed, July 28 Differences in wrist motion for different mice features between professional and high-level gamers
  Guangchuan li, Carisa Harris-Adamson, Yue Liu, David Rempel, China

16:00-18:00 (EST) Interactive animation of mobile apps
  Honghai Zhang, Jianming Yang, China

Traditional Chinese medical face diagnosis system visualized by augmented reality interface design
  Jiaming Day, Der-Lor Way, Wei Day, Hio-Leng Lo, Ching-Ying Chang, Taiwan

Data2Game: Towards an integrated demonstrator
  Johannes Steinrücke, Paris Mavromoustakos-Blom, Judith van Stegeren, Ymko Attema, Sander Bakkes, Thomas de Groot, Johan de Heer, Dirk Heylen, Rafal Hrynkiewicz, Ton de Jong, Tije Oortwijn, Pieter Spronck, Mariët Theune, Bernard Veldkamp, Netherlands

Factors influencing users' technology acceptance of virtual museums
  Wenxuan Gong, Bing Xiao, China

3D modeling of the human body and clothing for the video game concept
  Maja Mahnic Naglic, Slavenka Petrak, Croatia

Virtual simulation teaching platform of shanghai jade carving techniques based on unity 3D technology
  Dong Beibei, China

Session 173 Human Factors and Wearable Technologies II HFWT AHFE 19

Co-Chairs:  Fateme Nikseresht and Maartje Hidalgo USA

DAY 2 Detection of racial bias from physiological responses
  Fateme Nikseresht, Runze Yan, Rachel Lew, Yingzheng Liu, Rose Sebastian, Afsaneh Doryab, USA

Wed, July 28 The importance of product language: An exploratory study of smartwatches for remote healthcare"
  Bahar Khayamian Esfahani, Daniel Ganji, UK

16:00-18:00 (EST) Training capabilities assessment in support of enhanced military training: Comparing head-mounted displays
  Maartje Hidalgo, Scott Harris, Wiley Boland, Tristin Halfman, Joan Johnston, Travis Hillyer, Debbie Patton, Linda Elliott, USA

The perception and acceptance of wearable fitness devices among people, and designing interventions for prolonged use
  Swati Sarkar, Debkumar Chakrabarti, India

  Pressure clothing design based on contact comfort principle
  Yunjuan Liu, Meiyan Liu, China

  Analyzing facial discomfort due to common types of masks and optimal solution
  Abhilash Chabukswar, Atharv Patil, Shyam Patel, Onkar Bhende, Yueqing Li, USA

Session 174 Knowledge and New Technology CIE AHFE 20

Co-Chairs: Yan Luximon and Daniel Ziegler, China/Germany

DAY 2 An interactive design solution based on AR technology for mobile phone addicted user
  Jing Luo, Huai Fang, Yan Luximon, China

Wed, July 28 Packaging design of children's toys based on synesthesia
  Si Ming Gui, Xifan Ding, China

16:00-18:00 (EST) Identification of potentials for the personalization of products
  Manfred Dangelmaier, Lesley-Ann Mathis, Daniel Ziegler, Anette Weisbecker, Germany

Demands exploration of future interior layout in shared mobility using design fiction
  Qinxue Yang, Mengchao Ai, Xinyuan Tong, Long Liu, China

E-Commerce perspective in kids and toys sector purchase process: Design opportunity
  Benedetta Terenzi, Arianna Vignati, Italy

Digital museum transformation strategy against the Covid-19 global pandemic crisis
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Cristina Ye, Mika Luimula, Panagiotis Markopoulos, Finland

A Fintech approach towards resolving the young adult home ownership challenge
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Jakob Dubois, Georgios Markopoulos, UK

Applications of blockchain technology in the construction industry
  Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Clinton Aigbavboa, Ayodeji Oke, Innocent Mthimunye, South Africa

Session 175 Innovation in Pandemic Response Strategies DCPP AHFE 21

Co-Chairs: Noriyuki Suyama and Valentina Milenkova, Japan/Bulgaria

DAY 2 Digital media and COVID 19: Challenges for people's consolidation during pandemic crises
  Valentina Milenkova, Dobrinka Peicheva, Dilyana Keranova, Violeta Nikolova, Mario Marinov, Zheko Kyosev, Vladislava Lendzhova, Boris Manov, Bulgaria

Wed, July 28 The impact of the narrative of electronic Exergames to sports motivation during Covid-19
  Zeshi Zhu, Ting Han, Chunrong Liu, China

16:00-18:00 (EST)
Playful environment as an aid to ADHD treatment in times of pandemic
  Roberto García-Vélez, Graciela Serpa-Andrade, Ecuador

Effects of COVID-19 pandemic in Japan on Japanese people’s and expatriates’ lifestyles
  Noriyuki Suyama, Japan

Session 176 Technologies for Textiles and Fashion   HFATE AHFE 22

Co-Chairs: Gianni Montagna and Carla Morais, Portugal

DAY 2 Anthropometric study of feet dimensions during pregnancy for footwear design
  Rong Liu, China

Wed, July 28 Designing the future of smart fencing garments
  Bernardo Providência, Daniel Vieira, Helder Carvalho, Portugal

16:00-18:00 (EST) Comfort of the 3D layered materials for self-grown fashion creation
  Wen Wang, China

Adaptive textile mold system for double curvature
   A. Basto Diogo, António Morais, Portugal

3D digital application of Chinese Jingchu Han embroidery elements in the design of cultural and creative products
  Guanni Dong, China

Computer analysis of the 3D garment model functionality
  Maja Mahnic Naglic, Slavenka Petrak, Croatia

Thusday, July 29, 2021

8:00-10:00 (EST) Technical Sessions

Session 177 Why Human Centered Service Design Needs an Architectural View HSSE AHFE 1

Co-Chairs:  Markus Warg and Andreas Zolnowski, Germany

DAY 3 Human centered service design (HCSD): Why HCSD needs a multi-level architectural view
  Markus Warg, Ulrike Deetjen, Germany

Thu, July 29 Analyzing actor engagement in data-driven business model innovation in the context of smart cities by creating a common understanding
  Babett Kühne, Michel Muschkiet, Germany

8:00-10:00 (EST) Fostering human centred design in public service development
  Stephan Raimer, Peter Weiss, Germany

Digital service innovation and actor engagement: A multilevel design perspective - impacts from a case study of an Insurtech
  Peter Weiss, Germany

HR-management: Impacts from service (Eco) systems
  Markus Warg, Markus Frosch, Maren Lange, Germany

Network effects to foster service innovation: An empirical analysis of actual practices
  Benjamin Gregersen, Andreas Zolnowski, Germany

Session 178 Emotional Design I APD AHFE 2

Co-Chairs:  Shuichi Fukuda and Keiichi Muramatsu, Japan

DAY 3 Ergonomic design for assembly manufacturing workstation based on universal design principles
  Ruzy Haryati Hambali, Effendi Mohamad, Teruaki Ito, Japan

Thu, July 29 Hedonic and Utilitarian motivations in predicting the buy intention of technological products: A study in developing and emerging countries
  Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Ekaterina Zabelina, Olga Deyneka, Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Ecuador

8:00-10:00 (EST) Understanding the role of emotions in the evaluation process of baby stroller by expectant mothers
  Begüm Türeyengil, Ekrem Cem Alppay, Turkey

A gesture elicitation study to generate interaction design insights for self-reporting of mental and body states using a portable device
  Ana Correia de Barros, Catarina Correia, Fernando Ricaldoni, Portugal

Tactile texture experience on ceramic 3D-printed surfaces based on PAD emotion model
  Qingxia Chen, Yonghong Liu, Yiming Song, China

Emotions as an inspiration for design
  Mafalda Casais, Portugal

The mediation of emotions in the efficiency and effectiveness of interaction processes with analog and digital design: Comparative assessment
  Claudia Rojas, Colombia

Session 179 Information and Graphic Design ED AHFE 3

Co-Chairs:  Ana Moreira da Silva and Yuhang Tang, Portugal/China

DAY 3 The display aesthetics of different background images
  Bo Yu, Xinyue Wang, Chengqi Xue, China

Thu, July 29 Aesthetic evaluation of text superposition based on balance and symmetry
  Yuhang Tang, Hui Zhang, Zhisheng Zhang, Zhijie Xia, China

8:00-10:00 (EST) Hand drawing in the XXI Century process of design
  Ana Moreira Da Silva, Portugal

Graphic design and ethnography: The use of folk art to create a visual identity
  Elisabete Rolo, Portugal

Session 180 Education and Games ED AHFE 4

Co-Chairs:  Francisco Rebelo and Paulo Noriega, Portugal

DAY 3 Accessible learning tool design for students with hearing impairment
  Jingpeng Jia, Xueyan Dong, Guanzhong Zhou, Xiaofei Ma, China

Thu, July 29 Teaching emotions with gaming: A solution for a complex concept
  Filipa Vinagre, Francisco Rebelo, Paulo Noriega Machado, Elisangela Vilar, Portugal

8:00-10:00 (EST) Research games: A model to support the development of educational gaming experience using virtual reality platforms
  Yanick Trindade, Paulo Noriega, Francisco Rebelo, Portugal

Can a stealth game be used to learn interaction design concepts?
  Carlos Paixão, Francisco Rebelo, Paulo Noriega Machado, Elisangela Vilar, Portugal

Session 181 UX in Gamification and Wearables UUE AHFE 5

Co-Chairs:  Zhang Jiaqing and Zhou Jin, China

DAY 3 Motivational and behavioral differences between traditional and digital tabletop games
  Sha Liu, Junren Wang, Yang Long, Tan Yu Tan, China

Thu, July 29 Sentiment analysis of elderly wearable device users based on text mining
  Zhou Jin, Meiyu Zhou, China

8:00-10:00 (EST) The impact of interactive games on children's experience of aerosol therapy
  Zhang Jiaqing, Ting Han, Yang Ge, Zeshi Zhu, China

Comparison of different types of multi-screen methods and effect of traditional animation on human experience
    Zhipeng Feng, Hamdan Gani, China

Session 182 Road Safety I RR AHFE 6

Co-Chairs:  Petr Zamecnik and Hanida Abdul Aziz, Czech Republic/Malaysia

DAY 3 Examining the effect of safety attitudes, safety culture, and safety behavior on driving performance using structural equation modeling
  Abdulrahman Basahel, Saudi Arabia

Thu, July 29 Blind spot in DUI countermeasures - dependent drivers are out of traffic safety system measures
   Petr Zamecnik, Adam Gregorovič, Darina Havlickova, Martina Trepáčová, Czech Republic

8:00-10:00 (EST) How long does it take too Lobo, Antonio Couto, Portugal

Risk factors affecting the severity of single vehicle rear end crash in Malaysia
  Mirta Widia, Nur get drowsy behind the wheel? An exploratory analysis of commercial drivers
  Sara Ferreira, AntóniSyafiqah Fauzan, Fadhlul Adni Binti Abdul Aziz, Yassierli, Ahmad Azad Ab. Rashid, Manida Swangnetr Neubert, Hanida Abdul Aziz, Ezrin Hani Sukadarin, Hairunnisa Osman, Zulhaidi Mohd Jawi, Eida Nadirah Roslin, Hilma Raimona Zadry, Yogi Tri Prasetyo, Malaysia

Injury patterns among drivers involved with multiple passenger vehicles frontal crashes in Malaysia
  Hanida Abdul Aziz, Mimi Nabila Mohd Noordin, Hairunnisa Osman, Norhayati Rosli, Mirta Widia, Ezrin Hani Sukadarin, Nur Syafiqah Fauzan, Hilma Raimona Zadry, Ahmad Azad Ab. Rashid, Zulhaidi Mohd Jawi, Malaysia

Critical behavior of young adolescent cyclists in Germany
  Franz Lambrecht, Carsten Sommer, Germany

Measuring cell phone use while driving on campus
  Khaled Shaaban, Steven Taylor, USA

Session 183 Social & Occupational Ergonomics II SOE AHFE 7

Co-Chairs:  Luis Serpa-Andrade and Rose Retuerto, Ecuador/Portugal

DAY 3 Didactic adaptation with ICT's preliminary educational proposal
  Luis Serpa-Andrade, Ecuador

Thu, July 29 Open learning: The new normal of design education
  Rosa Retuerto Luna, Portugal

8:00-10:00 (EST) Ergonomic risk assessment of sea fisherman part IV: Tunisian chapter
  Alessio Silvetti, Elio Munafò, Ari Fiorelli, Alberto Ranavolo, Lorenzo Fiori, Antonella Tatarelli, Francesco Draicchio, Italy

Occupational health, work pattern and psychological factors association with accidents occurrence among the non-government city bus drivers of Kolkata
  Samrat Dev, India

Analysis and prevention of office syndrome of people in Thailand
  Manutchanok Jongprasithporn, Thailand

Session 184 Ergonomics in Building and Architecture V SUPI AHFE 8

Co-Chairs: Wojciech Bonenberg and Agata Bonenberg, Poland

DAY 3 Progression of human experience integration in the construction industry
  Abdulaziz Banawi, Cyril Ahiable, USA

Thu, July 29 The comprehensive analysis of micro-climate adaptability and design mechanism based on traditional villages in Northern China
  Ling Qi, Ranqian Liu, Yuechen Cui, Yuwen Zhang, Zhisheng Song, Mo Zhou, China

8:00-10:00 (EST) Sustainable waste water management in South Australia
  Li Meng, Rita Yi Man Li, Simon Beecham, Australia/Hong Kong

Lessons learned from living in extreme environment– a review
  Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger, Austria

Hotel in Lisbon’s structural “Y”: Between human factors and gentrification
  Soraia Noorali, Portugal

Session 185 Human Factors in Work Environments HFML AHFE 9

Co-Chairs:  Kevin Clark and Georgios Lykos, USA/Norway

DAY 3 Using ACDC model to characterize temporal leadership dynamics in Dyad cooperation
  Delphine Graeff, Jean-Marc André, Théodore Letouzé, Véronique Lespinet-Najib, France

Thu, July 29 Influencing parameters for the development of adaptive HMIs & requirements for the categorization of control functions generated via expert knowledge
  Andreas Kaufmann, Thomas Maier, Germany

8:00-10:00 (EST) An application of the FRAM methodology on maritime incidents. A resilience approach to look on risks during expected and unexpected situations.
  Georgios Lykos, Nikolaos Ventikos, Alexandros Rammos, Norway

Human factors and leadership effectiveness among selected bank staff
  Sandeep Kaur, Avtar Singh, India

Session 186 Human Factors in Software and Systems Engineering III HFSSE AHFE 10

Co-Chairs:  Chang Zong and Lekan Amusan, China/Nigeria

DAY 3 Design and optimization of information architecture of NGC cloud platform
  Jinbo Hu, Zhisheng Zhang, Zhijie Xia, China

Thu, July 29 Design of self rescue equipment for high rise building fire based on integrated innovation theory
  Chang Zong, Zhang Zhang, China

8:00-10:00 (EST) Building the design proposal repository for increasing public emergency system resiliency
  Yu Zhun Huang, Jun Zhang, China

Adoption, information implementation and communication-technology platform application in the built environment professional practice
  Lekan Amusan, David Adewumi, Adekunle Mayowa Ajao, Kunle Elizah Ogundipe, Adegbenjo Adelakun, Nigeria

The influence of E-commerce web page format on information area under attention mechanism
  Fan Zhang, Yi Su, Jie Liu, Nan Zhang, Feng Gao, China

Demand forecasting using ensemble learning for effective scheduling of logistic orders
  Katharina Lingelbach, Yannick Lingelbach, Sebastian Otte, Michael Bui, Tobias Künzell, Matthias Peissner, Germany

Usage of cloud storage for data management in the built environment
  Ornella Tanga, Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Clinton Aigbavboa, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, South Africa

Session 187 Advances in Medical Devices and Techniques EHMD AHFE 11

Co-Chairs: Nancy Lightner and Fabiola Cortes Chavez, USA/Mexico

DAY 3 Enhancing prosthetic hand functionality with elastic 3D-printed thermoplastic polyurethane
  Niell Gorman, Jeff Feng, USA

Thu, July 29 The design of a user centered quick diabetes testing as a possible solution for late diagnosis complications in remote communities
  Juan Pedro Garciarce, Maria Jose Aguilera Gonzalez, Gloria Castellanos, Fabiola Cortes Chavez, Alberto Rossa-Sierra, Mexico

8:00-10:00 (EST) Effects of joint mobilization on ankle dorsiflexion range of motion for subjects with chronic ankle instability
  Wei-Hsien Hong, Sui-Foon Lo, Min-Chi Chiu, Hsin-Chieh Wu, Taiwan

Optimization design and three dimensional printing of personalized cervical orthosis based on precise ergonomics
  Jixiang Liang, Bingheng Lu, Hongwei Li, Sanbing Guo, China

Modelling supply chain for medical supplies and essential items under disruptions with risk mitigating strategies: An analysis on Covid-19 case
  Mitrabarun Ghosh, Pradip Kumar Ray, India

Session 188 Multimodal Measurements, Artificial Intelligence and Mental Structure CCIoT AHFE 12

Co-Chairs:  Zoheir Sabeur and Yang Cai, UK/USA

DAY 3 Multi-measurement approach to the evaluation of human-autonomy systems
  Raquel Galvan, Carl Pankok, Jr., Gina Notaro, Sophia Mayne-Deluca, Joseph Notaro, Tamara Chelette, USA

Thu, July 29 A database for cognitive workload classification using electrocardiogram and respiration signal
  Apostolos Kalatzis, Ashish Teotia, Vishnunaryan Girishan Prabhu, Laura Stanley, USA

8:00-10:00 (EST) Using BERT model for intent classification in human-computer dialogue systems to reduce data volume requirement
  Hao Liu, Huaming Peng, China

Human-machine learning with mental map
  Yang Cai, USA

Advanced cyber and physical situation awareness in urban smart spaces
  Zoheir Sabeur, Marios Angelopoulos, Liam Collick, Natalia Chechina, Deniz Cetinkaya, Alessandro Bruno, UK

Session 189 Safety and Prevention Management SMHF AHFE 13

Co-Chairs:  Toni Waefler and Frederic Detaille, Switzerland/Belgium

DAY 3 Management and control of occupational risks in the manufacture of fuel and oil filter caps
  Blanca Topón, Pablo Ron, Miguel Delgado, Ecuador

Thu, July 29 Compliance you said? Why may safety critical operators deviate from procedures? A military aviation perspective comparing operators from different operational fields
  Frederic Detaille, Rebecca Grant, Emilie Dessy, Martine Van Puyvelde, Nathalie Pattyn, Belgium

8:00-10:00 (EST) The Safety Measure Effectiveness Assessment Tool (EAT)
  Toni Waefler, Rahel Gugerli, Switzerland

Prevention through design: Clients’ pre-construction health and safety arrangements
  Ebenezer Adaku, Nii A. Ankrah, Issaka E. Indekugri, UK

Understanding systemic interactions and feedbacks in a one-health
  Joana Santos, Carla Ramos, Manuela Vaz Velho, Marta Vasconcelos Pinto, Portugal

Health and working conditions in the prevention of the risk of professional dropping-out for seniors: results of a statistical survey
  Sandrine Guyot, France

The effect of occupational accidents on the companies’ economic results
  Bàrbara Estudillo Gil, Jose M. Carretero-Gomez, Francisco J. Forteza, Spain

Session 190 Job Analysis and Ergonomic Design PEHF AHFE 14

Co-Chairs:  Thomas Hofmann and Eunice Wai-Si Tam, Germany/China

DAY 3 Worker satisfaction of job rotations in Brazilian poultry slaughterhouses: A cross-sectional study
  Adriana Seára Tirloni, Diogo Cunha dos Reis, Antônio Renato Pereira Moro, Brazil

Thu, July 29 Collaborative workspace –  concept design of an interactive system to support collaborative decision-making for total airport management
  Thomas Hofmann, Germany

8:00-10:00 (EST) Physical ergonomics design and evaluation of civil aircraft cockpit control devices
  Xinyang Zhu, Hongyu Zhu, Jin ZheFeng, Zhang Yinbo, China

  Investigation of anatomical shape of thumb of de Quervain’s tenosynovitis patients
  Eunice Wai-Si Tam, Joanne Yip, Kit Lun Yick, Sun Pui Ng, Xinshuo Christian Fang, China

  Analysis of risk factors in jobs - case study of higher technological institute of administrative and commercial professional training in Ecuador
  Yoenia Portilla, Evelyn De la Llana, Pavel Defranc, Alejandro Lema, Rafael Bell Rodríguez, Ecuador


Session 191 Smart Manufacturing

Co-Chairs:  Isabel l. Nunes and Maximilian Zarte, Portugal/Germany

DAY 3 A fuzzy inference model for social-sustainability production planning: 
  Maximilian Zarte, Agnes Pechmann, Isabel L. Nunes, Portugal/Germany
Thu, July 29 A first approach for implementing a telepresence robot in an industrial environment
  Francisco Hernandez, Michael Wächter, Angelika C. Bullinger-Hoffmann, Germany

8:00-10:00 (EST) How workers perceive LAEVO exoskeleton use in non-cyclic tasks
  Raquel Flor, Jacqueline Gaspar, Carlos Fujão, Isabel L. Nunes, Portugal

Human-centered design of digital assistance systems in smart factories based on quality function deployment
  Bastian Pokorni, Germany

Session 192 Human Factors, Business Management and Society V HFBMS AHFE 16

Co-Chairs:  Jussi Kantola and Jessica Lozano-Ramirez, Finland/Mexico

DAY 3 Information sharing in industrial symbiosis
  Anne-Mari Järvenpää, Jussi Kantola, Vesa Salminen, Finland

Thu, July 29 Value creation at the private and public sector interface
  Keijo Houhala, Vesa Salminen, Jussi Kantola, Finland

8:00-10:00 (EST) An effective strategy for safety management and enhanced productivity in construction industry
  Oluwatumininu Ademolu, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa

Requirements for a human-centered automotive development process: Results of a case study from the perspective of demographic change
  Sanjiv Surendra, Sarah Müller-Abdelrazeq, Frank Hees, Ingrid Isenhardt, Germany

Examining the complexities between policy development and innovation
  Clarissa Piper, UK

Psychosocial toxicology and mobbing in mining material transport drivers
  Carlos Armando Marin Valencia, Olga Helena Piñeros Mora, Colombia

Session 193 Visualizing Team Trust and Cohesion HFSIM AHFE 17

Co-Chairs:  Ralph Brewer and Anthony Baker, USA

DAY 3 Exploiting interdependence in autonomous human-machine systems to avoid disaggregation and vulnerability
  William Lawless, USA

Thu, July 29 Visualizing human-autonomy team dynamics through the development of a global after-action review technology
  Michael Taberski, Ralph Brewer, Kristi Davis, Kristin Schaefer, USA

8:00-10:00 (EST) Development of a neural network algorithm to detect Soldier load from environmental speech
  Angelique Scharine, USA

Incorporating key leader engagement into tactical simulations
  Jacob Ziadeh, Jordan Blackman, Morgan Chewning-Kulick, Mazie Jones, Anna Loar, James Ness, Arno Harholt, Jacob Whisenhunt, USA

Exploring constructs of team trust for human autonomy teams in a remote Minecraft Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) surrogate study
  Eric Holder, Glenn Lematta, USA

Session 194 Communication of Design IV HFCD AHFE 18

Co-Chairs:  Xue Hu and Jiemeng Wu, Thailand/China

DAY 3 Cultural communication design strategies of primary school environment from the perspective of cultural cognition
  Xia Jingyi, Kong Fan Qiang, China

Thu, July 29 The hidden art of transmedia storytelling across cinema and video game
  David Yip, China

8:00-10:00 (EST) The dark art of transmedia storytelling
  David Yip, China

Analysis of the impact on Mexican consumers of the new precautionary legends in processed foods with excess nutrients
  Mariel Garcia-Hernandez, Fabiola Cortes Chavez, Marco Antonio Marin Alvarez, Alberto Rossa-Sierra, Elvia Luz González-Muñoz, Brenda Denisse Rivero Orozco, Mexico

The adaptation of a design research-action for social innovation within the criminal justice system in times of pandemic
  Caio Miolo de Oliveira, Rita Almendra, Ana Rita Lourenço, Tiago Leitão, Portugal

Use of a mascot in public health campaigning: Brazilian case study
  Fernando dos Santos Almeida, Deborah Carrow Glik, Francisco Antônio Pereira Fialho, Brazil

How contextual marketing ads influence consumers: Value perception and emotional involvement
  Jiemeng Wu, China

Session 195 Human Factors in Global Issues and Disease Control DCPP AHFE 19

Co-Chairs: Patrick Seitzinger and Salvador Ávila Filho, Canada/Brazil

DAY 3 Predicting shopper safety during a pandemic using checkout queue models
  Michael Schwartz, Boniface Noyongoyo, Paul Oppold, Glenn Martin, USA

Thu, July 29 Crisis decision tool, fighting against COVID19
  Salvador Ávila Filho, Júlia Spinola Ávila, Alisson dos Anjos Santos, Maria Carolina Nascimento Carmo, Luiz Fernando Lopes de Souza, Brazil

8:00-10:00 (EST) The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on university students mental workload
  Cesar Corrales, Wilmer Atoche, Jonatan Rojas, Peru

Factors that affect COVID-19 studies for confinement of university students
  Cesar Corrales, Jonatan Rojas, Wilmer Atoche, Peru

Diagnostic decision making in the face of uncertainty: COVID-19 and its sequala
  Patrick Seitzinger, Zoher Rafid-Hamed, Jay Kalra, Canada

A novel approach to detect and monitor COVID-19 infection using transfer learning concept in AI
  Vinh Pham, Ha Min Son, Thuy Huynh, Tai-Myoung Chung, South Korea

Session 196 Human Factors in Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing V AISC AHFE 20

Co-Chairs:  Carlos Ramos-Galarza and Yanfei Liu, Ecuador/China

DAY 3 Towards a most suitable way to AGI from cognitive architecture, modeling and simulation
  Yanfei Liu, Xin Wang, Zhiqiang Tian, Liang Zhang, Yuzhou Liu, Junsong Li, Feng Fu, China

Thu, July 29 Artificial Intelligence and tomorrow’s education
  Omar Cóndor-Herrera, Hugo Arias-Flores, Janio Jadán-Guerrero, Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Ecuador

8:00-10:00 (EST) Towards Chinese terminology application of TERMONLINE
  Jiali Du, Christina Alexandris, Pingfang Yu, China

AsiRo-μ: A multi-purpose robotic assistant for educational inclusion of children with multiple disabilities
  Jonnathan Andrade-Altamirano, Ana Parra-Astudillo, Sofía Bravo-Buri, Efrén Lema-Condo, Vladimir Robles-bykbaev, Ma. Cecilia Cañizares-Jarrín, Ecuador

Intelligent agent proposal in a building electricity monitoring system for anomalies' detection using reinforcement learning
  Santiago Felipe Luna Romero, Luis Serpa-Andrade, Ecuador

Application of decision tree to banking classification model
  Cesar Guevara, Juan Freire Lopez, Roilys Suarez, Ecuador

Session 197 Co-Process in Design and Engineering  IPID AHFE 21

Co-Chairs: KwanMyung Kim and Haebin Lee, South Korea

DAY 3 Integrated design process for an elbow joint rehabilitation device
  Jaehan Park, Malika Gabbas, Yedam Ryu, KwanMyung Kim, South Korea

Thu, July 29 Understanding challenges of designing for complex users by adapting the existing framework
  Malika Gabbas, Yedam Ryu, JaeHan Park, Kwanmyung Kim, South Korea

8:00-10:00 (EST)
Slipper design opportunity identification based on material and manufacturing process characteristics
  Yedam Ryu, Malika Gabbas, JaeHan Park, Kwanmyung Kim, South Korea

Thusday, July 29, 2021

10:30-12:30 (EST) Technical Sessions

Session 199 Artificial Intelligence Based Co-Creation HSSE AHFE 1

Co-Chairs:  Alfred Zimmermann and Walter Ganz, Germany

DAY 3 Conceptualizing artificial intelligence-based service ecosystems
  Alfred Zimmermann, Rainer Schmidt, Kurt Sandkuhl, Barbara Keller, Germany

Thu, July 29 5G assisted smart manufacturing and industrial automation
  Abdellah Chehri, Alfred Zimmermann, Canada

10:30-12:30 (EST) Qualitative reasoning for service interactions
  Marco Aiello, Alideou Prosper Ayegnon, Oliver Jackson, Germany

Transfer of service research into companies
  Thomas Meiren, Michaela Friedrich, Christian Schiller, Germany

Smart tool use in knowledge intensive work situations – an information technology review
  Katja Gutsche, Michael Weltin, Germany

Session 200 Digital Human Modeling bsy Women in Human Factors DHMAO AHFE 2

Co-Chairs:  Sofia Scataglini and Silvia Imbesi, Belgium/Italy

DAY 3 Mixed reality simulation for medical training: How it affects learners' cognitive state
  Agnese Brunzini, Alessandra Papetti, Michele Germani, Pamela Barbadoro, Daniele Messi, Erica Adrario, Italy

Thu, July 29 User-centered design of cues with smart glasses for gait rehabilitation in people with Parkinson's Disease: A methodology for the analysis of human requirements and cues effectiveness
  Silvia Imbesi, Mattia Corzani, Giovanna Lopane, Filippo Petrocchi, Lorenzo Chiari, Giuseppe Mincolelli, Italy

10:30-12:30 (EST) RGB-D sensors as marker-less MOCAP systems: A comparison between Microsoft Kinect v2 and the new Microsoft Kinect Azure
  Benedetta Rosa, Filippo Colombo Zefinetti, Andrea Vitali, Daniele Regazzoni, Italy

Towards wearable technology assisting in training and risk assessment against musculoskeletal disorders for maritime workers
  Alexander Van Gastel, Sofia Scataglini, Sander Zelck, Lenie Denteneer, Hanne Vanden Bossche, Stijn Verwulgen, Belgium

Stability measurements of overhead tasks in combination with prism glasses using IMU MOCAP system: Presenting an experiment protocol
  Sander Zelck, Stijn Verwulgen, Lenie Denteneer, Sep Sauter, Chiara Rousseau, Maite Dillen, Isabel Prieto García, Sofia Scataglini, Belgium

Automatic printed fabric defect detection based on image classification using modified VGG network
  Samit Chakraborty, Marguerite Moore, Lisa Parrillo-Chapman, USA

Mannequin-based validation of textile-based wearable contact sensing for body-spacesuit interactions
  Crystal Compton, Linh Vu, Yaritza Hernandez, K. Han Kim, Sudhakar Rajulu, Lucy Dunne, USA

Spacesuit padding design for mobility and comfort
  Yaritza Hernandez, USA

Session 201 User Research I ED AHFE 3

Co-Chairs:  Ying Zhao and Jiang Tongzhou, China

DAY 3 Methods of co-design using machine learning as design materials
  Ying Zhao, Tan Hao, Gao Weiting, Chengzhi Zhang, China

Thu, July 29 Using Kansei engineering to analyze consumers’ product attribute preferences
  Jiang Tongzhou, Lei Zhou, Chengqi Xue, Chao Yang, China

10:30-12:30 (EST) Human factors in waste reduction design: A case study on using garbage bags under waste charging policy in Hong Kong
  Yi Lin Wong, Chi Hang Lo, China

The influence of household high noise appliances on hearing threshold
Yuhan Wang, Ling Luo, Xin Zhang, Jie Wang, China

The design of women's safety protection products based on the level of users' requirements
  Yunyan Zhao, Tie Ji, Yonghong Liu, Lisi You, China

Cultural and creative service design of Jiangnan ancient town under the concept of slow life
  Zeyu Gu, Hong Chen, China

Implementation of design thinking method to reduce overfishing and pollution in Islas Galapagos
  Bernarda Gabriela , Pamela Zenteno, Sebastian Ortiz, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Diego S Suarez, Ecuador

Session 202 User Research II ED AHFE 4

Co-Chairs:  Cristina Carneiro Gomes and Lixia Wang, Portugal/China

DAY 3 Cognitive fit theory based on the effect of information arrangements on searching and browsing tasks on mobile shopping software
  Luyao Jiang, Xinyue Wang, Chengqi Xue, China

Thu, July 29 Research through co-design (RTC) and ergonomics
  Sofia Scataglini, Daniele Busciantella-Ricci, Belgium

10:30-12:30 (EST) Slipform paver design based on product identity
  Lixia Wang, Yunfei Chen, China

Effect of bollard arrays on pedestrian's sense of safety